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In favor of Frederick Sneider, for the sum of fifteen pounds five shillings, for one month's wages as Doorkeeper to Council, ending the thirtieth of April, 1790, and cash paid for pasting up proclamations of Council.

The Vice President produced a receipt for the sum of fifty pounds which he paid according to resolutions of Council of the fourth day of October, 1788, and fifth of August, 1789, to David Linton, the person who apprehended George Sinclaire, under an act of Assembly dated the

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Wednesday, May 5th, 1796.

The Honorable GEORGE ROSS, Esquire, Vice President.

Christopher Kucher, Samuel Edie,
Zebulun Potts,

Samuel Miles, and

} Esquires. William Wilson, Amos Gregg,

John Wilkins, On motion, it was Resolved, 'That Friday next be assigned for the consideration of the petition of the Cornplanter and others, Chiefs of Six Nations of Indians.

The Register and Comptroiler General's reports upon the account of Tbomas Search, for repairing a cart belonging to the Hospital on Province Island, amounting to one pound and six pence, certified to by Peter Debaven, who is one of the trustees of the said hospital, was read and approved, and an order drawn upon the Treasurer for the said sum.

Isaac Thompson, Esquire, was appointed and commissioned a Justice of the Peace and of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of Huntingdon, upon a return made according to law from the district of the township in the said county.

A letter from the Honorable Thomas Fitzimmons and George Clymer, Esquires, of the first instant, inclosing an abstract of the claims of the several States against the United States, was received and read.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Thursday, May 6th, 1790

The Honorable GEORGE ROSS, Esquire, Vice President.

Ricbard Willing, Samuel Edie, : )
William Wilson, James Martin,
John Wilkins, Samuel Miles, and Esquires.
Christopher Kucher, Amos Gregg,

Zebulun Potts, James Hunter, merchant, and John Duplap, printer, were offered and accepted as sureties for David Kennedy, Esquire, who was on the thirtieth of last month re-appointed Secretary of the Land Office of this State.

Council proceeded to the further consideration of that part of the report of the committee on the petition of Job Weitzel, Esquire, which was postponed on the tenth of April last, when on motion made by Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Martin, it was agreed that an order be drawn upon the 'Treasurer in favor of John Weitzle for the sum of fifty-eight pounds sixteen shillings, which appears to be due to him for provisions furnished to Jobo Vaocampen, who was Commissary for supplying the militia sent to Wyoming in the year 1784, the said sum having been allowed to the said Van Campen in the settlement of his account with the public, and not paid to Mr. Weitzel.

The Secretary was directed to call on the Comptroller General to enquire and inform Council what forwardness the accounts are in which were directed by Council to be forwarded to our Delegates in Congress. The Secretary returned and informed Council that the Comptroller General will send in a statement to Council tomorrow.

Upon application of the Secretary for leave of absence for a few days to go to Reading, it was unanimously agreed to grant the same.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Friday, May 7th, 1790. /

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Honorable GEORGE Ross, Esquire, Vice President.

Richard Willing, William Wilson, 7
Amos Gregg,

Jobn Wilkins, ;
Samuel Miles,

Samuel Edie, and >Esquires.
Zebulun Potts,

James Martin, J The Register General's and Treasurer's reports upon the following accounts, were read and approved, vizt :

Of John Hubley, Esquire, Prothonotary of the county of Lan. caster, for the fees he received for tavern and marriage licences, and the tax upon writs, between the twentieth of September, 1789, and twentieth day of March, 1790, amounting to two hundred and eleven pounds six shillings.

Of John Christie, Esquire, Collector of Excise for the county of Chester, for monies received by him for excise from the twentysixth of August, 1788, to the twenty-sixth of August, 1789, amounting to nine hundred and seventy-five pounds nineteen shil. lings and eight pence.

