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3. To appropriate money and provide for the payment of the debts and expenses of the town.

4. To make regulations and laws to secure the health, safety, peace, and comfort of the town, determining what shall be deemed nuisances, and removing, preventing, and abating the same.

5. To make regulations and laws to prevent the introduction and spreading of contagious diseases, and to establish pest houses and hospitals.

6. To alter, abolish, widen, extend, establish, grade, pave, or otherwise improve, clean, and repair streets, alleys, sidewalks, pavements; and to fix and determine the boundaries and location of lots, streets, and alleys; and to declare and determine what streets shall be opened and graded and what sidewalks and pavements shall be built and the width and quality of the same.

And if the owner of the ground shall fail to comply with the provisions of such laws and ordinances as may be prescribed thereby, the corporation may contract with some suitable person, the best terms that can be made, for the construction and repairing of such sidewalks and pavements, and pay for the same, and the amount so paid and expended shall constitute a charge against the owner of the ground on which said work shall be done, to be recovered by suit, in the name and for the use of the corporation before any court of law having jurisdiction of the amount, and the amount so paid shall be a lien on said lots or Powers of grounds; provided that a reasonable compensation shall be Aldermen. paid to such persons whose ground may be taken or right effected in widening or extending streets and pavements; and such grounds shall not be taken and used for the purposes aforesaid unless by consent of the owner, until such compensation and damages have been fixed, declared and paid or secured or an offer to secure and pay


and a refusal to receive said pay or damages by the owner; and provided that said compensation or damages may be fixed by three disinterested persons, to be selected by the Mayor and Aldermen and the person owning the ground, each selecting one and the two selecting the third. And in case of the refusal of one of the parties to select such disinterested person, then the party desiring the valuation or assessment of damages shall select five disinterested persons to make and report the same.

7. To establish, support, and regulate a night watch and day police.

Mayor and

8. To regulate the vending of meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables belonging to the town, in or out of the corporate limits.

9. To license, tax, and regulate auctioneers, grocers, merchants, druggists, retailers, taverns, brokers, shavers, bankers, confectioners, coffee houses, restaurants, professions, insurance companies and agents, hawkers, peddlers, artists, livery stables, billiards, ninepin and tenpin alleys, drays, hacks, wagons and omnibusses, and all other businesses and occupations lawful to be carried on and conducted within the corporate limits of the town and which are taxable by the State; provided, that no tax shall be imposed on any business or calling or property exempt by taxation by the State.

10. To license, regulate, and suppress theatricals and other shows, exhibitions and amusements, and to regulate and suppress all disorderly houses and assemblies.

11. To prohibit gaming and gaming houses in the corporate limits, and to prohibit by ordinance the sale by retail or whclesale for beverage purposes, or the giving away for beverage purposes, of intoxicating liquors, including ale, wine, and beer, within the limits of said corporation, and to provide by ordinance suitable penalties for the violation of such ordinance, and to prevent the sale or giving such liquors to minors, within the limits of such corporation, and to provide suitable penalty for the prevention of same.

12. To prohibit gaming and gaming houses in the corporate limits, and to prohibit the selling of liquor and abolish, close, and fill up sinks.

13. To impose fines, forfeitures, and penalties for the breach of any law or ordinance of the town, and to provide for the recovery of the same.

14. To provide for the arrest and confinement until trial of all rioters, drunken and disorderly persons in the town by day or night, and to authorize the arrest and detention of all persons found violating any ordinance of said town.

15. To prevent and to punish by pecuniary fines and penalties all breaches of the peace, fighting, drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and disturbances by day or night, and within the corporate limits.

16. To prevent and remove all filth in the town and all encroachments into and obstructions upon all streets, lanes, alleys, sidewalks, and pavements, and for the cleaning of the same.

Powers of

Mayor and

17. To erect and establish a workhouse or house of correction and organize the same in or near the town, and any person who shall fail or neglect to pay any fine and cost or to secure the same or give bond to appear to work out his fine that may be required, shall be committed to the workhouse until such fine and costs are paid or secured, and for such time as may be adjudged. And every person so committed shall work for the town at such labor as his or her health shall permit, within or without said workhouse, not exceeding ten hours each day, and for such work shall be allowed, exclusive of board, a credit upon sucki fine and cost of such amount as may be fixed by the Mayor and Aldermen for each day of work until the whole is discharged, when such person shall be released.

18. To appoint a city marshal or police officer, a Recorder in case the Mayor declines to serve as Recorder, a Treasurer, a Secretary, who may also be collector of taxes, a Health Officer, and all such other officers and agents as the necessities of the incorporation may require, and as the Board of Aldermen shall determine are needed, and fix and declare their pay and compensation, provided that no officer of this corporation shall receive compensation for services rendered except the city marshal or police officer, whose salary shall in no case exceed twenty-five dollars per month, and that of Secretary and collector of taxes who shall receive not more than fifty dolars per year, and provided further that the Recorder shall receive such fees for cases tried by him as are allowed Justices of the Peace for like cases.

