Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 94

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Halaman 769 - The President, In time of war, is empowered, through the Secretary of War, to take possession and assume control of any system or systems of transportation, or any part thereof, and to utilize the same, to the exclusion as far as may be necessary of all other traffic thereon, for the transfer or transportation of troops, war material and equipment, or for such other purposes connected with the emergency as may be needful or desirable.
Halaman 44 - From and after May first, nineteen hundred and eight, it shall be unlawful for any railroad company to transport from any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, to any other State, Territory, or the District of Columbia, or to any foreign country, any article or commodity, other than timber and the manufactured products thereof, manufactured, mined, or produced by it, or under its authority, or which it may own in whole, or in part, or in which it may have any interest direct or indirect...
Halaman 769 - Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, under and by virtue of the powers vested in me by the foregoing resolutions and statute, and by virtue of all other powers thereto me enabling, do hereby, through Newton D.
Halaman 771 - An Act to provide for the operation of transportation systems while under Federal control, for the just compensation of their owners and for other purposes...
Halaman 750 - The Commission shall have power by its order to grant or deny the application as made, or to grant it in part and deny it in part, or to grant it with such modifications and upon such terms and conditions as the Commission may deem necessary or appropriate...
Halaman 584 - ... and the public. One who transports property from place to place over a definite route as agent for a common carrier may, under conceivable circumstances, be a private carrier. But what is there in the facts above recited to endow the Terminal with that character? The service which it performs is distinctly public in character; — that is, conveying between Brooklyn and points on any of the ten interstate carriers and their connections all property that is offered.
Halaman 200 - ... together with the outstanding capital stock at par of such corporation, shall not exceed the value of the consolidated properties as determined by the Commission. The value of the properties sought to be consolidated shall be ascertained by the Commission under section 19a of this Act, and it shall be the duty of the Commission to proceed immediately to the ascertainment of such value for the properties involved in a proposed consolidation upon the filing of the application for such consolidation.
Halaman 420 - Commission and to the general public by not less than 30 days' filing and posting in the manner prescribed in Section 6 of the Interstate Commerce Act...
Halaman 194 - June 1, 1939, with interest at the rate of 7 per cent per annum, payable semiannually on June 1 and December 1 in each year.
Halaman 408 - It is further ordered, That defendants, according as they participate in the transportation, be, and they are hereby, notified and required to establish, on or before May 31, 1923, upon notice to this Commission and to the general public by not less than 30 days...

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