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United States in a penalty of fifty dollars, to be recovered in any cirbuit or district court within the jurisdiction of which such vessel may krrive, or from which she is about to depart, or at any place where the owner or master may be found.



1128. Sec. 4306. Every vessel of the United States, going to any forsign country, shall, before she departs from the United States, at the request of the master, be furnished by the collector for the district where such vessel may be, with a passport, the form for which shall be prescribed by the Secretary of State. In order to be entitled to such passport, the master of every such vessel shall be bound, with sufficient soreties, to the Treasurer of the United States, in the penalty of two thousand dollars, conditioned that the passport shall not be applied to the nse or protection of any other vessel than the one described in it; and that, in case of the loss or sale of any vessel having such passport, the same shall, within three months, be delivered up to the collector from whom it was received, if the loss or sale take place within the United States; or within six months, if the same shall happen at any place nearer than the Cape of Good Hope; and within eighteen months, it at a more distant place.

1129. SEC. 4307. If any vessel of the United States shall depart therefrom, and shall be bound to any foreign country, other than to some port in America, without such passport, the master of such vessel shall be liable to a penalty of two hundred doll rs for every such offense. 1130. SEC. 4308. Every unregistered vessel owned by a citizen of the United States, and sailing with a sea-letter, going to any foreign country, shall, before she departs from the United States, at the request of the master, be furnished by the collector of the district where such vessel may be with a passport, for which the master shall be subject to the rules and conditions prescribed for vessels of the United States. 1131. SEC. 4309. Every master of a vessel, belonging to citizens of the United States, who shall sail from any port of the United States, shall, on kis arrival at a foreign port, deposit his register, sea-letter, and Mediterranean passport with the consul, vice-consul, commercial agent, or vicesominercial agent, if any there be at such port; and it shall be the duty of such consul, vice-consul, commercial agent, or vice-commercial agen on such master or commander producing to him a clearance from th proper officer of the port where his vessel may be, to deliver to the mal ter all of his papers, if such master or commander has complied wit the provisions of law relating to the discharge of seamen in a foreig country, and to the payment of the fees of consular officers. (See $ 1718

1132. SEC. 4310. Every master of any such vessel who refuses d neglects to deposit the papers as required by the preceding section, sha be liable to a penalty of five hundred dollars, to be recovered by sad consul, vice-consul, commercial agent, or vice-commercial agent, in hi own name, for the benefit of the United States, in any court of comp tent jurisdiction.


(Sec. 4501-4612.)




1133. SEC. 4501. The Secretary of the Treasury shall appoint a con missioner for each port of entry, which is also a port of ocean navig tion, and which, in his judgment, may require the same; such comm sioner to be terined a shipping commissioner, and may, from time time, remove from office any such commissioner whom he may hat reason to believe does not properly perform his duty, and shall the provide for the proper performance of his duties until another person duly appointed in his place:

Provided, That Shipping Commissioners now in office shall contint to perform the duties thereof until others shall be appointed in the places.

Shipping Commissioners shall monthly render a full, exact, an itemized account of their receipts and expenditures to the Secretary the Treasury, who shall determine their compensation, and shall fro time to time determine the number and compensation of the cler! appointed by such commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary the Treasury, subject to the limitations now fixed by law.

The Secretary of the Treasury shall regulate the mode of conducting siness in the shipping offices to be established by the shipping comssioners as hereinafter provided, and shall have full and complete atrol over the same, subject to the provisions herein contained; and expenditures by shipping commissioners shall be audited and adjusted the Treasury Department in the mode and manner provided for penditures in the collection of customs. All fees of Shipping Commissioners shall be paid into the Treasury of United States and shall constitute a fund which shall be used under direction of the Secretary of the Treasury to pay the compensation said Commissioners and their clerks and such other expenses as he uy find necessary to ensure the proper administration of their duties. Is amended by sec. 27, Act June 26, '84, 23 Stat., 53.] 1134. SEC. 4502. Every shipping-commissioner so appointed shall give ad to the United States, conditioned for the faithful performance of e duties of his office, for a sum, in the discretion of the circuit judge, not less than five thousand dollars, with two good and sufficient reties therefor, to be approved by such judge; and shall take and subribe the following oath before entering upon the duties of his office: I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will support a Constitution of the United States, and that I will truly and faithly discharge the duties of a shipping-commissioner to the best of my ility, and according to law.” Such oath shall be indorsed on the mmission or certificate of appointment, and signed by him, and certi

by the officer before whom such oath shall have been taken. 1135. SEC. 4503. In any port in which no shipping-commissioner shall Ive been appointed, the whole or any part of the business of a shipng-commissioner shall be conducted by the collector or deputy collector enstoms of such port; and in respect of such business such custominse shall be deemed a shipping-office, and the collector or deputy illector of customs to whom such business shall be committed, shall, It all purposes, be deemed a shipping-commissioner within the meaning

this Title.

