Boats, Bikes, and Boxing Gloves: Adventure Writer in the Kingdom of Siam

Sampul Depan
Gom Publishing, LLC, 2005 - 228 halaman
Adventure writer Antonio Graceffo began his eight month long odyssey by living with forest monks, studying kick boxing in Thailand's last Muay Thai Temple. He rode his bicycle to Burma, walked to the top of Chiang Mai's tallest peak, and was the first to attempt to trace the Doi Saket River to its source. A departure from his standard, self-serving brand of humorous, if narcissistic and somewhat offensive, adventure writing, he spent time with the Akha Hill Tribe and documented the plight of a marginalized people. From a canoe trip down the Maekok river, to accompanying tribal people on a hunting trip with cross bows and muzzleloaders, the book is funny, informative, and meaningful.

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Chapter i The Last Muay Thai Temple Northern Thailand
Chapter 2 Adventures with no Money And a Life with no Purpose
Chapter 3 My Life in Chiang
Chapter 4 With the Akha Hill Tribe
Chapter 5 Down the Maekok River in a Small Boat And Back to the Akha
Chapter 6 Chiang
Chapter 7 Phnom Penh 225 Author
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