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have been so related to such animals on board ship as to be judged liał to convey infection shall be dealt with according to the regulations the Secretary of Agriculture;

And the Secretary of Agriculture may cause inspection to be made all animals described in this act intended for exportation, and provi for the disinfection of all vessels engaged in the transportation there and of all barges or other vessels used in the conveyance of such animi intended for export to the ocean steamer or other vessels, and of attendants and their clothing, and of all head-ropes and other appliane used in such exportation, by such orders and regulations as he m prescribe; and if, upon such inspection, any such animals shall adjudged, under the regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture, be infected or to have been exposed to infection so as to be dangero to other animals, they shall not be allowed to be placed upon any ves for exportation: the expense of all the inspection and disinfection p? vided for in this section to be borne by the owners of the vessels which such animals are exported.

[Act of August 27, 1894, sec. 17.] 1312. That the importation of neat cattle and the hides of neat cat from any foreign country into the United States is prohibited: Proride That the operation of this section shall be suspended as to any forei country or countries, or any parts of such country or countries, whe ever the Secretary of the Treasury shall officially determine, and gi public notice thereof that such importation will not tend to the inti duction or spread of contagious or infectious diseases among the cat of the United States; and the Secretary of the Treasury is here authorized and empowered, and it shall be his duty, to make all nec sary orders and regulations to carry this section into effect, or to suspe the same as herein provided, and to send copies thereof to the proj officers in the United States, and to such officers or agents of the Unit States in foreign countries as he shall judge necessary.


(Secs. 5270-5280.)

EXTRADITION. 1813. SEC. 5271. [In every case of complaint and of a hearing upun t return of the warrant of arrest, any depositions, warrants, or oth

apers offered in evidence, shall be admitted and received for the purose of such hearing if they shall be properly and legally authenticated o as to entitle them to be received as evidence of the criminality of the erson so apprehended, by the tribunals of the foreign country from shich the accused party shall have escaped, and copies of any such lepositions, warrants or other papers, shall, if authenticated according o the law of such foreign country, be in like manner received as evilence; and the certificate of the principal diplomatic or consular officer f the United States resident in such foreign country shall be proof that ny such deposition, warrant or other paper, or copy thereof, is authenicated in the manner required by this section.]

CHAP. 378.-An act regulating fees and the practice in extradition cases. | 1314. Sec. 5. That in all cases where any depositions, warrants, or ther papers or copies thereof shall be offered in evidence upon the hearng of any extradition case under Title sixty-six of the Revised Statutes

the United States, such depositions, warrants, and other papers, or he copies thereof, shall be received and admitted as evidence on such learing for all the purposes of such hearing if they shall be properly and egally authenticated so as to entitle them to be received for similar purposes by the tribunals of the foreign country from which the accused arty shall have escaped, and the certificate of the principal diplomatic ir consular officer of the United States resident in such foreign country hall be proof that any deposition, warrant or other paper or copies thereof, so offered, are authenticated in the manner required by this act.

Sec. 6. The act approved June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, entitled “An act to amend section fifty-two hundred and Hrenty-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States ", and so much of said section fifty-two hundred and seventy-one of the Revised Statutes of the United States as is inconsistent with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. [August 3, 1882.]


(Secs. 5323-5550.) 1815. SEC. 5363. Every master or commander of any vessel belonging, in whole or part, to any citizen of the United States, who, during his being abroad, maliciously and without justifiable cause forces any offi

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cer or mariner of such vessel on shore, in order to leave him behind in any foreign port or place, or refuses to bring home again all such offi cers and mariners of such vessel whom he carried out with him as an in a condition to return and willing to return, when he is ready to pro ceed on his homeward voyage, shall be punished by a fine of not mor than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not more than si months. [See SS 4300-4305.]

1316. SEC. 5442. Every consul, vice-consul, commercial agent, or vice commercial agent, who knowingly and falsely certifies to any invoice or other papers to which his certificate is by law authorized or required shall be punished by a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, and by imprisonment for a term not more than three years. [See SS 1715 1717.]

1317. SEC. 5495. The refusal of any person, whether in or out of office charged with the safe-keeping, transfer, or disbursement of the public money, to pay any draft, order, or warrant, drawn upon him by the proper accounting officer of the Treasury, for any public money in hi hands belonging to the United States, no matter in what capacity the same may have been received, or may be held, or to transfer or dis burse any such money promptly, upon the legal requirement of any authorized officer, shall be deemed, upon the trial of any indictmen against such person for embezzlement, as prima-facie evidence of such embezzlement. (See $ 3644.]

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