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Certificates. 58. To indorsement of bottomry on ship's register-Form No.72. 59. To ditto on payment of bottomry on ship's register-Form

No. 73... 60. To ditto of new ownership on ship's register-Form No.78. 61. To canceling ship’s register-Form No. 67. 62. To the deposit of a ship’s register and papers when required

by custom-house authorities 63. In cases of vessels deviating from the voyage-Form No.7764. To the ownership of a vessel-Form No. 78.... 65. To roll or list of crew, when required by the captain or au

thorities of the port-Form No. 79

1.00 1.00 1.00

1.00 1.00 1.00


Shipping or discharging seamen.
66. For every seaman who may be discharged or shipped, in-

cluding the certificates or acknowledgment thereof at-
tached to crew list and shipping articles-Forms Nos. 16,
17, and 82.


1.00 1.00

Consul's orders. 67. To send seamen to prison-Form No.31. 68. To release seamen from prison-Form No. 32 69. To authorities or captain of the port, in cases of sinking

vessels-Form No. 53.. 70. Requesting the arrest of seamen-Form No. 34. 71. Notice to master of result of examination on complaint of

crew-Form No. 28 72. Warrant of survey on vessels, hatches, cargo, provisions,

and stores, or either-Forms Nos. 43 and 47. 73. Notifying surveyors of their appointment 74. For any other letter or order of like character.

1.00 1.00


1.00 1.00 1.00

Authenticating copies of papers.* 75. Of advertisements for funds on bottomry–Form No. 56.... 76. Of inventories and letters, or either, of master-Form No. 62.

1.00 1.00

*When it is possible to embrace several signatures in one certificate, the consul will do so, and but one fee will be charged for such certificate.



77. Of account of sales of vessels, cargo, provisions, and stores,

or either-Forns Nos. 57 and 65.
78. Of call, warrant, and report of survey on vessel, hatches,

cargo, provisions, and stores, or either-for example, see
Form No. 52.

Authenticating signatures.*
19. To average bonds-Form No. 160....
80. To estimate of repairs of vessel-Form No.51.
81. To (auctioneer's) account of sale of vessel or cargo, pro-

visions, or stores-Forms Nos. 63 and 64... 2. To reports of survey on vessel or cargo, provisions, or

stores-Forms Nos. 45 and 49..

1.00 1.00



2.00 3.00



1.00 1.00

Protests. 83. For noting marine protests-Form No. 37. 84. For extending marine protest--Forin No. 38. 85. And if it exceed two hundred words, for every additional

one hundred words..... $1. Protest of master against charterers or freighters—Form

No. 39... 87. Authenticating copies of marine note of protest—Form

No. 37. $8. Authenticating copy of extended protest-Form No. 38....

Miscellaneous services to vessels. 89. For consul's seal and signature to clearance from custom

house authorities t.. 90. For clearance when issued by the consul, as at free ports. 91. For entry of result of examination in vessel's log book-Form

No. 29 92. Certificate to appointment of new master, including oath of

master-Form No. 19.. 93. Certificate given to a master at his own request-for exam

ple, Form No. 23...

2.00 2.00




* When it is possible to embrace several signatures in one certificate, the consul will do so, and but one fee will be charged for such certificate.

+ This service should be performed only when requested by the master of the vessel.

$2.00 2.50

.50 2.50

2.50 2.50

94. Certificate to conduct of crew on board in cases of refusal

of duty and in cases of imprisonment, etc.-Form No. 40 195. To bill of health. 96. For the visa or indorsement of a bill of health. 97. Certificate to a vessel's manifest.. 98. Certificate to the purchase of foreign-built or American

vessel abroad-Form No.3.5. 99. Certificate to manifest of fish, oil, bones, etc.-Form No. 158 100. Certificate to decision and award in cases of protest against

masters, passengers, or crew-for example, see Form

No.41... 101. For attending an appraisement of goods or effects, daily.. 102. For attending valuation of goods, for every day's attend

ance during which the valuation continues... 103. For attending sale of goods, for every day's attendance

during which the sale continues...
104. For attending sale of vessel, when required.
105. For attendance at a shipwreck, or for the purpose of assist-

ing a ship in distress, or of saving wrecked goods or
property, over and above traveling expenses, a per diem
of $5, whenever the consul's interposition is required by
the parties interested

