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Alien-foreign born.

Armistice-cessation of hostilities. Alienation-transfer of property. Arraignment - calling a criminal to Alimony - allowance to a divorced or

answer in court. separated wife out of the husband's Arson-burning another's house. property.

Articuli cleri-articles of the clergy. Allegation-statement of facts.

A sequendo—from following. Allegiance-obligation of each citizen. Assurance-evidence of a conveyance. Allodial—land not held of a superior. Astuti-cunning. Allotment-an assigned share. Attachment-summary writ for conAlluvion-increment to the bank of a

terapt of court; seizure of debtor's river.

property. Almoner-distributor of charity. Attainder-corruption of blood. A manendo—from remaining.

Attaint-stained or blackened. Amenable--answerable; responsible. Attestation — witnessing an instruA mensa et thoro—from board and

ment. bed.

Attorney–in another's turn. Amittere liberam legem--to lose free Attornment-agreement of a vassal to law; to become infamous.

receive a new lord. Amnesty-oblivion of past offences. Audita querela — complaint having Amotion-removal; ouster.

been heard ; a writ. Anarchy-without government. Auditors-parties appointed to adjust A nativitate—from his birth.

accounts. Ancient demesne-lands reserved to Aula regis-hall of the king. the crown.

Aurum reginae-gold of the queen. Animo furandi—with design of steal- Autrefois--at another time. ing.

Autre vie-another's life. Animum revertendi—intent to return. Averment-positive statement of fact. Animum testandi-testamentary dis- A vinculo matrimonii—from the bond cretion or intent.

of matrimony. Annuity-a yearly allowance.

Avoidance-special matter in pleading. Annul-abrogate; make void.

Avowry-an admission in replevin. Antiquum-ancient.

Avus-a grandfather. A patre—from the father.

Award-judgment of arbitrators. Appeal—an accusation under criminal

law; submission to a superior deci- Backing warrant-endorsement by a sion.

second justice of the peace. Appearance-coming into court. Bail-surety for appearance. Appraisement-valuation of property. Bailiff-an officer empowered to serve Apprentice-indentured employee. writs, and to distrain. Approver-confessing guilt and accus- Bailiwick-the district of a bailiff or ing another.

sheriff. Appurtenant-belonging or incident Bailment--delivery of goods in trust. to.

Ban-a proclamation; excommunicaArbitrary-dependent on the will of tion. the judge.

Bankrupt--"broken bench; ” unforto Arbitration-reference to umpires.

unate debtor. Arcana imperii-secrets of the empire. Bar--estoppel to an action; enclosed Armigeri natalitu-esquires by birth. place in court for attorneys. Asportation--carrying away.

Baron-husband; title of nobility. Assault-a violent attack.

Baronet-a dignity above a knight. Assets-fiduciary property.

Barratry-instigating law suits. Assignment-transfer ef property. Barrister-legal counsellor. Assize--ancient court or jury; a writ. Barter-contract to exchange goods. Assumpsit—he undertook; a promise. Bastard-child born out of wedlock.


ried away.

Battery-unlawful beating of another. Capiatur—that he be taken. Bench warrant writ of a criminal Capital punishment-death penalty. court.

Caput lupinum-head of wolves. Benefice—an ecclesiastical preferment. Caput, principium et finis—the head, Beneficiary-party benefitted.

beginning and end. Beneficium-feud or fief.

Cassetur breve let the writ be Benefit of clergy - exemption from

quashed. death penalty.

Casus omissus-omitted or unsettled Bequest-personalty left by will. Bigamy having two wives or hus-Catalla otiosa-cattle unworked. bands at the same time.

Causa mortis-in view of death. Bill-plaintiff's statement of action in Caveat-that he beware; a warning. courts of equity.

Caveat emptor-let the buyer beware. Billa vera—"true bill," endorsement Census regalis—royal revenue. on an indictment.

Centenarius-head of a hundred. Bill of exchange-open letter of re- Ceorl--a Saxon peasant. quest to pay money.

Cepi corpus—“I have taken the body;' Black-mail — rent paid in work or return by sheriff to writ of capias.

grain; extortion of money. Cepit et asportavit—he took and carBona confiscata-confiscated goods. Bona dea—the good goddess.

Certiorari-to be certified or informed Bona fide-in good faith.

of; a writ from a higher to a lower Bona notabilia-goods of a decedent

court. elsewhere.

Cessante ratione, cessat et ipsa lexBona vacatia — goods lost or aban

the reason ceasing, the law itself doned.

ceases. Bona waviata-goods abandoned by a cestui que use or trust—one to whose thief.

use land is granted. Bond-sealed obligation to pay money Cestui que vie–one for whose life a or to perform some act.

grant is made. Breach-violation of a duty.

Challenge-exception to a juror. Brehon-ancient Irish law.

Champerty-contingent interest in a Breve—a writ briefly stated.

suit. Brevia testata-short proofs.

