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FORM No. 15.

Shipping agreement between master and crew.

(Paragraph 189.)

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(Date and place of first signature of agreement, including name of Consular Officer.)

It is agreed between the master and seamen or mariners of the of which

is at present master, or whoever shall go for master, now bound from the port of to — and such other ports and places in any part of the world as the master may direct and back to a final port of discharge in the United States, for a term not exceeding calendar months.

And the said crew agree to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest, and sober manner, and to be at all times diligent in their respettive duties, and to be obedient to the lawful command of the said master, or of any person who shall lawfully succeed him, and of their superior officers, in everything relating to the said ship, and the stores and cargo thereof, whether on board, in boats, or on shore; and in consideration of which service, to be duly performed, the said master hereby agrees to pay to the said crew as wages the sums against their names respectively expressed, and to supply them with provisions according to the annexed scale. And it is hereby agreed that any embezzlement or willful or negligent destruction of any part of the ship's cargo or stores shall be made good to the owner out of the wages of the person guilty of the same. And if any person enters himself as qualified for a duty which he proves himself incompetent to perform, his wages shall be reduced in proportion to his incompetency. And it is also agreed that

i if any member of the crew considers himself to be aggrieved by any i breach of the agreement, or otherwise, he shall represent the same to the master or officer in charge of the ship, in a quiet and orderly manner, who shall thereupon take such steps as the case may require. And it is also agreed that (here any other stipulations may be inserted to which the parties agree, and which are not contrary to law).

1 Here the voyage is to be described, and the places named at which the ship is to touch, or, if that can not be done, the general nature and probable length of the voyage is to be stated, and the port or country at which the voyage is to terminate.

2 If these words are not necessary they must be stricken out.

In witness whereof the said parties have subscribed their names hereto a the days against their respective signatures mentioned. Signed by

master, on the — day of - eighteen undred and

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NOTE. - In the place for signatures and descriptions of men engaged after the first departure of the ship the entries are to be made as above, except that the signature of the Consul or Vice-Consul, officer of customs, or witness before whom the man is engaged, is to be substituted for that of the shipping master.

Account of apprentices on board.

Christian and
surname of ap:
prentice in full.

Date of registry
of indenture

Port at which
indenture was


Date of register

Port at which of assignment.

assignment was


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TABLE D.-(To be inserted in agreement.)-Scale of provisions to be allowed and

served out to the crew during the voyage.

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(Here any stipulation for changes, or substitution of one article for another, may be inserted.)


One ounce of coffee, or cocoa, or chocolate, may be substituted for one quarter ounce of tea; molasses for sugar, the quantity to be onehalf more; one pound of potatoes or yams, one-half pound flour or rice, one-third pint of pease, or one-quarter pint of barley, may be substituted for each other. When fresh meat is issued, the proportion to be two pounds per man per day, in lieu of salt meat. Flour, rice, and pease, beef and pork, may be substituted for each other, and for potatoes onions may be substituted.

FORM No. 16. Acknowledgment and indorsement on shipping agreement between master

and crew.

(Paragraph 189.)

On this day of -, A. D. 189—, appeared before me,

-,consul of the United States at- -, A B, etc., all personally known to me, and in my presence signed the within agreement with my sanction, and in all respects complied with the requirements of the act approved June 7, 1872, entitled "An act to authorize the appointment of shippingcommissioners by the several circuit courts of the United States, to

perintend the shipping and discharge of seamen engaged in merchantips belonging to the United States, and for the further protection of imen." And I do certify that the said A B, etc., each for himself, knowledged that he had read or had heard read the said agreement d understood the same, and that while sober and not in a state of toxication he signed it freely and voluntarily for the uses and purposes erein mentioned. Given under my hand and the seal of this consulate the day and year 'st above written. (SEAL.]

U.S. Consul.

FORM No. 17. ertificate of discharge of seamen, to be attached to crew lists and ship

ping articles.

(Paragraph 209.)

1894. hip's name,

Character, Official number,

Capacity, eaman's name,

Height, 'ort of registry,

Complexion, Sonnage,

Color of hair, Description of voyage,

Color of eyes, Seaman's age,

Date and cause of discharge, Place of birth,

Place of discharge, I hereby certify that the particulars herein stated are correct, and hat the bove-named seaman was discharged accordingly. Dated at

this day of — 189—.



day of

Given to the above-named seaman in my presence this

1894 [SEAL.]

U. S. Consul.

FORM No. 18.

Certificate of discharge of seaman.

(Paragraph 209.)

Name of ship,
Official number,
Port of registry,
Description of voyage or employment,
Name of seaman,
Place of birth,
Age, years.
Date of entry,

189 Date of discharge,

1894 Place of discharge,

I certify that the above particulars are correct, and that the above named seaman was discharged accordingly.

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Given to the above-named seaman in my presence this

eighteen hundred and ninety

day of

U. S. Consul.

Form No. 19.

Certificate and oath of a new master appointed by consul.

(Paragraph 216.) I,

do solemnly and truly swear that I am a citizen of the United States of America, having been born in (or naturalized, as the case may be).

Sworn and subscribed to this

day of

before me.

l', S. Consul.

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