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No. 16. WAsHINGToN, April 30, 1919.

The following instructions, previously published in certain War Department numbered circulars for the month of April, 1919, are published for the information and guidance of all

concerned: Section. e fitting at recruiting depots I esigfiation of beneficiary under act of May 11, 1908----------- II ling kitchens ill wering tops of vehicles IV 2 ition for target practice for Field Artillery-------------- W er for rolling kitch VI tings in Coast Artillery regiments--------------------------- VII lification pay------------------------------------------- VIII %. “t of discharged soldiers while patients in Army hospitals-- IX e of United States rifle, model of 1903--------------------- x isposition of ration savings on hand------------------------- xi allowance for 37-mm. gun----------------- XII

portion thereof. 2. As soon as Resco shoe fitting outfits shall have been furnished shoes will be fitted on all recruits under the direct supervision of an officer strictly as prescribed in paragraph 14, Special Regulations No. 28, War Department, 1917, as changed. [421.8, A. G. O.] II--Desjøfiation of beneficiary under act of May 11, 1908 (Cir. T180, W. D., 1919).-The form for designation of benejafy under the act of May 11, 1908 (Form No. 380, A. G. O.), s no longer required and will not be prepared. Paragraph 1385, Army Regulations, requiring that officers when first appointed and recruits at time of enlistment make a designation of beneficiary, was rescinded by Changes No. 67, January 31, 1918. [247.2, A. G. O.] lling kitchens (Cir. No. 186, W. D., 1919).-1. Where facilities exist or can be provided, rolling kitchens will ued to organizations in lieu of field ranges No. 1, now 116334°–19

JUN 20 1919


issued. Field range No. 1 ceases to be a regular article of issue to organizations. With each rolling kitchen four legs will be issued to enable the kitchen to be used in permanent camps.

2. Type B kitchens will be issued to organizations with a maximum strength of from 126 to 250 men, inclusive. Type A kitchens will be issued to organizations of a maximum strength of 125 men or less; but, until such time as the present stock of type B kitchens becomes so reduced that further purchase is necessary, type B kitchens will be issued in lieu of type A.

3. Rolling kitchens are not issued in lieu of, nor are they intended to replace, pack cooking outfits, but are issued in addition thereto.

[414.25, A. G. 0.) IV__Lowering tops on vehicles (Cir. No. 192, W. D., 1919).In order to preserve the tops of passenger vehicles and to establish a uniform method of operation, the laying down of tops on such vehicles is prohibited.

Tops will be kept up on all cargo-carrying vehicles, except when transporting troops and such transporting would endanger the top of the vehicle, or when transporting materials the character of which would not make it expedient to have the top raised.

(451, A. G. 0.] V.-Ammunition for target practice for Field Artillery (Cir. No. 194, W. D., 1919).-The allowance of ammunition for Field Artillery target practice for the target year 1919 (January 1 to December 31) will be the same as that prescribed in Special Regulations No. 32, War Department, 1917, for the target year 1918.

(353.16, A. G. 0.] VIL_Shelter for rolling kitchens (Cir. No. 198, W. D., 1919).- Where storage space does not already exist at posts and permanent camps or military stations for rolling kitchens issued to commands stationed thereat, shelter or storage space of some kind will be provided if funds are or can be made available.

Commanding officers of posts, camps, or stations at which such storage facilities do not exist will cause estimates to be prepared and submitted for the necessary construction,

(633.5, A. G. 0.] VII. Ratings in Coast Artillery regiments (Cir. No. 200, W. D., 1919).-The provisions of paragraph 1343, Army Regulations, as changed; paragraph 103, 1916 Supplement to Compilation of Orders; and paragraphs 806 to 811 and 813 to 819, inclusive, Drill Regulations for Coast Artillery, as changed and as amended by section I, General Orders, No. 69, War Department, 1918, are extended to grant the same authority relative to ratings to commanding officers of Coast Artillery regiments within their own regiments as is granted to coast defense commanders within their coast defense commands; and the provisions with regard to fire and mine commanders are extended to include battalion commanders in such regiments.

[220.271, A. G. 0.] VIII.-Qualification pay (Cir. No. 202, W. D., 1919). The provisions of paragraphs 1343, 1344, 1344), and 1345, Army Regulations, as changed, relating to qualification pay upon reenlistment, will apply to all enlisted men who have been discharged to accept a commission in the Army, who have served continuously as an officer since such discharge, and who have been discharged as an officer and have reenlisted within three months from the date of such discharge as an officer,

(242.142, A. G. 0.] IX__Conduct of discharged soldiers while patients in Army hospitals (Cir. No. 207, W. D., 1919).—Civilians admitted to Army hospitals as patients must in all cases conform to the rules and regulations governing the operation of those hospitals, and in the event of failure to comply or refusal to comply with such regulations, the patient is at once liable to discharge from the hospital at the discretion of the commanding officer.

Whenever beneficiaries of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance are discharged from a hospital under the above conditions notice will be forwarded to the Director of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, stating the fact of the patient's discharge, together with his name, address, and condition at the time of discharge.

[705.15, A. G. 0.] X Issue of United States riile, model of 1903 (Cir. No. 211, W. D., 1919).--For the future the policy will be to place the United States rifle, caliber .30, model of 1917, in war reserve, and to issue the United States rifle, caliber .30, model of 1903, to troops in the United States and insular possesions, including Papama and Alaska. This change will be made as rapidly as model 1903 rifles are available.

(474.1, A. G. O.)

XI._Disposition of ration savings on hand (Cir, No. 215, W. D., 1919).-Ration savings on hand in organizations on and after April 1, 1919, will be disbursed solely for the purchase of articles of food under the provisions of subparagraph f, paragraph 1220, Army Regulations, as changed by O. A. R. No. 86.

The settlement of overdrawn ration accounts may be made from the funds of an organization; and in cases where an organization has overdrawn its authorized allowance for subsistence and has no funds the organization commander will be held responsible for the amount overdrawn.

(123.74, A. G. 0.] XII_Annual ammunition allowance for 37-mm. gun (Cir. No. 222, W. D., 1919).-The allowance of 37-mm, ammunition for the 1-pounder platoon (three guns), headquarters company, Infantry regiment, for the season of 1919, will be 2,000 rounds, and will be expended in target practice under direction of the regimental commander by organizations in the United States, Canal Zone, Hawaii, and the Philippine Islands. A proportionate allowance determined by the number of guns is authorized for other organizations provided under competent orders with the 37-mm. gun.



Major General, Acting Chief of Staf. OFFICIAL: J. T. KERR,

Adjutant General.




WASHINGTON, May 16, 1919. The accompanying tabies exhibiting the results of the National Team Match, the National Individual Match, and the National Pistol Match, held at Camp Perry, Ohio, September 16-21, inclusive, 1918, are published for the information of all concerned.



General, Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: J. T. KERR,

Adjutant General. 118257°—191

TUL5 1919

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