Chance-medley-homicide in self-deBribery-giving or taking corrupt re

fence, ward.

Chancellor-chief judge in chancery. Borough-an incorporated town. Borough English-an ancient custom. Charter—a grant from a sovereign Citation-order of court to appear and compassing-contriving, plotting. show cause.

Chancery-court of equity. Bottomry-mortgage on a ship.

power. Bull-edict or rescript of the pope.

Chase-space reserved for hunting; Burg-a borough ; a castle.

acquiring animals “ ferae naturae.” Burgage-a tenure in socage.

Chattel-property other than freehold. Burgesses--magistrates of boroughs.

Chaud-medley-killing in hot blood. Burglary-felonious breaking into a

Chicane-trickery. dwelling-house at night.

Chivalry-tenure by knight's service. Caesarian operation-extracting the Choses in action—things to be obfoetus through an incision made in

tained by suit, not being in possesthe abdomen.

sion. Cancelli-lattice work; cancelling.

Chronicon pretiosurn-valuable chronCanon-ecclesiastical law.

icle. Capias ad respondendum-that you

Church-warden-guardian of a church. take him to answer; a writ.

Circa ardua regni- concerning the Capias utlagatum-that you take the weighty affairs of the kingdom. outlaw.

Circumspecte agatis--act cautiously.

Competency-legal fitness of the evi. Civilian-one versed in the civil law. dence. Civiliter mortuus-civilly dead. Compiling -summary of the works of Civil law-ancient Roman law.

others. Civil list-schedule of royal revenue. Composition-agreement with creditClausum fregit—" he broke the enclo- ors. sure.”

Compos mentis—sound of mind. Clerk-one in ecclesiastical orders. Compounding-unlawful settlement of Close-enclosure; interest in the soil. a crime. Code-a compilation of laws.

Compurgators-witnesses to clear an Codicil-a supplement to a will.

accused party. Coercion-constraint; force.

Concessi—I have granted. Coeval-of the same age.

Concurrent-joint and equal. Cognati-relations by the mother.

Conditor-founder. Cognizable—under judicial notice.

Condonation-marital forgiveness. Cognizance-acknowledgement in re- Confession-admission of criminal act; plevin.

in pleading, admission of oppoCognovit actionem-he acknowledged

nent's averment.

Confirmation-making a voidable esthe action or debt. Cohabitation-living together.

tate sure; species of conveyance. Collateral-indirect side issue.

Confiscation-forfeiture of property, as Collatio bonorum assessment of

punishment for a crime.

Conge d'eslire-permission to elect. goods. Collation-bestowing a benefice; com

Conjuration-a sworn compact.

Connivance-consent to an unlawful parison of a copy.

act. Collegia-colleges.

Consanguinity-blood relationship. Colloquium-conference; discourse. Collusion-illegal secret agreement.

Consensus, non concubitus facit nup

tias — consent, not cohabitation, Comes--a count or earl.

makes marriage. Comitatus-a county.

Conservatores pacis-keepers of the Comites-earls; attendants.

peace. Commendam--a recommendation. Consideratum est per curiam-it is Commendam recipere—to receive a considered by the court. trust.

Consistory-ecclesiastical tribunal. Commitment-order of imprisonment. Conspiracy-agreement to do an unCommittee-guardian of a lunatic.

lawful act. Commodatum-a lending.

Constable-a ministerial officer. Common-profit in another's lands. Constat de persona—there is proof of Commonalty-untitled people.

the person. Common law-immemorial customs of Constitutions of Clarendon - under England.

Henry II, checking the clergy. Common recoveries-judgments in fic- Contempt-disobedience of an order titious suits for entailed lands.

of court. Commune concilium — the general Contestatio litis–joinder of issue in a council.

suit. Commune vinculum-common bond. Contingency-a doubtful event. Communibus annis--in ordinary years. Contingent remainder—an estate deCommunion of goods--personal prop- pendent upon an uncertain person erty in common.

or uncertain event. Community-the people; in civil law, Continuance-adjournment of a cause.

corporations; profits acquired by Contra-otherwise. husband and wifc.

Contra bonos mores-against good Commutation-change of punishment. morals.

Contra pacem-against the peace.

coelum--whose soil it is, it is his Contra praeceptum Dei- against even to heaven. God's command.

Cum testamento annexo—with the Conversion-unlawful application of

will annexed. another's goods.

Curate--a clergyman, having the care Conveyance-transfer of title to land. of a church, Convocation-an assembly.

Curator-a guardian. Coparcenary-estate held in common Curia advisare vult-the court will by female heirs.

consider. Copyhold-an estate held by the will Curia christianitas ecclesiastical of the lord.

court. Copyright-temporary property in a

Curialitas—tenancy by the curtesy. literary composition.

Curia magna-great court. Coram non judice-before one not sit- Curfew-Norman law, to cover fires, ting as a judge.

and retire at eight o'clock, Coram paribus-before the peers.

