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Presentment-accusation presented by Posse comitatus-power of the county; a grand jury.

assistance called by the sheriff. Presumption-inference of a fact. Possessory-an action for possession Prima facie-on the first view. of real estate.

Primariae preces—first suits. Postea— " afterwards ;” endorsement Prima seisina-first possession.

Primate-an archbishop. on & verdict.

Primer seisin-right of king to first Posthumous child born after the death of the parent.

year's profits of an heir.

Primitae—first fruits. Posting-giving notice; transferring Primogeniture-descent to the first an account to a ledger.

born. Postliminium-restoration or recovery Principalities-sovereignties. Post mortem-after death.

Priory--a religious house. Potentia propinqua—probable possi- Prisage-ancient duty on wines. bility.

Privies—partakers; interested parties. Poundage-sheriff's commissions.

Privilegium clericale—the benefit of Poyning's law-an Irish statute in the

clergy. reign of Henry VII.

Privy council-council of state. Prae-before.

Proavus-a great grandfather. Praecipe-order of attorney on protho- Probate-proof of a will. notary to issue a writ.

Pro bono publico-for the public good. Predial-issuing out of land.

Probus et legalis homo-true and lawPraefectus praetorii — judge of the

ful man. court.

Procedendo-proceeding ; writ to proPraemunire—“to forewarn;

a writ

ceed. barring certain offenders from the Process-mode of bringing defendant protection of the law.

into court. Praetor-Roman municipal officer. Prochein ami or amy-next friend. Praetor fidei commissarius—the judge Pro confesso-as acknowledged. of trusts; a chancellor.

Pro correctione-for amendment. Prava consuetudo-a bad custom. Procreation-begetting of children. Preamble--a preface or introduction. Proctor-a proxy or attorney. Prebendaries—ecclesiastics with sala- Procurator-a proctor or agent. ries.

Pro dignitate regali-for royal dig. Precedents former decisions of nity. courts.

Pro et con--for and against. Precepts--writs directed to sheriffs. Pro hac vice-for this occasion. Pre-emption-first right of purchase. Prohibition-writ to check legal proPreferment-advancement.

ceedings. Prelate-ecclesiastical officer.

Pro laesione fidei—for a breach of Premeditation-design to commit faith. crime.

Pro opere—for work. Prepense-aforethought.

Prope finem-near the end. Prerogativa regis-king's prerogative. Propinquity-next of kin. Prerogative-arbitrary power vested Propositus—the person proposed. in the king.

Propria manu—with his own hand. Prerogative court-having charge of Proprietary-free owner of a domain. wills and administrations.

Propter defectum sanguinis-through Prescription-right by long posses

failure of issue or blood. sion.

Propter impotentiam-through weakPresentation--gift of a benefice.


Propter odium delicti-on account of Quare clausum fregit—wherefore he the odium of the offence.

broke the close or enclosure. Propter privilegium-by privilege. Quare ejecit infra terminum-wherePro rata-in proportion.

fore he ejected within the term. Pro re nata-according to circum- Quare impedit-wherefore he hinders. stances.

Quarto die post—the fourth day afterProrogation-postponement.

ward. Pro salute animae--for the health of Quash-overthrow or annul. the soul.

Quasi ex contractu-as of a contract. Prosequitur,he is prosecuted.

Quatenus-as. Pro tanto--for so much.

Quays—wharves. Pro tempore-for the time.

Que estate—whose estate; where a Protest-dissent, notarial act, where man prescribes an estate to himself. a note or bill is unpaid.

Querela inofficiosi testamenti-comProthonotary-chief clerk of a court.

plaint of an improper will. Proxies-persons acting for others.

Quia emptores-because purchasers; Puberty- age where procreation is

a statute of Edward I. possible.

Qui arma gerit—who bears arms. Publici juris-of public right.

Quid pro quo—this for that; value for

value. Pueritia-childhood.

Qui non habet in crumena, luat in Puis darrein continuance-since the

corpore—who has nothing in purse, last continuance.

must pay in person. Puisne-younger, later. Pulsation-wilful touchlng of a person.

Quinto exactus-required for the fifth

time. Pur auter vie—for the life of another. Purchase-acquisition of lands, other

Qui prior est tempore, potior est jure

- he who is prior in time, is stronger than by descent.

in right. Purgation-denying guilt by oath.

Qui tam-an action imposing a penalty. Purpresture--illegal enclosure.

Quit claim-release of claim. Purum villenagium-pure villenage.

Quit rent-rent which discharges an Purus idiota-a complete idiot.

obligation. Purveyance-procuring provisions.

Quoad hoc-as to this. Put-in pleading; to select; demand.

Quod computet—that he account. Putative-reputed, but not actual.