On motion of Colonel Miles, seconded by Colonel Willing, it was

Resolved, That Captain Joseph Stiles, Commissary of Military Stores for this State, be directed to make a return of all the stores under his care belonging to the State, and that he inform Council where they are deposited.

William Gray and Joseph Rakestraw were offered and accepted as sureties for Francis Johnston, Esquire, who was re-appointed Receiver General of the Land Office on the thirtieth of last month.

An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of the Honor. able William Wilson, for the sum of sixty-five pounds ten shillings, being a ballance due upon his account for attendance in Council between the fourth of January and tenth of May, 1790, inclusive, and his mileage coming to Philadelphia and returning home.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Saturday, May 8th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Honorable GEORGE Ross, Esquire, Vice President.

Richard Willing, Amos Gregg,
Samuel Miles, Zebulun Potts,
William Wilson, Samuel Edie, and I

a Esquires. John Wilkins, James Martin, The Register General and Treasurer's reports upon the account of Henry Miller, Esquire, Prothonotary of the county of York, for the tax upon four hundred and sixty-seven writs of mesne process, and three hundred and twelve executions issued between the twenty-first of March, 1789, and twentieth of March, 1790, amounting to one hundred and fifty-five pounds sixteen shillings, was read and approved

Two letters from the Comptroller General relative to the settle. ment of the public accounts between this State and the United States, were received and read.

On motion, Resolved, That the Deputy Secretary inform the Comptroller General that Council are extremely anxious to have all accounts between the United States and this State, adjusted and prepared for immediate settlement, and therefore require him to use every exertion in his power for that purpose, the time fixed by him for compleating that important business as reported to Council by their committee, having expired last week.

Resolved, That the Comptroller General lay before Council with. out delay an abstract of the accounts of this State against the United States.

It appearing to Council from the examination of certain accounts and vouchers which have been laid before them, that the Comptroller General hath in some instances dispensed with necessary forms of law, particularly in the case of Joseph Thompson, late Surgeon's Mate in the regiment of Light Cavalry, commanded by Stephen Moylan, Esquire,

Resolved, That the Comptroller General be directed to inform Council why the necessary forms which by law, are enjoined to be observed by him in the duties of his office, have been dispensed with in the instance of granting to his brother Samuel Nicholson, a certificate of the commutation of pay, which was due to Joseph Thompson, late a Surgeon's Mate in the army of the United States,

and why certain certificates issued in pursuance of a law passed the twenty-seventh of April, 1790, express on the several certificates, that they were issued in pursuance of law passed the first day of April, 1784.

A petition from Thomas Martin, of Wyoming in the county of Luzerne, stating that he has been, turned out of his house and farm, by order of two Justices of the said county without a hearing, and as he conceives contrary to ļaw, was read, and the same referred to the Vice President, Mr. Gregg and Mr. Wilkins, who were requested to consult the Attorney General, if they judge proper.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Monday, May 10th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Honorable GEORGE Ross, Esquire, Vice President.

Sainuel Miles, John Wilkins,
Cbristopher Kucher, Zebulun Potts, and Esquires.
James Read,

Richard Willing, Jr. The letter received on the fourth instant, from the Chief Coun. cillors and Warriors of the Six Nations of Indians, stating that they have been pluudered in their camps, and their property has been taken by, some bad wbite people, being again read and considered, it was

Resolved, That the following letter be written by the President in answer thereto, vizt :

Io Council, Philadelphia, May 10th, 1790. BROTHERS:- We have received and seriously considered your letter, directed to the President and Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania. It gives us pain to hear from you that some bad people have plundered your camps and taken your property. Our laws do not permit one man to injure another. We are willing to give you an opportunity of laying before the government of Penn. sylvania your grievances, and of explaining your wishes; and agreeably to your request, we hereby invite three of your chief counsellors and warriors, vizt: Coroplanter, Hali Town, and the New Arrow to come to Philadelphia, on Wednesday the first day of September next, when the General Assembly will be in session. We have granted a commission to your particular friend Joseph

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