Curtesy-a husband's interest in the Cornage-tenure, by blowing a horn for property of his deceased wife. the lord during war.

Curtilage-ground adjoining a house. Corody-allowance for sustenance.

Custodiam comitatus-custody of the

county. Coroner-a crown officer, who examines

Custos morum-keeper of the morals. cases of sudden death.

Custuma-customs. Corporal-bodily; a military officer.

Cy pres—as near as" it is possible to Corporeal-palpable, tangible.

execute the will of a testator as to Corpus juris civilis-body of civil law.

perpetuities. Corruption of blood-incapacity to inherit.

Damage feasant-doing damage. Corsned-accursed bread, swallowed Damnum absque injuria — damage by an accused party.

without injury. Couchant-lying down.

Dane-lage-Danish law. Counties-palatine-four English coun.

Darrein-last. ties with special charters.

Days of grace-three days additional Court-leet-an ancient criminal court. time given to pay notes and bills. Covenant-contract under seal; an ac- De avo-from the grandfather. tion thereon.

Dean-ecclesiastical officer. Coverture-state of a married woman. De bene esse—conditionally. Covin-fraud.

Debet et detinet-he owes and deCozening-cheating.

tains. Creamus, erigimus, fundamus — we De bonis non-of the goods not” adcreate, erect, found.

ministered. Crepusculum-twilight.

De bono et malo-of good and evil. Crimen falsi-crime of forgery.

Debt-a special form of action. Crimen laesae majestatis-the crime Decedent-a deceased person. of high treason.

Decem tales --a tales of ten. Criminal conversation-adultery.

Decemviri-ten Roman legislators. Criteria-standards of judging.

Declaration - written statement of Cross-bill-cross action by defendant

the plaintiff's case. in chancery.

Declaratory-explanatory. Cucking-stool-for ducking common

De credulitate-on their belief.

Decree-judgment of an equity court. scolds.

Decretals, canonical epistles. Cujus est divisio, alterius est electio

De debitore in partes secando-of -whoever has the division, the

cutting the debtor into pieces. other has the election.

Dedi et concessi-1 have given and Cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad


Dedimus potestatem—we have given De prerogativo regis-king's preroga. power.

tive. De donis-of gifts.

De proprietate probanda - proving Deed--a contract under seal.

ownership. Deed-poll—a deed made by one party De rationabili parte bonorum-of the

and not irdented, but polled or reasonable part of the goods. shaved.

Derelict-land left by the sea; abanDe estoveriis habendis- of having doned goods. estovers.

De religiosis—of religious persons. De facto-in fact.

De retorno habendo-" of having a Defalcation--cross demand or set off

return;" writ issued after a judg. made by a defendant; act of a de- ment in replevin. faulter.

Dernier resort—the last resort. Defeasance-a deed to defeat another De son tort—" of his own wrong; deed.

having no authority to act. Defeasible-may be defeated. Detainer-detention of person or propDeforcement,wrongful detention of erty. realty.

Determine-to end or terminate. De heretico comburendo-burning a Detinue-action to recover chattels. heretic.

De uxore rapta et abducta—for seizDe homine replegiando-of replevy- ing and abducting his wife. ing a man.

Devastation-waste. Dehors-out of; foreign to.

Devenio vester homo—“ I become De idiota inquirendo – inquiry of your man;" feudal investiture. idiocy.

De ventre inspiciendo—for inspecting De jure—by right or law.

De la plus belle-of the most beautiful. Devisavit-he devised.
Delegated-chosen or empowered. Devise-gift of realty by will.
Demagogue-factious popular leader. Dies juridice-court days.
De medietate linguae as to a Diet-an assembly of officials.

moiety of the language; ” jury part- Digests-compilations; works of Jusly of foreigners.

De mercatoribus-of merchants. Dignities—titles of honor.
Demesne-land retained by the lord. Dilapidation-neglect to repair.
De militibus-of soldiers.

Diminution of record-incomplete recDe minimis non curat lex—the law ord. cares not for small things.

Diocese—a bishop's district. Demise-death; a conveyance.

Disclaimer-renunciation of claim. Demissio regis--demise of the king. Discontinuance-an interrupted suit; De modo decimandi-manner of tith. wrongful enlargement of an estate ing.

tail. Demurrer-an objection in pleading. Disfranchise-deprivation of rights. Denizens-aliens made English sub. Disherison-disinheritance. jects.

Dispensation-permit or immunity. De non

decimando-exempt from Disseisin-ouster of the freehold. tithes.

Dissenters-seceders from the estabDe novo-anew.

lished church. Deodand—“gift to God,” forfeited in- Distraint-making a distress.

strument which caused death. Distress-seizure of chattels for a debt, De odio et atia--of hatred and ill-will. as for rent. De pace et legalitate tuenda-for Distribution-division of the estate of maintaining peace and law.

an intestate. Depose-to testify by deposition. Districtio-a distress. Deposition-written testimony. Distringas--that you distrain.

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