5.00 5.00


5.00 5.00


Receiving and delivering ship's papers.
106. For receiving and delivering ship's register and papers,

including consular certificates, as prescribed in Forms
Nos. — and -, 1 cent on every ton, registered measurement
(net), of the vessel for which the service is performed,
if under 1,000 tons; but American vessels, running regu-
larly by weekly or monthly trips, or otherwise, to or
between foreign ports, shall not be required to pay ton-
nage fees for more than four trips in a year; and tonnage
fees shall not be exacted from any vessel of the United
States touching at or near ports in Canada on her regular
voyage from one port to another within the United States,
unless some official service required by law shall be

107. And for every additionalton over 1,000, one-half of 1 cent.


* Not to be collected from foreign war vessels.

ARTICLE XXVII. CONSULAR ACCOUNTS AND RETURNS. 534. General accounts.—Consuls are required to keep the following general accounts when the business of their offices renders them necessary: (1) “Contingent expenses, United States consulates;” (2) “ Allowance for clerks at consulates;" (3) “Relief and protection of American seamen;" (4) Salaries, consular service;" (5) "Record of official fees;" (6) "Pay for services to American vessels and seamen;" (7) “Compensation from consular fees received;” (8) “Loss by exchange, winsular service.” These, with other accounts and documents hereinafter explained under their proper heads, are, some of them, called “ accounts” and some styled “returns” in the statute.

535. Special accounts.—In case a special account for any other purpose is opened by request of any Department, that account will be kept separate, and a separate return thereof made to the proper Department. Expenditures incurred for any other Department are not to be included in any account against the Department of State.

536. To be made quarterly.-- All accounts, except the final account and the accounts for salary while awaiting instructions and while going to the post, must be rendered at the close of the calendar quarter, viz: On the 31st of March, 30th of June, 30th of September, and 31st of December. The quarters are to be designated thus: “Quarter ending March 13, 189–;" “Quarter ending June 30, 189–;" “Quarter ending September 30, 189-;" and "Quarter ending December 31, 1MS_." If not rendered on the day, the Department of State must be advised of the reason for the delay, and the accounts must be forwarded by the earliest possible mail. 537. Not to cover different fiscal years.—No one account should embrace time or transactions belonging to different fisca years of the Treasury. Treasury appropriations and adjust ments are confined to the fiscal years ending June 30, an when, for instance, a transit-salary period or an expenditur for the relief of a seaman extends from one fiscal year inti another, two accounts should be rendered.

538. Accounts to be sent to Department of State.—The follow ing separate accounts are to be transmitted to the Depart ment of State: The salary account of a consul-general wh is also accredited as minister resident (Form No. 125); accoun for contingent expenses, United States consulates (Form No 90); account for allowance for clerks at consulates (Form No 165); account for salaries, marshals for consular courts (Forr

. No. 165); account for salaries, interpreters to consulates il China and Japan (Form No. 165); account for expenses o interpreters and guards in Turkish dominions (Form No 165); account for expenses of prisons for American convict (Form No. 165); account of fees received by marshals a consular courts and of the expenditures, to be supported by vouchers; account for expenses incurred in the arrest an transportation of persons charged with crime; account fo expenses of acknowledging the services of masters and crew of foreign vessels in rescuing American seamen and citizens and any account specially ordered by the Department o State.

539. Accounts to be sent to the Auditor.—The following sepa rate accounts are to be sent to the Auditor for the State an other Departments: Account for relief and protection American seamen (Form No. 91); account for salaries, con sular service (Forms Nos. 106, 108, 112, 116) (the accoun of a consul-general who is also accredited as secretary o legation is to be sent to the Auditor for the State and othe Departments); record of official fees (Forms Nos. 101 and 102) account for pay of consular officers for services to Americal

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