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Includes "Statistical tables compiled from the annual returns of the railroad companies of the state."

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Halaman 470 - ... in such manner as to afford security for life and property; but the corporation shall restore the stream or watercourse, road or highway, thus intersected, to its former state, or in a sufficient manner not to unnecessarily impair its usefulness or injure its franchises.
Halaman 483 - ... shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars, or imprisoned not exceeding thirty days, and be liable to the party injured for all damages resulting therefrom.
Halaman 463 - State, commence the construction of its road, and expend thereon ten per cent. of the amount of its subscribed capital, or shall not finish or put in operation its railroad within five years from the time of recording its articles as aforesaid, its corporate existence and powers shall cease.
Halaman 460 - Any number of persons, not less than twenty-five, may form a company for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating a railroad for public use in the conveyance of persons and property...
Halaman 471 - ... the convenience and safety of the public travel upon said turnpike, highway, or street may require ; but the railroad commissioners may, upon due notice to said...
Halaman 475 - It must state the conviction and judgment, and appoint a day on which the judgment is to be executed, which must not be less than sixty nor more than ninety days from the time of judgment, and must direct the sheriff to deliver the defendant, within ten days from the time of judgment, to the warden of one of the state prisons of this state, for execution, such prison to be designated in the warrant.
Halaman 468 - Indian lands," passed May 12, 1836; 4. To lay out its road not exceeding six rods in width, and to construct the same; and for the purpose of cuttings and embankments, to take as much more land as may be necessary for the proper construction and security of the road...
Halaman 468 - Court for the appointment of appraisers to estimate all damages that may arise to any person from the taking and occupation of such real estate for railroad purposes...
Halaman 496 - Any person injured in person or property by means of a defective road or bridge may recover damages from the party bound to keep it in repair...
Halaman 464 - ... in a book to be kept for that purpose, and perform such other duties as shall be assigned to him; the treasurer shall give bond in such sum, and with such surety or sureties, as shall be required by the by-laws, for the faithful discharge of his duty.

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