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descriptions of persecution. The movement progressed. So many persons had left Rome, that it was found necessary to hold a synodical convention at Leipsic. He attended at that convention; but found that they did not act up to their original professions, but that they formed a new creed, called the Leipsic confession. Those who follow Rongé, called themselves the German Catholics, while he (Czerski) formed a new body under the title of Christian Catholics. After a few more observations, the reverend gentleman concluded by expressions of gratitude for the kindness with which he had everywhere been received since his arrival in this country.

The chairman observed, that he understood Cze bad expressed his concurrence in the new Prussian statement of faith. It was accordingly read aloud, as follows :






“ He who is lawfully called to the office of teaching in the Evangelical Church, and is to be consecrated thereto by prayer and the imposition of hands, must publicly declare that he stands in the common faith of the church, and therefore, in the first place,

“ That he will neither take his own opinions, nor any commandments of men whatsoever, but the Word of God in the prophetical and apostolical writings, for the rule of his teaching.

“Next, that, under God's assistance, he will continue faithfully and diligently in that interpretation of Holy Scripture, which is carried on according to the laws of language by the Holy Spirit, in unison with the confessions of the Universal Church, and with the confessional books of the

Evangelical church, as testimonies of the fundamental facts and fundamental truths of our salvation, and as types of sound doctrine.

[“ Here follows the answer of him who is to be ordered to the question for his assent.]

“ And since these fundamental facts and truths consist chiefly in the following, I ask you, whether you, with the Universal Church upon earth, confess God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost ?

“Next, whether, with the whole Evangelical Church, you do, in the first place, confess Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, who emptied himself, and took upon him the form of a servant, as the only Mediator, seeing that, as a prophet sent by God, mighty in words and works, he has proclaimed peace, and as our eternal High-priest has, by his death, reconciled us to God, being delivered for our offences, and raised again for our justification, whereupon he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, and reigns for ever as the Head of the Church, which he gathers and preserves by means of his word and sacraments, through the Holy Ghost, who, being sent by him into our hearts, teaches us to call Jesus our Lord, and to know the grace which is given to us in him ?

“Secondly, whether you, through faith in these glad tidings of the free grace of God in his beloved Son, will acknowledge and confess that we are all sinners, but become children of God through faith in Christ, in whom we, being justified before God through grace, without merit of works, have the pledge of an imperishable inheritance, which is laid up in heaven; and that we, through the same faith, which worketh by love, and bringeth forth the fruits of the Spirit, are prepared, by the daily renewing of our hearts, for the day of Jesus Christ?

[“Here follows the second 'Yes' of him who is to be ordered."]

This having been read,
Czerski rose and said, “ I testify before you that this Con-

fession of Faith is also my Confession of Faith, and that of the communities connected with me.

Professor Tholuck, and Pastor Martin (of the French Protestant Church) having briefly expressed their satisfaction with what had been said, especially on the Divinity of our Saviour,

The meeting was addressed by Professor Tholuck, and by Herr Post, the companion of Czerski, and also a reformed Roman Catholic priest, and separated after a prayer from the Rev. J. Herschell.

A collection was made at the door solely for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the room; it being declared that, although sums of money had been offered to Czerski to aid him in his cause, that he had refused to accept of any money, saying, that he had only come to England to open the eyes of the people of England to the true state of the case.







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