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FORM No. 82. Certificate of shipment of seamen or marines attached to creu-list end


(Paragraph 188.)

189 I,

Consul of the United States of America for the dependencies thereof, do hereby certify that the seamen or marinen hereinafter named have been duly shipped at this port, before me, upu the terms and conditions set opposite their names, respectively, viz:

[blocks in formation]

master of the of

taking into considera tion the high rate of wages for seamen, ordinary seamen, cooks, and stewards, out of the port of do hereby agree and bind myself tt pay, or cause to be paid, the sum of dollars to the ordinary sea men,

dollars to the seamen, and dollars to the here inafter named, belonging to the said vessel, as increased wages, begin g from the

day of

and continuing until the termination the voyage, agreeably to the contract of shipping-articles signed by m, a certified copy of which is hereto annexed, dated 1894


Attested: [L. S.]

U. S. Consul.

FORM No. 84.

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orm to be used when shipwrecked seamen are picked up at sea and

conveyed home, or to any other port.

(Paragraphs 188 and 290.) I,

master of the merchant-vessel, belonging to ne port of -, and of the burden of tons, per register, do solmnly and sincerely declare that I received on board the said vessel at

the under-mentioned seamen' [ being part or the Thole of the crew of the merchant.vessel, which I have heard nd verily believe was on her voyage from to

of the burlen of about tons, and was owned by

of - -]. I further declare that I landed them on the day or days, place or laces, set forth in the statement underneath, and subsisted them the iumber of days against each person expressed, making in the whole

- days; and that during the whole of such time I had my full complement of men and boys, viz: men and boys, exclusive of the inder-mentioned seamen, for whom I now claim subsistence; and in proof of the justice of the claim I am willing (if required) to produce my log-book and the declaration of the mate and carpenter; and I make this solemn declaration, conscientiously believing the same to be true. I further declare that 4 were saved from the wrecked vessel.

The words between [] must be repeated for every wrecked vessel, when mors than one, to which the seamen belonged. ? The number here is to be inserted in words at length. * If the full complement not on board, state how many were deficient. Here insert the words “not any provisions," or (as the case may be), "the provi. sions specifically stated, and the value thereof."

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Receipt by Consul for effects of a deceased seaman.

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I certify that the above-named master has paid me the above-named sum, and has delivered to me the above-named effects, as the money, goods, and effects of the above-named deceased, which he left on board

is death, I having considered it expedient that the said money, goods, effects should be delivered to me. Bted this day of - 189—

U, S. Consul.

FORM NO. 86.



Consular quarterly remittance of seamen's effects.

(Paragraph 256.)

189— the district judge of the United States for the district of in the day of I received from

master of the ited States vessel goods and effects, the property of

a seaman on said vessel, deceased, and gave therefor the inclosed eipt. The deceased had also within the limits of my Consulate other ects not on board said vessel, as shown in the inclosed inventory. I ised the effects to be sold at auction, and now have the honor, in npliance with the provisions of section 4541 of the Revised Statutes, inclose a statement of account, together with a draft on - for - days' sight for

the balance to my debit; and to say at I hold myself ready to render any further account which you may quire. Witness my hand and Consular seal at the day of D. 189— (SEAL.]

U. S. Consul.

FORM No. 87.

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Certificate of marriage.

(Paragraph 419.)

189— I,

Consul of the United States at do hereby cerfy that, on this

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day of

A. D. 189—, at in the city of A B, aged years, born in

and now residing in nd C D, aged years, born in

and now residing in 17824 CR-48


were united in marriage before me, and in my presence, by

who is authorized by the laws of to perform such a cet mony.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affini the seal of the Consulate at - this — day of A. D. 18 and of the Independence of the United States the

[blocks in formation]


Consul of the United States at do hereby ca tify that the signature of

at the foot of the paper heret annexed, is his true and genuine signature, made and acknowledged i my presence, and that the said

is personally known to me In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal & the Consulate at —, this day and year next above written, and of th Independence of the United States the

U.S. Consul.

FORM No. 89.
Certificate that an officer is qualified to administer an oath.

(Paragraphs 188 and 446.) I,

Consul of the United States of America at -,0 hereby certify and make known to whom these presents shall come the

before whom the annexed affidavit [oath, or declaration, the case may be] of — hath been made, is a Commissioner in the Hig Court of Chancery, in England, duly authorized to administer oaths an affirmations, and take declarations in lieu of oaths, and that I believe tá deponent is worthy of credit and qualified to verify the annexed affidavit

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office at aforesaid, this day of 189—

C'. S. Consul

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