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y of the Treasury when the offense was not wilfully committed, ir sach regulations and methods of ascertaining the facts as may i to him advisable. 75. SEC. 10. That the provision of Schedule N of “An act to reduce nal-revenue taxation, and for other purposes," approved March l, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, allowing a drawback' on orted bituminous coal used for fuel on vessels propelled by steam, I be construed to apply only to vessels of the United States. c. 11. (Substitute for sec. 14, act June 26, 1884, 23 Stat., 57.] 76. SEC. 12. That the President be, and hereby is, directed to cause Governments of foreign countries which, at any of their ports, se on American vessels a tonnage-tax or light-house dues, or other valent tax or taxes, or any other fees, charges, or dues, to be rmed of the provisions of the preceding section, and invited to perate with the Government of the United States in abolishing all -honse dues, tonnage-taxes, or other equivalent tax or taxes on, also all other fees for official services to, the vessels of the respecnations employed in the trade between the ports of such foreign itry and the ports of the United States. 77. SEC. 13. That section eleven of "An act to remove certain burdens he American merchant marine and encourage the American foreign ying-trade, and for other purposes," approved June twenty-sixth, teen hundred and eighty-four, shall not be construed to apply to els engaged in the whaling or fishing business. 78. SEC. 14. That section forty-four hundred and eighteen of the ised Statutes is hereby amended by striking out from the nineteenth following lines thereof the words “and, to indicate the pressure of m, suitable steam-registers that will correctly record each excess team carried above the prescribed limit, and the highest point ined,” and inserting in lieu thereof the following: "and suitable m gauges to indicate the pressure of steam." 79. SEC. 15. That the provisions of sections twenty-five hundred ten and twenty-five hundred and eleven? of the Revised Statutes, as sections of Title thirty three are numbered in "An act to reduce

is understood that it is officially held that this drawback is repealed by operaof 1890, October 1, ch. 1244. See pars. 432, 537. be provisions of the act of 1883, March 3, ch. 121, 8 6 (23 Stat. L., 523), numbered ein as R. S., 85 2510, 2511, were substitutes for R. S., $S 2513 and 2514, and have superseded by 1890, October 1, ch. 1244, SS 8 and 9.

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internal revenue taxation and for other purposes," approved Mart third, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, and the provisions of sectic sixteen of “ An act to remove certain burdens on the American merchai marine and encourage the American foreign carrying-trade, and fi other purposes," approved June twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred ar eighty-four, shall apply to the construction, equipment, repairs, ar supplies of vessels of the United States employed in the fisheries or i the whaling business, in the same manner as to vessels of the Unite States engaged in the foreign trade.

1280. SEC. 16. That rule twelve of section forty-two hundred at thirty-three of the Revised Statutes shall be so construed as noti require row-boats and skiffs upon the river Saint Lawrence to cari lights.

1281. Sec. 17. That whenever any foreign country whose vessels ha been placed on the same footing in the ports of the United States American vessels (the coastwise trade excepted) shall deny to any ve sels of the United States any of the commercial privileges accorded national vessels in the harbors, ports, or waters of such foreign countr the President, on receiving satisfactory information of the continuan of such discriminations against any vessels of the United States, hereby authorized to issue his proclamation excluding, on and after stuk time as he may indicate, from the exercise of such commercial privileg in the ports of the United States as are denied to American vessels in ti ports of such foreign country, all vessels of such foreign country of similar character to the vessels of the United States thus discriminati against, and suspending such concessions previously granted to t vessels of such country;

And on and after the date named in such proclamation for it to tal effect, if the master, officer, or agent of any vessel of such foreign cou try excluded by said proclamation from the exercise of any commerci privileges shall do any act prohibited by said proclamation in the port harbors, or waters of the United States for or on account of such ve sel, such vessel, and its rigging, tackle, furniture, and boats, and all t goods on board, shall be liable to seizure and to forfeiture to the Unit States; and any person opposing any officer of the United States in tl enforcement of this act, or aiding and abetting any other person in sui opposition, shall forfeit eight hundred dollars, and shall be guilty of

R.S., 8 4233, is superseded by 1890, August 19, ch. 802, and the subject of small ri sels under oars is covered by article 7 of said act.

kisdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be liable to imprisonment for term not exceeding two years. 1282. Sec. 18. Section nine of “An act to remove certain burdens on he American merchant marine and encourage the American foreign arrying-trade, and for other purposes," approved June twenty sixth, ighteen hundred and eighty-four, is hereby amended in the eighth line y inserting after the words "and the consular officer” the following: | * When the transportation is by a sailing vessel; and the regular teerage-passenger rate, not to exceed two cents per mile, when the ransportation is by steamer.”

