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Sec. 6. That hereafter all bidders upon every mail route for the trans- Bidders upon portation of the mails upon the same, where the annual compensation for routes where the the service on sach route at the time exceeds the sum of five thousand ceeds $6000, to dollars, shall accompany their bids with a certified check or draft, pay- send with bid able to the order of the postmaster-general, upon some solvent national check for not less bank, which check or draft shall not be less than five per centum on the of annual pay; amount of the annual pay on said route at the time such bid is made, and in case of new service not less than five per centum of the amount of one year's pay proposed in such bid if the bid exceed five thousand dollars per annum. In case any bidder, on being awarded any such con- if awarded the tract, shall fail to execute the same with good and sufficient sureties, contract and failaccording to the terms on which such bid was made and accepted, and the same, to forenter upon the performance of the service to the satisfaction of the post- feit the amount, master-general, such bidder shall forfeit the amount so deposited to the United States, and the same shall forthwith be paid into the treasury for the use of the Post-office Department; but if such contract shall be duly executed and the service entered upon as aforesaid, such draft or check so deposited shall be returned to the bidder.

Sec. 7. That in case of the sickness, or unavoidable absence from his chief clerk of office, of the postmaster of any money-order post-office, he may, with the money order approval of the postmaster-general, authorize the chief clerk, or some act as postmasother clerk employed therein, to act in his place, and to discharge all the ter, if, &c. duties required by law of such postmaster: Provided, That the official Postmaster's bond given by the principal of the office shall be held to cover and apply

bond to cover his to the acts of the person appointed to act in his place in such cases : And

Acting postprovided further, That such acting officer shall, for the time being, be master to be subsubject to all the liabilities and penalties prescribed by law for the official ject to penalties,

& misconduct, in like cases, of the postmaster for whom he shall act. SEC. 8. That the postmaster-general, whenever he may deem it con


general may acsistent with the public interest, may accept new surety upon any contract cept new sureties existing, or hereafter made, for carrying the mails, in substitution for and upon contracts, release of any existing surety.

&c.; SEC. 9. That the postmaster-general is hereby authorized to cause to , may place to be placed to the credit of the treasurer of the United States, for the the net proceeds service of the Post-office Department, the net proceeds of the money- of the moneyorder business ; and that the receipts of the Post-office Department,

order business.

Receipts from derived from this source, during each quarter, shall be entered by the this source, how auditor of the treasury for the Post-office Department, in the accounts to be entered. of said department, under the head of "Revenue from money-order business."

APPROVED, April 27, 1872.


CHAP. CXXVI. - An Act to amend the first Section of an Act entitled An Act to pro- April 29, 1872.

vide for the Disposition of useless military Reservations," approved February twenty- 1871, ch. 68. fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one.

Vol. xvi. p. 430. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the first section of an act Patent to issue entitled " An act to provide for the disposition of useless military reser- to John C. Smith vations," approved February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy-military hay reone, be amended by adding thereto the following proviso : “ And provided serve of Fort further, That upon payment of the appraised value by John C. Smith, or Walla-Walla. his heirs, a patent shall be issued to said Smith, or his heirs, for so much of the military hay reserve of Fort Walla-Walla, Washington Territory, as is embraced in the north half of section twenty-six, township number eight north, of range number thirty-five east of the Willamette meridian, so soon after such payment as the said Smith shall prove to the satisfaction of the register and the receiver of the proper land-office that he was in the lawful possession of said land under the pre-emption laws of the

United States at the time said land was taken by the military authorities for a hay reserve as aforesaid.

APPROVED, April 29, 1872.

April 30, 1872. CHAP. CXXIX. - An Act to amend Section second, Act of August thirtieth, eighteen 1862, ch. 96.

hundred and fifty-two, in Relation to the Transportation and Exportation of imported Vol. x. p. 37.

Goods, Wares, and Merchandise in Bond through certain Ports in the State of Teras.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Certain im- States of America in Congress assembled, That section second of the act ported merchan- of August thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, entitled “ An act for exportation

to authorizing imported goods, wares, and merchandise, entered and bonded certain places in for warehousing in pursuance of law, to be exported by certain routes to Mexico; to pass ports and places in Mexico," be so amended that imported merchandise, ola, &c.

duly entered and bonded at a port of the United States, and withdrawn from warehouse in accordance with existing law, for exportation for San Fernando, Paso del Norte, and Chihuahua, in Mexico, shall pass through Indianola, the port of entry for the district of Saluria, in the State of Texas, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe, as well as through the port of Lavaca, in said district, as required by said section.

