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· Arminian Magazine,

For the Y EAR 1792.

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Printed by G. PARAMOR E, North-Green, Worship-Streetí
And fold by G. Whitfield, at the Chapel, City-Road, and all the Methodis

Preaching-Houses in Town and Country.


Subscribers of the Arminian Magazine.

THE loss of the late venerable Mr. WESLEY,

I must be deeply felt by every lover of Religion and Literature that has been acquainted with his writings; more especially by the body of Methodists, which he guided, under God, both by his discourses and his pen.

Though we are now deprived of the personal inftru&ions of that grear Luminary (for which we mourn;) yet his writings will still prove a blessing to thousands : and with respect to the Arminian Magazine, we give you to underland that it will be conducted on the same plan as Mr. WESLEY left it, under the care of a Committee appointed by the Conference for that purpose ; who, with the assistance of God, will omit no attention that may tend to give you fatisfa&ion.

Many have urged, that the tenets of Arminius have not been fully or clearly laid before them, notwithftanding the account of his Life given in the first Volume of our Magazine, which has borrowed its Title from the name of that great man. We have therefore introduced the present Volume to your notice with the leading teneis of Arminius, translated into English by Tobias Conyers in the year 1655.

We have providentially another opportunity of gratifying you, by four manuscript Sermons of Mr. WesLEY, lately found in his Study at Bristol ; which shall be inserted in our Magazine during the ensuing months, and we doubt not but they will be very grateful to you,


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