The ... Report of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, Volume 31

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Office of the Railroad Commission of Georgia, 1903

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Halaman 110 - Provided, however, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to the transportation of passengers or property, or to the receiving, delivering, storage, or handling of property, wholly within one State, and not shipped to or from a foreign country from or to any State or Territory as aforesaid.
Halaman 102 - States of competent jurisdiction, to a fine of not less than one thousand dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, or imprisonment for a term not less than one year nor more than three years, or both such fine and imprisonment ; Provided.
Halaman 100 - And said witnesses shall receive for such attendance two dollars per day, and five cents per mile, traveled by the nearest practicable route in going to and returning from the place of meeting of said...
Halaman 96 - State board of education ; one for two years, one for four years, and one for six years...
Halaman 103 - An act to provide for the regulation of railroad freight and passenger tariffs in this State ; to prevent unjust discrimination and extortion in the rates charged for transportation of passengers and freights, and to prohibit railroad companies, corporations, and lessees in this State from charging other than just and reasonable rates, and to punish the same, and prescribe a mode of procedure and rules of evidence in relation thereto ; and to appoint commissioners, and to prescribe their powers and...
Halaman 123 - Birds— Live — Receive them only at OR of injury, death or escape, taking a Release as provided for Live Stock. Feed and utensils must be provided by shippers. Charges must be prepaid or guaranteed. Enter the number in each crate on the way-bill DA Blanks, printed, bound or in sheets, see Section C.
Halaman 29 - Total 9.6 Substituting 5 for the fraction, the desired rate is 9.5 cents. Ex. 4. — Standard rate 5.5 25 per cent added 1.3 Total 6.8 Adding a unit Instead of a fraction, the desired rate is 7 cents.
Halaman 100 - railroad corporation," contained in this act, shall be deemed and taken to mean all corporations, companies, or individuals now owning or operating, or which may hereafter own or operate any railroad, in whole or in part, in this State; and the provisions of this act shall apply to all persons, firms, and companies, and to all associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon any of the lines of railways in this State (street railways excepted)...
Halaman 37 - ... to the same extent and at the same rate as such charges are now, under like circumstances by the rules of this Commission, imposed upon consignees who neglect or refuse, after notice of arrival, to remove freight of like character from the cars of a carrier. A consignee who has once refused to accept a consignment of goods shall not thereafter be entitled to receive the same, except upon payment of all charges for demurrage which would otherwise have accrued.
Halaman 97 - State for carrying freight which comes from or goes beyond the boundaries of the State, and on which freight less than local rates on any railroad carrying the same are charged by such railroad, but said railroad companies shall possess the same power and right to charge such rates for carrying such freights as they possessed before the passage of this Act...

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