APPROVED, April 30, 1872.

May 1, 1872. CHAP. CXXX. - An Act to amend an Act entitled An Act to authorize the Construc1872, ch. 28, tion of a Bridge across the Missouri River at or near St. Joseph, Missouri,approved Ante, p. 33 March fifth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United St. Joseph States of America in Congress assembled, That the first section of the act enbridge building titled " An act to authorize the construction of a bridge across the Missouri company or its assigns may river at or near St. Joseph, Missouri,” approved March fifth, eighteen hunbuild bridge dred and seventy-two, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as across the Missouri river at or

follows: Section 1. That it shall be lawful for the St. Joseph Bridge Buildnear St. Joseph; ing Company, a corporation organized for that purpose under the general

corporation laws of the State of Missouri, or its assigns, to construct a bridge

across the Missouri river at or near St. Joseph, Missouri, and to lay on and railway tracks; over said bridge railway tracks for the more perfect connection of any and

all railways that are now, or which may hereafter be, constructed to the

Missouri river at or near St. Joseph, or to the river on the opposite side ways for foot- of the same, near St. Joseph ; and build, erect, and lay on and over said passengers

, wag- bridge ways for wagons, vehicles of all kinds, and for the transit of animals, ons, &c.;

and to provide ways for foot-passengers, and to keep up, maintain, and oper

ate said bridge for the purposes aforesaid ; and that when said bridge is conall trains of all structed, all trains of all railroads terminating at said river, and on the railroads may use opposite side thereof, at or near St. Joseph, Missouri

, shall be allowed to cross said bridge for reasonable compensation, to be made to the owners of Tolls. the same, under the limitations and conditions hereafter named. The own

ers of said bridge may also charge and receive reasonable compensation or tolls for the transit over the said bridge of all wagons, carriages, vehicles,

animals, and foot-passengers. St. Joseph Sec. 2. That the fifth section of the act of which this is amendatory be, bridge building and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as follows: Section 5. That assign its charter. the St. Joseph Bridge Building Company, after the passage of this act, shall

1870, ch. 260. not have the right to assign the charter which said company now holds by Vol. xvi. p. 275.

assignment from the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad Company, and which was granted to said last-named company by virtue of an act of Congress, approved July fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, to any other company, person, or persons; nor shall said bridge building company be permitted, under the said charter so obtained as aforesaid, from the St. Joseph and Denver City Railroad Company to construct any other bridge than the one now being constructed at St. Joseph, Missouri: Provided,

however, That nothing in this section contained shall prevent the said Charter and bridge building company from mortgaging said charter and franchises held franchises may be by it by assignment from the said railroad company, with the bridge con

mortgaged. structed or to be constructed thereunder, in the manner and for the purposes in and for which the said bridge building company is or may be authorized by or under the laws of the State of Missouri to mortgage its property. APPROVED, May 1, 1872.

CHAP. CXXXI. An Act repealing the Duty on Tea and Coffee. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United May 1, 1872. States of America in Congress assembled, That on and after the first day of July next tea and coffee shall be placed on the free list, and no further Tea and coffee import duties shall be collected upon the same. And all tea and coffee to be free from which may be in the public stores or bonded warehouses on said first day July 1, 1872. of July shall be subject to no duty upon the entry thereof for consumption, Provision for and all tea and coffee remaining in bonded warehouses on said first day of what is in public July, upon which the duties shall have been paid, shall be entitled to a re- that day. fund of the duties paid.

APPROVED, May 1, 1872. CHAP. CXXXII. - An Act supplementary to an Act entitled An Act to incorporate the May 2, 1872.

Texas Pacific Railroad Company, and to aid in the Construction of its Roud, and for 1871, ch. 122. other Purposes," approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one.

