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Common Carriers: Miscellaneous Rules
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Radio Broadcast Services
Subpart B - FM Broadcast Stations

Table of Allotments.




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664 689 714 734

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1. The Commission considers herein the Notice of Proposed Rule Making ("Notice"), 11 FCC Red 3632 (1996), issued in response to a petition filed on behalf of Salem Media of Colorado. Inc. ("petitioner"), licensee of Station KRKS-FM, Channel 234C, Boulder, Colorado, proposing the reallotment of Channel 234C Boulder to Lafayette, Colorado, as that community's tirst local aural transmission service, and modification of its license accordingly. Petitioner tiled supporting comments in response to the Notice. No other comments were received

2. As stated in the Notice. petitioner's proposal, filed pursuant to the provisions of Section 1.420(i) of the Commission's Rules, would reallot Channel 234C from Boulder, Colorado, an urbanized area as defined by the U.S. Census, to Lafayette, an incorporated community located outside of the Boulder urbanized area. As the distance between Boulder and the petitioner's specified site at Lafayette is 45.3 kilometers (28 miles), whereas a distance of 290 kilometers (180 miles) is required pursuant to Section 73.207(6X1) of the Commission's Rules. the petitioner's proposal is mutually exclusive with its existing authorization' Additionally, the Notice announced that from the presently anhorized site of Station KRKSFM 70 dBu coverage is provided to the majority of Denver, Colorado, which is also an urbanized area If Channel 234C is reallotted to Lafayette, Station KRKS-FM could then provide a 70 dBu signal over the entire Denver urbanized area

3. The Notice also announced our preliminary belief that the reallotment would result in a preferential arrangemein of allotments consistent with the Revision of FM Assigrunen Policies and Procedures, 90 FCC 2d 88 (1992), as it could provide Lafayette (population

Coordinates at the petitioner's specified site at Lafavente we 39-40-35 and 105-29-09; coordinates at the present site of Station KRKS FM Boulder, are 10-04-19 and 105-21-14.

The allotment priorities are: (1) first full-time aural service: (2) second full-time aurai service; (3) first local service: and (4) other public interest matters. (Coequal weight is given to priorities (2) and (3).)

14,548) with its first local aural transmission service, and enable Station KRKS-FM to introduce a new reception service to an area of 13,206 square kilometers containing 117.109 persons. Moreover, petitioner reported that not only will Boulder retain four local transmission services, but the community will continue to receive 1 mV/m or greater service from tifteen full-service commercial FM stations and primary service (2 mV/m) during daytime hours from seventeen AM stations. Petitioner also stated that six AM stations provide primary service to less than the entire area of Boulder. Petitioner also advised that while the requested reallotment would result in a loss of service to a very minute area located northeast of Boulder (population 83,312), the loss area would occur within the predicted coverage area of more than five fulltime aural services.


4. The Notice also recognized that while the petitioner's request contemplates the relocation of Station KRKS-FM from the Boulder urbanized area to Lafayette, a community located between the Boulder and Denver urbanized areas, a 70dBu signal is presently delivered by Station KRKS-FM over approximately 95% of the Denver urbanized area. The reallotment request would result in the provision of a 70 dBu signal by Station KRKS-FM over the entire Denver urbanized area. Therefore, based upon the present degree of coverage provided by Station KRKS-FM over Denver, we did not require the petitioner to submit a Tuck analysis to demonstrate that Lafayette is sufficiently independent of Denver to merit a first local service preference.

5. Based upon the information presented in this proceeding, we will reallot Channel 234C from Boulder to Lafayette, Colorado, since it is consistent with the Commission's change of community procedures. See Modification of FM and TV Authorizations to Specifi a Nerv Community of License, 4 FCC Red 4870 (1989), recon granted in part, 5 FCC Rod 7094 (1990). Pursuant to the Commission's allotment priorities.' Lafayette would receive its first local transmission service (priority 3), and therefore is favored over the retention of Channel 234C at Boulder (priority 4) which will continue to be served locally by at least five fulltime aural services. Additionally, the reallotment will enable petitioner to provide new reception

Population figures given herein were taken from the 1990 U.S. Census.

'Those services are provided by Stations KGNU(FM). Channel 203A, KBCO-FM Channel 247C, and full time AM Stations KBCO and KBKS.

Petitioner advised that Stations KZDGFM), Channel 223C1, Greeley, CO, KTCL(FM), Channel 227C, Fort Collins, CO, KBCO-FM, Channel 247C, Boulder, CO, KOKS(FM), Channel 282C1, Longmont, CO, and KSIR-FM Channel 296C1, Brush, CO, are only a few of the broadcast facilities that are predicted to provide service to the 1 mV/m loss area of Station KRKS-FM that would result from a grant of the instant request.

See Huntington Broadcasting Co. v. F.C.C., 192 F.2d 33 (D.C. Cir. 1951); RKO General, Inc. (KFRC'), 5 FCC Rcd 3222 (1990); Faye and Richard Tuck ("Tuck''), 3 FCC Red 5374 (1988). See also Headland Alabama and Chattahoochee, Florida, 10 FCC Rcd 10352 (1995).

See footnote 2, supra.

service to 117.109 persons in an area of 13,206 square kilometers. Although the reallotment will create a loss of existing reception service in an extremely small area northeast of Boulder, the populace contained therein will continue to receive reception service from a multiplicity of broadcast facilities that are predicted to provide service to Station KRKS-FM's 1 mV/m loss area.

6. In view of the above, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 1.420(i) of the Commission's Rules, we will modify the license of Salem Media of Colorado, Inc. for Station KRKS-FM to specify operation on Channel 234C at Lafayette, Colorado, in lieu of its present use at Boulder, Colorado.

7. As stated in the Notice. Channel 234C can be allotted to Lafayette, Colorado, in conformity with the requirements of Section 73.207(bX1) of the Commission's Rules at the petitioner's specified site located 49.3 kilometers (30.6 miles) southwest of the community at coordinates 39-40-35 and 105-29-09.

8. Accordingly, pursuant to the authority contained in Sections 4(i), 5(cX1), 303(g) and (r) and 307(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and Sections 0.61, 0.204(b) and 0.283 of the Commission's Rules, IT IS ORDERED, That effective February 24, 1997, the FM Table of Allotments, Section 73.202(b) of the Commission's Rules, IS AMENDED with respect to the communities listed below, as follows:

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9. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, That pursuant to Section 316(a) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, the license of Salem Media of Colorado, Inc. for Station KRKS-FM, IS MODIFIED to specify operation on Channel 234C at Lafayette, Colorado in lieu of Boulder, Colorado, subject to the following conditions:

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