19. To designate and inclose a plat of ground in or near the town, not to the annoyance of any citizen, where all speeding of horses or other animals and where all exhibitious and shows of stock and jockeyings may be conducted, and prohibiting the same in other portions of the town under penalties prescribed by ordinances.

*20. To pass all by-laws and ordinances for the government of the town and the rightful enjoyment of the power mayor and herein conferred, as may be deemed necessary, and possess and exercise the power to pass all reasonable ordinances, for the regulation and preservation of public morals the health and peace and good order of the town conferred by the corie on municipal corporations, provided they be not incompatible with the constitution and laws of the land.

Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That the marshal of the city of Watertown shall take an oath to perform well and Marshal.

Powers of

Aldermen. Recorder.

truly the duties of his office, and he shall have full power and authority to execute within the corporate limits all State warrants which may come into his hands, as may be done by district constables under existing laws.

Sec. 9. Be it further enacted, That the Board of Aldermen shall have power and authority in the event the Mayor shall decline to perform the duties thereof, to elect and appoint a Recorder, who shall be invested with the powers of the Justice of the Peace, and hold his election for one year from his appointment or election. He shall have jurisdiction in all cases for violation of the criminal laws of the State as other Justices of the Peace, and shall hear and determine all breaches of the law and violations of the ordinances of the town, and be empowered to impose fines and costs, and preserve and enforce order in his court as other Justices of the Peace may do. The Recorder shall take the oath of office as prescribed for justices before entering upon the duties of his office. The Recorder, if not the Mayor, may be an Alderman, a Justice of the Peace, or other person the Aldermen may elect. Appeals shall lie from the judgments of the Recorder as are now allowed by law from Justices of the Peace.

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That all taxes levied and assessed by the Mayor and Aldermen on property shall have the same lien (subject to State taxes), as is prescribed by law for State taxes; and in assessing and imposing taxes the basis and mode of assessment prescribed by law for State taxes may be observed, with such modifications as may be deemed suitable and proper for the town. All taxes shall be collected, upon the certificate of the town collector, in the same manner as the state taxes are collected by law when parties shall fail to pay.

SEC. 11. Be it further enacted, That the corporation shall take from its officers and agents bonds in such amounts and such conditions as may be lawful, for the faithful discharge of duty and the sure accounting for the paying over of all moneys that may come into their hands, and it shall be unlawful for the Treasurer, Collector, Varshal, or other officer or agent empowered to receive the moneys of the corporation to enter on their offices until they shall have executed a good and sufficient bond, and all such officers and agents of the corporation shall make quarterly reports under oath to the Mayor of the transaction and business of their office, showing the amount of money received and from what source and the dispo

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Taxes; how


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sition of the same, and the Mayor shall keep a record of said reports and publish the same in the town paper.

Sec. 12. Be it further enacted, That the Mayor and Aldermen shall have full power and authority to sell and convey, lease, and otherwise dispose of all property, real and personal, belonging to the corporation as to them shall seem best. All conveyances of property to the corporation shall be made to the Mayor and Aldermen, and all conveyances from the corporation shall be executed by the Mayor.

SEC. 13. Be it further enacted, That the Board of Aldermen shall have the power to correct the assessment of taxes and to reduce and enlarge the same in all proper cases, and release taxes in proper cases.

SEC. 14. Be ii further enacted, That on the third Saturday in December, 1905, and on the same day annually thereafter, an election shall be held in the city of Election of Watertown for the purpose of electing a Board of Mayor and Aldermen for said town, whose term of office shall begin on the first Monday of the next succeeding January, and who shall serve for a term of one year and until their successors are duly elected and qualified.

The officers and judges and clerks to hold said election shall be appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, and all persons qualified to vote under the provisions of this act shall be entitled to vote at said election.

The officer holding the election shall certify the returns to the existing Board of Mayor and Aldermen who shall canvass the same and declare the result, and should there be a tie they shall decide the election by a majority vote.

Sec. 15. Be it further enacted, That the powers, rights and privileges of this act shall not be lost or forfeited by a failure to hold an election every year, as herein directed, but shall continue and be exercised at any time by the Mayor and Aldermen when elected in accordance with the provisions of this charter; and if for any cause the election of Mayor and Aldermen should not occur on the day fixed by this Act, it shall be held, as provided by law, within thirty days thereafter, and on not less than ten days notice.

Sec. 16. Be it further enacted, That arrests for all violations of corporate ordinances committed within the limits of the town may be made with or without warrants, In case of and may also be made within one mile of the nearest corporate boundaries by any policeman or officer having a warrant for such arrest.

failure to hold election,

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