Vol. xvi. p. 573. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the name, style, and title of The Texas and the Texas Pacific Railroad Company shall hereafter be “The Texas and Pacific railway Pacific Railway Company ;” and the said The Texas and Pacific Railway all the rights.&c., Company shall have, possess, and enjoy all the rights, privileges, and fran- of the Texas Pa

cific railroad chises heretofore conferred upon the said Texas Pacific Railroad Company.

company Sec. 2. That the said The Texas and Pacific Railway Company shall may issue conhave power and authority to issue the construction and land bonds author-struction and ized by the eleventh section of said act of incorporation, for such amounts, land bonds not not exceeding forty thousand dollars per mile of said road, of construction

exceeding, &c. bonds, as said company may deem needful to provide for the construction and equipment of its line, and to include in the mortgage or mortgages to Mortgage may secure said construction bonds all or any portion of the lands granted in include what, aid of the construction of said railroad; and in the mortgage or mortgages to what condito secure said land bonds, any portion of said lands not so used to secure tions. the construction bonds aforesaid ; and all or any portion of the lands acquired by the terms of consolidation lawfully authorized by the fourth section of said act of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, with any railroad company or companies to whom grants of land may have been made, or may hereafter be made, by any congressional

, State, or territorial authority, or who may have purchased the same previous to any such arrangement or consolidation, and within the time limited for the completion of the road, and all such lands of every description shall be subject to all limitations and conditions now by law existing in relation thereto, and as modified by this act; and this act shall not be construed to revive, enlarge, extend, or create No land grant any land grant whatever, beyond that heretofore granted by Congress, and revived, &c., by which shall duly inure to said company upon compliance with the terms of this act in relation to the times fixed for completion of said railway, and all such mortgages shall be subject to all the conditions and limitations by law existing under this act and the acts to which it is supplementary in respect to such lands, and shall not be held to vest any title in the mortgage or create any lien on such lands, other than such company is or may become lawfully entitled to vest or create thereunder ; but the amount of said land Amount of bonds shall not exceed two and a half dollars per acre for all lands covered land bonds not

to exceed, &c. by the mortgage or mortgages securing the same.


Mortgages to Sec. 3. That all the mortgages made and executed by said railroad combe filed, &c., in pany shall be filed and recorded in the Department of the Interior, which the Department of the Interior, shall be a sufficient evidence of their legal execution : Provided, That the and this to be aforesaid bonds and the authorized capital stock, or the proceeds thereof, evidence of their shall be applied only for the purpose of securing the construction, opera

Proceeds of tion, and equipment of the contemplated railroad line, under lawful conbonds and stock, tracts with such parties, and on such terms and conditions as said company how only to be applied.

may deem needful, and for the further purpose of purchase, consolidation, completion, equipment, and operating of the other roads, as contemplated by said act and specified therein, being a part of the aforesaid railroad line,

and for the expenses necessary and incident to the works authorized thereStandard of by: Provided, however, That said road and its equipment shall be of the road and equip- standard heretofore required by the United States government for the

Existing liens existing Pacific railway lines: And provided further, That said mortgage not affected. or mortgages shall in nowise impair or affect any lien existing on the

property of said company or companies at or before the time of such con

solidation. The iron or Sec. 4. That said road shall be constructed of iron or steel rails manusteel rails to be factured from American ore, except such as may have been contracted for ican ore. before consolidation by any railroad company which may be purchased by

or consolidated with this company, Construction Sec. 5. That the said Texas and Pacific Railway Company shall comof road to be

mence the construction of its road at or near Marshall, Texas, and procommenced where, and to be ceed with its construction, under the original act and this supplement, or continued in in pursuance of the authority derived from any consolidation as aforesaid, what direction. westerly from a point near Marshall, and towards San Diego, in the State

of California, on the line authorized by the original act, and so prosecute 200 miles to be the same as to have at least one hundred consecutive miles of railroad from in running or

said point complete and in running order within two years after the pasder in two years, and not less than sage of this act; and so continue to construct, each year thereafter, a suffi100 miles a year cient number of miles, not less than one hundred, to secure the completion afterwards.

of the whole line, from the aforesaid point on the eastern boundary of the

State of Texas to the bay of San Diego, in the State of California, as aforeTime of com- said, within ten years after the passage of this act; and said road from Marpletion.

shall, Texas, throughout the length thereof, shall be of uniform gauge: Road from San Provided, however, That the said company shall commence the construction Diego eastward, of said road from San Diego eastward within one year from the passage of when and how to this act, and construct not less than ten miles before the expiration of the be built.

