A History of the Grammar School: Or, "The Free Schoole of 1645 in Roxburie." With Biographical Sketches of the Ministers of the First Church, and Other Trustees

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J. Backup, 1860 - 202 halaman

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Halaman 87 - Such last mentioned school shall be kept for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the town, ten months at least, exclusive of vacations, in each year, and at such convenient place, or alternately at such places in the town, as the legal voters at their annual meeting determine.
Halaman 177 - Tis CORLET'S pains, and CHEEVER'S, we must own, That thou, New England, art not Scythia grown*' 3 In the following description, we perceive characteristics of the writer as well as of the master.
Halaman 120 - God prospered his endeavors, so as he kept a constant lecture to them in two places, one week at the wigwam of one Wabon, a new sachem near Watertown mill, and the other the next week in the wigwam of Cutshamekin near Dorchester mill.
Halaman 116 - ... at that part of Roxbury commonly called Jamaica, or the Pond Plains, for the teaching and instructing of the children of that end of the town, (together with such Indians and negroes as shall or may come to the school,) and to no other use, intent or purpose whatever.
Halaman 116 - Lord, for schools every where among us! That our schools may flourish ! That every member of this assembly may go home, and procure a good school to be encouraged in the town where he lives ! That before we die, we may be so happy as to see a good school encouraged in every plantation of the country.
Halaman 192 - Ireland shall, as soon as conveniently may be after the passing of this Act, and from time to time...
Halaman 125 - ... into consideration, the history of the Christian church does not contain an example of resolute, untiring, successful labor, superior to that of translating the entire Scriptures into the language of the native tribes of Massachusetts ; a labor performed, not in the flush of youth, nor within the luxurious abodes of academic ease, but under the constant burden of his duties, as a minister and a preacher, and at a time of life when the spirits begin to flag.
Halaman 115 - I cannot forget the ardour with which I once heard him pray, in a synod of these churches which met at Boston to consider "how the miscarriages which were among us might be prevented ;" I say, with what fervour he uttered an expression to this purpose: "Lord, for schools every where among us!
Halaman 8 - Commonwealthe, in succeeding ages. They therefore unanimously have consented and agreed to erect a free schoole in the said Towne of Roxburie, and to allow Twenty pounds per annum to the Schoolemaster, to bee raised out of the Messuages and part of the Lands of the severall donors (Inhabitantes of the said Towne) in severall proportions as hereafter followeth under their handes.
Halaman 9 - Court for the establishment hereof by their authority and power, always provided that none of the Inhabitantes of the said Towne of Roxburie that shall not joyne in this act with the rest of the Donors shall have any further benefit thereby than other strangers shall have who are no Inhabitantes. In witness whereof the said Donors aforesaid have hereunto subscribed their names and sommes given yearly the last day of August in the year of our Lord 1645.

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