The Charter with Its Amendments, and the Revised Ordinances, of the City

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C.W. Brewster, printers, 1865

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Halaman 3 - The inhabitants of the town of Salem, shall continue to be a body politic and corporate, under the name of the city of Salem, and as such, shall have, exercise and enjoy all the rights, immunities, powers and privileges, and shall be subject to all the duties and obligations, now incumbent upon and appertaining to said town as a municipal corporation.
Halaman 18 - ... city buildings, and the custody and management of all city property, with power to let or sell what may be legally let or sold ; and to purchase property, real or personal, in the name and for the use of the city, whenever its interest or convenience may, in their judgment, require it.
Halaman 13 - To compel the owner or occupant of any grocery, cellar, tallow chandler's shop, soap factory, tannery, stable, barn, privy, sewer or other unwholesome or nauseous house or place, to...
Halaman 7 - ... or neglect of duty to be punished. — He may call special meetings of the board of aldermen and common council, or either of them, when...
Halaman 14 - To prevent any person from bringing, depositing or having within said city any putrid carcass, or any unwholesome substance, and to require the removal of the same by any person who shall have upon his premises any such substance or any putrid or unsound beef, pork, fish, hides or skins of any kind; and on default, to authorize the removal thereof by some competent officer at the expense of such person or persons.
Halaman 6 - Essex ; and a certificate of such oath having been taken shall be entered in the journal of the mayor and aldermen, and of the common council, by their respective clerks.
Halaman 7 - He may call special meetings of the boards of aldermen and common council or either of them when in his .opinion the interests of the city require it, by causing...
Halaman 102 - Whenever any physician shall know that any person whom he is called to visit is infected with the smallpox, or any other disease dangerous to the public health...
Halaman 102 - Michigan, 1871, as follows: (1734). SEC. 43. Whenever any householder shall know that any person within his family is taken sick with the smallpox or any other disease dangerous to the public health, he shall immediately give notice thereof to the Board of Health, or to the health officer of the township in which he resides ; and if he shall refuse or neglect to give such notice, he shall forfeit a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars.
Halaman 9 - ... department in that town, shall be transferred to, and vested in, the mayor and aldermen. SECT. 14. The persons chosen and qualified as members of the common council shall sit and act together as one body, distinct from the mayor and aldermen, except when the two bodies are required to meet and act in convention. The said council shall, from time to time, choose one of its members, to preside at all meetings of the board, and preserve order therein ; and shall also choose a clerk, who shall be...

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