Quod libera sit cujuscunque ultima

voluntas-that the last will of Quae de minimis non curat-which

every one be free. cares not for trifles.

Quo minus-by which the less; a writ. Quae relicta sunt—which have been Quorum—the number required in a left.

society to transact business. Quaestor-Roman magistrate.

Quota-portion. Qualified-a limited estate.

Quo warranto-by what warrant or Quamdiu bene se gesserint-so long authority.

as they shall have acted well. Quantum--the quantity.

Rack-an instrument of torture. Quantum meruit-as much as he de- Rack rent-value of leased land. served.

Ransom - redemption of person or Quantum valebat-as much as it was property worth.

Rape-forcible carnal knowledge of a Quarantine-forty days; in which ves

sels may be inspected, or a widow Ratification-adoption of another's act remain in the mansion house. Ratione soli-by reason of the soil.


Realm-kingdom, country.

Relator-one who brings an informa Realty-lands and tenements.

tion or charge. Rebut-to contradict.

Release-discharge, quittance. Rebutter-answer of defendant to a re- Relevant-pertinent, applicable. joinder.

Relief-payment to a feudal lord by a Recaption – peaceable regaining of new tenant. person or property.

Remainder-estate expectant upon the Receiver-appointee in chancery to re- termination of a particular estate. ceive rents and profits.

Remainder-man-one entitled to an Reciprocity-mutual engagements be- estate in remainder. tween states.

Remand-to send back; recommit. Recitals — repetition of writings, or Remedial statute-affording a rem. statements of acts.

edy. Reclaim-to demand again; to restore. Remission-release, pardon. Recognizance-conditional obligation Remitter-placed back in possession. of record.

Rent-a certain profit issuing out of

lands and tenements. Records-official memoranda of acts and proceedings.

Rent-charge-lands charged in the

deed with a distress. Recordari facias—you cause to be re

Rent-seck-rent reserved, with charge corded.

of distress. Recovery-restoration of rights by a Rent-service—where the right of disjudgment of court.


tress is inseparable. Recovery-common, vide

Repeal --abrogation of a law. recoveries."

Repleader-pleading anew. Recreant-a coward.

Replegiari facias-you cause to be reRector a clergyman.

plevied. Rectory-certain real estate of the Replevin-action to recover goods. church.

Replication answer to defendant's Recusancy-non-conformity with the plea. established religion.

Reports-printed judicial decisions. Recusatio judicis — objection to the Reprieve-suspension of sentence. judge.

Reprisal---retaliatory seizure of the Reddendum-a clause in a deed, re- goods of an enemy.

serving something to the grantor. Repugnant–inconsistent pleading. Redemption-repurchase, as of lands Rescous--a rescue of a prisoner. mortgaged.

Residuary legatee-one to whom the Reditus siccus barren rent; rent

balance of an estate is bequeathed. seck.

Residue—the balance or remainder. Redress—reparation for wrong:

Respite-reprieve; suspension of act.

Respondeat onster-that he may anRedundancy-superfluous matter. Re-entry -- retaking possession of

swer over; judgment on a dilatory

plea. lands.

Respondent—the defendant in a chanReference-submission to arbitration. Refund-to repay money.

Respondentia-a maritime loan. Regalia-ensigns of royalty.

Responsa prudentium - opinions of Regent-ruler in another's stead.

wise men. Regicide—the killing of a king.

Restitution-a return to the owner. Register-a recorder; the record itself. Restitutor-the restorer. Regrating – enhancing the price of Resulting trust-an use which returns food.

to its creator. Regress—returning.

Retainer-withholding property; con. Rejoinder-reply to a replication.

sulting fee of a lawyer.

cery action.

Retinde-attendants of a prince. Secta-witnesses following the allegaRetraxit-he has withdrawn.

tions of the plaintiff. Return day—the time fixed for defend- Secular-not bound by monastic rules.

ant's appearance to a writ. Secundum formam doni-according to Reus—the defendant.

the form of the gift. Revenue-government income. Secundum subjectam materiam Reversion—the residue of an estate

cording to the subject matter. left in the grantor, after the end of Se defendendo-in self defence. a particular estate.

Sedition-revolt against authority. Revest-to again give possession.

See-seat of ecclesiastical power.
Review-a second examination.
Revival-renewal of a debt.

Seigniory-the lord's right in lands. Revivor-a bill to revive an abated

Seisin-possession of a freehold.

Seisina facit stirpitem-seisin makes suit. Revoke-to call back; to annul.

the stock. Rider-amendment tacked to a bill.

Selecti judices—chosen judges. Rien-nothing.

Semiplena probatio—-half proof. Robbery -- forcible taking from an

Senatus consulta-acts of the senate. other's person.

Senatus decreta-decrees of the sen.

ate. Rogo-I ask, or entreat. Role-part or character assigned.