And the said section is further amended by adding at the end the bllowing: * or to take any seaman having a contagious disease.” [June 9, 1886.) BAP. 61.- An act to amend the laws relating to navigation, and for other purposes. *1283. Be it enacted, &c., That section eleven of an act to abolish cerain fees for official services to American vessels, and to amend the laws relating to shipping commissioners, seamen, and owners of vessels, and for other purposes, approved June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and righty-six, be amended by striking out of the sixth and seventh lines of the subproviso of said section the words of the country in which such port is situated, or on the cargoes of such vessels,” and substituting in lieu thereof the words “of such country, or on the cargoes of such vessels;

But this proviso shall not be held to be inconsistent with the special regulation by foreign countries of duties and other charges on their own vessels, and the cargoes thereof, engaged in their coasting trade, or with the existence between such countries and other states of reciprocal stipulations founded on special conditions and equivalents, and thus not within the treatment of Ameriean vessels under the most-favored nation clause in treaties between the United States and such countries.”

1284. SEC. 2. That section one of the act herein before mentioned be amended, in the third line from the end of the section, by inserting, after the words “shipping commissioners," the words “and clerks of steamboat inspectors, and such allowances for fees of United States marshals and witnesses for services under the steamboat-inspection laws, and for expenses of steamboat inspectors provided for by section fortyfour hundred and sixty-one of the Revised Statutes." Sec. 3. (Amendment of sec. 4581, R. S., and sec. 7, act June 26, 1884.]

CHAP. 97.-An act to amend an act entitled "An act to amend the laws relatiret

shipping commissioners," approved August nineteenth, eighteen hundred an ninety, and for other purposes.

1285. Be it enacted, &c., That chapter eight hundred and one of thi Public Laws of the Fifty-first Congress, entitled "An Act to amend th Act relative to shipping commissioners," approved August nineteenth eighteen hundred and ninety, is hereby amended so as to read as followi

“When a crew is shipped by a shipping commissioner for any Ameri can vessel in the coastwise trade, or the trade between the United State and the Dominion of Canada, or New Foundland, or the West Indies or Mexico, as authorized by section two of an Act approved June nine teenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, entitled "An Act to abolis) certain fees for official services to American vessels, and to amend th laws relating to shipping commissioners, seamen, and owners of vessels and for other purposes,” an agreement shall be made with each seama engaged as one of such crew in the same manner as is provided by Sec tions four thousand five hundred and eleven and four thousand fin hundred and twelve of the Revised Statutes,

not however including the sixth, seventh and eighth items of Section four thousand five hundred and eleven;

and such agreement shall be posted as provided in Section four thou sand five hundred and nineteen,

and such seamen shall be discharged and receive their wages a provided by the first clause of Section four thousand five hundre and twenty-nine and also by Sections four thousand five hundred an twenty-six, four thousand five hundred and twenty-seven, four thou sand five hundred and twenty-eight, four thousand five hundred any thirty, four thousand five hundred and thirty-five, four thousand fin hundred and thirty-six, four thousand five hundred and forty-two, fou thousand five hundred and forty-three, four thousand five hundred an forty-four, four thousand five hundred and forty-five, four thousan five hundred and forty-six, four thousand five hundred and forty-seven four thousand five hundred and forty-nine, four thousand five hundret and fifty, four thousand five hundred and fifty-one, four thousand fiv hundred and fifty-two, four thousand five hundred and fifty-three an four thousand five hundred and fifty-four of the Revised Statutes;

but in all other respects such shipment of seamen and such shippin agreement shall be regarded as if both shipment and agreement hat been entered into between the master of a vessel and a seaman without poing before a shipping commissioner:

Provided, That the clothing of any seaman shall be exempt from attachment, and that any person who shall detain such clothing when lemanded by the owner shall be liable to a penalty of not exceeding one hundred dollars.” [February 18, 1895.]

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THE PUBLIC HEALTH. 1286. SEC. 4792. The quarantines and other restraints established by the health-laws of any State, respecting any vessels arriving in, or bound o, any port or district thereof, shall be duly observed by the officers of the customs revenue of the United States, by the masters and crews of the several revenue-cutters, and by the military officers commanding in hny fort or station upon the sea-coast; and all such officers of the United States shall faithfully aid in the execution of such quarantines and health-laws, according to their respective powers and within their respective precincts, and as they shall be directed, from time to time, by the Secretary of the Treasury. But nothing in this Title shall enable any State to collect a duty of tonnage or impost without the consent of Congress.

1287. Sec. 4793. Whenever, by the health-laws of any State, or by the regulations made pursuant thereto, any vessel arriving within a collection-district of such State is prohibited from coming to the port of entry or delivery by law established for such district, and such health-laws require or permit the cargo of the vessel to be unladen at some other place within or near to such district, the collector, after due report to him of the whole of such cargo, may grant his warrant or permit for the unlading and discharge thereof, under the care of the surveyor, or of one or more inspectors, at some other place where such health-laws perinit, and upon the conditions and restrictions which shall be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury, or which such collector may, for the time, deem expedient for the security of the public revenue.

1288. Sec. 4794. There shall be purchased or erected, under the orders of the President, suitable warehouses, with wharves and inclosures, where merchandise may be unladen and deposited, from any vessel which shall

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