The Southern Reporter, Volume 91

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West Publishing Company, 1922

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Halaman 364 - ... than the amount hereby insured shall bear to the whole insurance, , , whether valid or not, or by solvent or insolvent insurers, covering such property...
Halaman 281 - In pleading a judgment, or other determination of a court, or officer of special jurisdiction, it shall not be necessary to state the facts conferring jurisdiction, but such judgment or determination may be stated to have been duly given or made. If such allegation be controverted, the party pleading shall be bound to establish, on the trial, the facts conferring jurisdiction.
Halaman 174 - Amendment does not take from the State the power to classify in the adoption of police laws, but admits of the exercise of a wide scope of discretion in that regard, and avoids what is done only when it is without any reasonable basis and therefore is purely arbitrary.
Halaman 283 - ... (1) The scales of wages paid for similar kinds of work in other industries: (2) The relation between wages and the cost of living; (3) The hazards of the employment; (4) The training and skill required; (5) The degree of responsibility; (6) The character and regularity of the employment; and (7) Inequalities of increases in wages or of treatment, the result of previous wage orders or adjustments.
Halaman 365 - In case of any other insurance upon the within described property this company shall not be liable under this policy for a greater proportion of any loss or damage sustained than the sum hereby insured bears to the whole amount of insurance on said property issued to or held by any party or parties having an insurable interest therein, whether as owner, mortgagee or otherwise.
Halaman 2 - ... to the extent of such payment to all right of recovery by the insured for the loss resulting therefrom, and such right shall be assigned to this company by the insured on receiving such payment.
Halaman 136 - ... dollars, or in lieu thereof to imprisonment for a period of not more than twenty days in the parish prison, and any officer of any railroad insisting on assigning a passenger to a coach or compartment other than the one set aside for the race to which said passenger belongs, shall be liable to a fine of twenty-five dollars, or in lieu thereof to imprisonment for a period of not more than twenty days in the parish prison...
Halaman 452 - No interest in real or personal property is good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than 21 years after some life in being at the creation of the interest and any period of gestation involved in the situation to which the limitation applies.
Halaman 88 - That in all criminal prosecutions the accused hath a right to be heard, by himself or counsel, or both...
Halaman 250 - ... every objection to any indictment for any formal defect apparent on the face thereof shall be taken, by demurrer or motion to quash such indictment, before the jury shall be sworn, and not afterwards...

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