Sequence—that which follows. Rubric-ornamented title of a law. Sequestration-official seizure of the

property of a defendant. Sacramentum decisionis-oath of de. Serjeant-practitioner of law, of high cision in a wager of law.

professional rank. Sacrilege-stealing consecrated arti- Serjeanty-service from a tenant to cles.

the king; grand or petit. Safe-conduct- ;-a passport.

Service de chevelier-chivalry service. Sages-wise men of antiquity.

Servientis ad legem-of a serjeant at Saladin's tenth-tax imposed to aid

law. the crusade against Saladin, em- Servitium militare-military service. peror of the Saracens.

Servitium scuti-service tax. Salic law-excludes females from the Servitude – subjection to another; throne of France.

charge on an estate to the use of Salvage-compensation for preserving another estate. a vessel from wreck.

Set-off-cross demand by the defend. Sanction-ratification, confirmation. ant to defalk the plaintiff's claim. Sanity-sound mental condition. Settlement residence; ante-nuptial Sapientes, fideles et animosi-wise, agreement. faithful and brave.

Severalty-estate to one person only. Satisdatio-giving sufficient security. Severance-disuniting persons or propSatisfaction-entry of payment on rec- erty ord.

Shelley's case-contains the law in reScandalum magnatum - scandal of

lation to the heirs of a freehold. the nobles.

Sheriff, shire-reeve—the chief officer Scholastic-adherence to the forms of of the county. schools.

Shire-a division of a country. Scienter-knowingly.

Shrievalty-the office of a sheriff. Scintilla juris—a spark of law or right. Sic utere tuo, ut alienum non laedas Scire facias—that you make known; a so use your own, that you do not judicial writ.

injure another's. Scribere est agere-to write is to act. Significavit-he signified or indicated. Scutage-an army tax on tenants by Sign manual--one's own signature; knight-service.

that of the prince.

Simony-illegal traffic in holy orders. Subrogation-substituting a person or Simplex obligatio-simple obligation thing to the rights of another. or bond,

Subsidies-money granted by parliaSinecure—no cure of souls; a clergy

ment to the king on urgent occaman without a church.

sions. Sinking fund—devoted to pay the in- Sub silentio-in silence; tacitly. terest on the national debt.

Subtraction-unlawful withholding. Si te fecerit securum-if he shall have Subversion-overthrow; ruin. made you secure.

Sufferance-amicable retention of posSlander-spoken defamation.

session, after expiration of tenancy. Smuggling-fraudulent importation or

Suffragan-an assistant bishop. exportation of goods.

Sui generis-of his own kind or race. Socage-tenure of land by certain in- Sui juris—of his own right; capable of ferior service.

making a contract. Socagium-free and certain tenure.

Summa providentia--the greatest pru

dence. Sodomy-the crime against nature. Sokemans-tenants in socage.

Summary conviction-usually before Sole-alone, single.

a justice on a penal statute.

Summons-writ to the defendant to Solicitor-one having the care of a suit in chancery.

appear. Solvendum in futuro-to be paid in Supersedeas — " that you forbear ; the future.

stop all proceedings. Son assault demesne-his own assault. Super visum corporis-on view of the

body. Specialty-an agreement under seal. Spoliation-waste of church property.

Supplemental-added to a thing. Spoliatus debet, ante omnia, restitui Suppletory oath-one given on half the party robbel should be reim

proof in the eccleciastical court. bursed before all things.

Supplicavit—a writ for taking sureties Springing use - on

of the peace. a future event,

Suppositious—spurious; fraudulently when no preceding estate is limited. Star chamber--ancient criminal court,

put in another's place. without a jury.

Sur concessit-on his yielding up or Stare decisis-to stand by decisions.


Sur disseisin-on ouster or dispossesStatute merchant-by which lands of

sion. a debtor were temporarily held by

Sur done-upon gift. a creditor. Statute staple-confined the sale of

Surety-one who binds himself for the

act of another. foreign goods to certain English towns.

Surplusage--superfluous statement of Stipend-salary; settled compensation. Stirpes-descent or root.

Sur-rebutter-plaintiff's reply to deStocks-perforated wooden instrument

fendant's rebutter. of punishment.

Surrender-yielding up an estate. Stricti juris—of strict right.

Sycophant—"fig eater;" flatterer or Subinfeudation-division of estate by parasite. inferior lord.

Symbolum animae-passport of the Sub modo—under a condition.

soul. Subornation procuring another to commit an offence.

Tail--an estate to one and the heirs of Subpoena—“under penalty; " process

his body. to compel a witness or party to ap- Tale-in ancient pleadings, the declapear.

ration or count. Subpoena duces tecum-that, under Tales de circumstantibus-schedule of penalty, you bring with you.

jurors from the bystanders.

a case.

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