second year, and, after the second year, not less than twenty-five miles per annum in continuous line thereafter between San Diego and the Colorado river until the junction is formed with the line from the east at the latter point or east thereof; and upon failure to so complete it, Congress may adopt such measures as it may deem necessary and proper to secure its speedy completion; and it shall also be lawful for said company to commence and prosecute the construction of its line from any other point or points on its line; but nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to authorize

the grant of any additional lands or subsidy, of any nature or kind whatsoRoad between ever, on the part of the government of the United States : Provided, That Marshall and Shreveport, &c.

said Texas and Pacific Railway Company shall be, and it is hereby, authorized and required to construct, maintain, control, and operate a road between Marshall, Texas, and Shreveport, Louisiana, or control and operate any existing road between said points, of the same gauge as the said Texas and Pacific railroad; and that all roads terminating at Shreveport shall have the right to make the same running connections, and shall be entitled to the same privileges, for the transaction of business in connection with the said Texas and Pacific railway, as are granted to roads intersecting therewith: Provided further, That nothing herein shall be construed as changing the terminus of said Texas and Pacific railway from Marshall as provided in the original act.

SEC. 6. That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this supplement Repealing be, and the same are are hereby, repealed.

APPROVED, May 2, 1872.


CHAP. CXXXIX. - An Act to amend an Act approved February twenty-eighth, eighteen May 3, 1872.

kundred and seventy-one, amending an Act approved May thirty-one, eighteen hundred and 1870, ch. 114. seventy, entitled "An Act to enforce the Rights of Citizens of the United States to vote in Vol. xvi, p. 145. the several States of this Union, and for other Purposes."

1871, ch. 99. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Vol. xvi. p. 483. States of America in Congress assembled, That section nineteen of an act Votes for repto amend an act approved May thirty-first, eighteen hundred and seventy, Congress to be entitled “ An act to enforce the rights of citizens of the United States to only by written vote in the several States of this Union, and for other purposes," and or printed ballot; amended act approved February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and 1872, ch. 416. seventy-one, shall be, and hereby is, amended so as to read as follows: Post, p. 348.] "Sec. 19. That all votes for Representatives in Congress shall hereafter be by written or printed ballot, any law of any State to the contrary notwithstanding ; and all votes received or recorded contrary to the provisions of this section shall be of none effect :” Provided, That this section this not to shall not apply to any State voting otherwise whose elections for said apply to certain

. Representatives shall occur previous to the regular meeting of its legislature next after the approval of said act.

APPROVED, May 3, 1872.

CHAP. CXL. - An Act making Appropriations for the legislative, executive, and May 8, 1872.

judicial Expenses of the Government for the Year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and Legislative, the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not executive, and otherwise appropriated, for the service of the fiscal year ending June judicial expense thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, for the objects hereinafter the year ending expressed, namely:

June 30, 1873. LEGISLATIVE.

Legislative. Senate. — For compensation and mileage of Senators, four hundred Pay and milethousand dollars. And the proper accounting officers of the Treasury a Accounts of Department be, and they are hereby, authorized to settle and adjust the secretary of Senaccounts of the secretary of the Senate for compensation and mileage of ate for, &c., to be Senators up to and including the third day of March, eighteen hundred adjusted. and seventy-two; and that hereafter the fiscal year for the adjustment of Fiscal year for

such accounts, such accounts shall extend to and include the third day of July.

when to begin. For compensation of the officers, clerks, messengers, and others receiv- Pay of officers, ing an annual salary in the service of the Senate, viz. : secretary of the clerks, &c., of Senate, four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars ; officer charged with disbursements of the Senate, five hundred and seventy-six dollars ; chief clerk, three thousand dollars, and the additional sum of one thousand dollars while the said office is held by the present incumbent, and no longer ; principal clerk, principal executive clerk, minute and journal clerk, and financial clerk, in the office of the secretary of the Senate, at two thousand five hundred and ninety-two dollars each ; librarian and six clerks in the office of the secretary of the Senate, at two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars each ; keeper of the stationery, two thousand one hundred and two dollars and forty cents; two messengers, at one thousand two hundred and ninety-six dollars each; one page at seven hundred and twenty dollars ; sergeant-at-arms and doorkeeper, four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars: Provided, That hereafter he shall

Sergeant-atreceive, directly or indirectly, no fees or other compensation or emolument arms, &c., to re


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