1136. SEC. 4504. Any person other than a commissioner under this litle

, who shall perform or attempt to perform, either directly or directly, the duties which are by this Title set forth as pertaining to a kipping-commissioner, shall be liable to a penalty of not more than five andred dollars. Nothing in this Title, however, shall prevent the Ther, or consignee, or master of any vessel except vessels bound from port in the United States to any foreign port, other than vessels

17824 CR-29

engaged in trade between the United States and the British Nor American possessions, or the West India Islands, or the republic Mexico, and vessels of the burden of seventy-five tons or upward bour from a port on the Atlantic to a port on the Pacific, or vice versa, fra performing, himself, so far as his vessel is concerned, the duties shipping-commissioner under this Title. Whenever the master of ar vessel shall engage his crew, or any part of the same, in any collectia district where no shipping-commissioner shall have been appointed, 1 may perform for himself the duties of such commissioner.

1137. SEC. 4505. Any shipping-commissioner may engage clerks assist him in the transaction of the business of the shipping-office, at b own proper cost, and may, in case of necessity, depute such clerks to a for him in his official capacity; but the shipping-commissioner shall held responsible for the acts of every such clerk or deputy, and w be personally liable for any penalties such clerk or deputy may incur! the violation of any of the provisions of this Title; and all acts do by a clerk, as such deputy, shall be as valid and binding as if done! the shipping-commissioner.

1138. SEC. 4506. Each shipping-commissioner shall provide a seal wit which he shall authenticate all his official acts, on which seal shall engraved the arms of the United States, and the name of the port or di trict for which he is commissioned. Any instrument, either printed written, purporting to be the official act of a shipping-commissioner, ar purporting to be under the seal and signature of such shipping-commi sioner, shall be received as presumptive evidence of the official charact of such instrument, and of the truth of the facts therein set forth.

1139. SEC. 4507. Every shipping-commissioner shall lease, rent, or pr cure, at his own cost, suitable premises for the transaction of busines and for the preservation of the books and other documents connect therewith; and these premises shall be styled the shipping-commissionet office.

1140. SEC. 4508. The generalduties of a shipping-commissioner shall bi

First. To afford facilities for engaging seamen by keeping a regist of their names and characters.

Second. To superintend their engagement and discharge, in mann prescribed by law.

Third. To provide means for securing the presence on board at ti proper times of men who are so engaged.

Fourth. To facilitate the making of apprenticeships to the sea servic

Fifth. To perform such other duties relating to merchant seamen merchant ships as are now or may hereafter be required by law.



L. SEC. 4509. Every shipping-commissioner appointed under this shall, if applied to for the purpose of apprenticing boys to the seae, by any master or owner of a vessel, or by any person legally ied, give such assistance as is in his power for facilitating the maksuch apprenticeships; but the shipping-commissioner shall ascerhat the boy has voluntarily consented to be bound, and that the its or guardian of such boy have consented to such apprenticeship, hat he has attained the age of twelve years, and is of sufficient band strength, and that the master to whom such boy is to be i is a proper person for the purpose. Such apprenticeship shall nate when the apprentice becomes eighteen years of age. The ing-commissioner shall keep a register of all indentures of apprenrip made before him. 2. SEC. 4510. The master of every foreign-going vessel shall, before ing any apprentice to sea from any place in the United States, such apprentice to appear before the shipping-commissioner before a the crew is engaged, and shall produce to him the indenture by h such apprentice is bound, and the assignment or assignments of, if any; and the name of the apprentice, with the date of the iture and of the assignment or assignments thereof,

any, shall be ed on the agreement; which shall be in the form as near as may be i in the table marked “A” in the schedule annexed to this Title; and ich assignment shall be made without the approval of a commisr, of the apprentice, and of his parents or his guardian. For any tion of this section, the master shall be liable to a penalty of not than one hundred dollars. 13. SEC. 4511. The master of every vessel bound from a port in the ed States to any foreign port other than vessels engaged in trade Den the United States and the British North American possessions, e West India Islands, or the republic of Mexico, or of any vessel of jarden of seventy-five tons or upward, bound from a port on the ntic to a port on the Pacific, or vice versa, shall, before he proceeds ich voyage, make an agreement, in writing or in print, with every lan whom he carries to sea as one of the crew, in the manner hereter mentioned; and every such agreement shall be, as near as may a the form given in the table marked A, in the schedule annexed to Title, and shall be dated at the time of the first signature thereof,

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