The Penn Central and Other Railroads: A Report to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Halaman 38

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Capital expenditures Pennsylvania and New York Central 194667
Miles of slow order track Pennsylvania Railroad 195667
Gross tonmiles per freight train hour class I railroads and selected railroads 196070
Capital expenditures for equipment per mile of track operated selected railroads
Comparison of operating ratios achieved by local motor carrier subsidiaries controlled
Capital expenditures as a percent of operating revenue Penn Central Pennsylvania
Railroad accidents per million units selected railroads 196069
Perspective Analysis and PrescriptionContinued
Posture Problems and Prospects
Relative significance of transportation in the economy selected aggregative measures
Output of transportation and warehousing sector required directly and indirectly
Equipment and facilities rents as a percent of net operating revenue class I railroads
Change in selected income accounts 196070 class I railroads
Oridinary income and cash flow class I railroads 196070
Gross capital expenditures and cash flow class I railroads 196070
Capital productivity selected measures class I railroads 196070
Loaded freight car miles class I railroads 196070
Tonnage originated and received class I railroads and selected railroads 196170
Percentage of total freight terminated selected railroads 1961 and 1970
Shipments subject to truck and rail competition
Involvement of the largest railroads in the current merger wave
The Economy and the Railroads
A Study of Its Planning Approval and Resu
Fiscal Policy Analysis
Comparison of straight line and accelerateddepreciation methods
Cost and equity method of accounting for investments in subsidiaries compared

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Halaman 257 - In passing upon any proposed transaction under the provisions of this paragraph (2), the Commission shall give weight to the following considerations, among others: (1) The effect of the proposed transaction upon adequate transportation service to the public; (2) the effect upon the public interest of the inclusion, or failure to include, other railroads in the territory involved in the proposed transaction; (3) 59 FEDERAL SUPPLEMENT the total fixed charges resulting from the proposed transaction;...
Halaman 531 - ... unless and until, and then only to the extent that, upon application by the carrier, and after investigation by the Commission of the purposes and uses of the proposed issue and the proceeds thereof...
Halaman 613 - George P. Baker, Richard C. Bond, Jervis Langdon, Jr. and Willard Wirtz, Trustees...
Halaman 515 - The Commission shall make such order only if it finds that such issue or assumption: (a) is for some lawful object within its corporate purposes, and compatible with the public interest, which is necessary or appropriate for or consistent with the proper performance by the carrier of service to the public as a common carrier, and which will not impair its ability to perform that service, and (b) is reasonably necessary and appropriate for such purpose.
Halaman 515 - No student of the railroad problem can doubt that a most prolific source of financial disaster and complication to railroads in the past has been the desire and ability of railroad managers to engage in enterprises outside the legitimate operation of their railroads, especially by the acquisition of other railroads and their securities.
Halaman 272 - Plan I. Railroad movement of trailers or containers of motor common carriers, with the shipment moving on one bill of lading and billing being done by the trucker. Traffic moves under rates in regular motor carrier tariffs.
Halaman 530 - ... meets the requirements of the law and will be legally authorized and valid, if approved by the Commission with specific reference to any specially pertinent provisions of applicant's, or applicant's and carrier's charter or articles of incorporation.
Halaman 531 - USC 205 (m) ) , namely, any common carrier by railroad engaged in the transportation of persons or property in interstate commerce, except a street, a suburban, or interurban electric railway which is not operated as a part of a general railroad system of transportation or which does not derive more than 50 percent of its operating revenues from the transportation of freight in standard steam railroad freight equipment. (c) As used in section 108 (b) and this section, the term "indebtedness...
Halaman 371 - ... any and all accounts, books, records, memoranda, correspondence, and other documents of such carriers...
Halaman 516 - ICC 626; and concluded at 90 MCC 222-223, as follows; As a general rule, it is clear that the issuance by a carrier of securities, or the use of the proceeds from such issuance, generally should be authorized only in those instances where it would be of benefit to or enhance its carrier transportation. In no event, should a carrier be authorized to issue securities or use the proceeds therefrom, or assume obligation or liability with respect to the securities of any other...

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