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claims and improvements, to enable the said Commissioners to proceed in the business of their appointment, and for which sum they are to account.

An order was also drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of Reading Howell, Frederick Antes, and William Dean, Esquires, Commissioners appointed to explore the north-east branch of Susquehanna, the head waters of the rivers Delaware, Lebigh, and Schuylkill, and the country near the said waters, agreeably to the last part of the said resolution, for the sum of one hundred and thirty-nine pounds three shillings, payable out of the six hundred pounds appropriated by the said resolution, and to be charged to the fund provided for claims and improvements, as before mentioned; to enable the said Commissioners to proceed in the business assigned to them, in pursuance of the said resolution, for which, sum they are to be accountable.

Upon the second reading of a petition from Thomas Black, of the county of Northumberland, it was

Resolved, That the fine of ten pounds to which he was sentenced by the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace of the said county, for fornication and bastardy, be remitted.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Wednesday, April 28th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
Samuel Miles,

William Wilson,
Christopher Kucher, John Wilkins, (now
Richard Willing, returned,) and SEsquires,
Samuel Edie, 'Amos Gregg,

Zebulun Potts, An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of the Hon'ble Richard Willing, Esquire, for sixty-six pounds, in full of his account for eighty.eight days attendance in Council, between the sixth day of January and twenty-eighth day of April, 1790, the last day included.

The Register and Comptroller General's reports upon the account of Captain Charles Krause, for the pay of his company of Berks county militia, from the sixteenth of August to the sixteenth of October, 1781, while employed in guarding the Convention prisoners Dear Reading, by which a ballance of two hundred and seventyseven pounds five shillings and two pence appears to be due to the said company, was read and approved.

Upon the report of the committee to whom was referred the letter of the Comptroller General dated the thirteenth of January, 1790, respecting the business to be transacted between bim and the Comptroller General of the United States, relating to the exchange of certificates,

Resolved, That the Comptroller General be and he hereby is instructed, on the return of certificates of debts of the United States, entered on the books of the Register of the Treasury, which have been assigned to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for new loan certificates, presented to be exchanged therefor, to deliver therewith a letter of attorney, or other proper instrument, to the party receiving such certificate, to the end that as the said certificates are not assignable, or payable to bearer, the party may be enabled to reinvest the property in themselves, by a retransfer on the books of the Treasury of the United States.

Upon the second reading of the petition of Eleanor Brown, now confined in the jail of this city, who was convicted of keeping a disorderly bouse, and sentenced by the Mayor's Court to be imprisoned at hard labor until the fourth of July next, and to pay a fine of twenty pounds to the use of the Commonwealth, it was

Resolved, That the said Eleanor Brown he discharged from confinement on payment of her fine, and on condition of her leaving this State in ten days, not to return.

On motion of Colonel Miles, it was

Resolved, That in consideration of the circumstances of the family of Timothy Matlack, Esq'r, who hath been appointed one of the Commissioners to explore the north-west part of the State, agreeably to resolution of General Assembly of the thirty-first of March last, a monthly allowance of ten pounds be made to his wife, during the time he shall be employed in that business, to be charged to his account.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Thursday, April 29th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
Samuol Miles,

Zebulan Potts,
Christopher Kucher, William Wilson, L
Richard Willing,

John Wilkins, and

a Esquires. • Samuel Edie,

Amos Gregg, . J A certificate from the Honorable Thomas M'Kean, and Judges Rush and Atlee, of the expences of the said Judge Atlee in coming to and returning from a Supreme Court held at Philadelphia in the present month, amounting to five pounds twelve shillings and six pence, was laid before Council and read; whereupon, an order was drawn upon the Treasurer for the said sum, in favor of Ed. ward Burd, Esquire, Clerk of the said Court.

A commission under the Great Seal to Timothy Matlack, Samuel McClay, and Jobn Adlum, Esquires, Commissioners to explore the western waters, was this day signed by the President.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Friday, April 30th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
Samuel Miles,

Zebulun Potts,
Christopber Kucher, John Wilkins,
Samuel Edie,


Amos Gregg, William Wilson, Ricbard Willing, ) . Upon the application of Jape Roberts, widow of John Roberts, who was executed for high treason against this Commonwealth, an order was drawn upon the Treasurer in her favor, for the sum of seventy-five pounds, payable out of the proceeds of the said John Roberts's estate, being one year's pension due to her on the first instant, according to a decree of the Supreme Court.

A petition from David Kennedy and Francis Johnston, Esquires, stating that the time limitted in their respective commissions as Secretary and Receiver General of the Land Office, hath expired, and praying that Council would be pleased to re-appoint them to the said offices, was read; whereupon, it was

Resolved, That David Kennedy, Esquire, be re-appointed to the office of Secretary of the Land Office, and Francis Johnston, Esquire, to the office of Receiver General of the Land Office.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Monday, May 3rd, 1790.

The Honorable GEORGE ROSS, Esquire, Vice President.

Christopher Kucher, John Wilkins, ).
Amos Gregg,

Zebulun Potts, and Esquires.
William Wilson, Richard Willing, )
A draft of instructions to the Commissioners who were appointed
on the twelfth instant to sell the barracks and the lot whereon the

same are erected, was laid before the Board, and being read, was agreed to as follows, vizt:

In Council, Philadelphia, May 3rd, 1790. GENTLEMEN:-Council having, in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly, passed the thirtieth day of March, 1790, ap. pointed you Commissioners to expose to sale and sell to the highest bidder, the barracks in the borough of Lancaster, and the ground whereon the same are erected, you are therefore instructed to ap. portion and lay off as soon as may be, the said ground into such number of lots as in your opinion will best promote the interests of the Commonwealth, with one or more streets to accommodate the same, if necessary. You will then, after due notice given, proceed to the sale of the lots so lay'd off, and the barracks thereon erected, and upon payment of the purchase money for the same in full, you will make good and effectual conveyances for the lots sold as aforesaid to the purchasers thereof, subject, however, to a proportionable part of the ground rent charged upon and issuing out of the said large lot of ground, the purchase money to be paid as follows, vizt : one-half at the time of sale, and the remainder in six months after; and in case the purchaser shall neglect or refuse to pay such remaining part of purchase money, the premises to revert to the State, the same to be sold again and the first payment to be forfeited to the use of the State,

The monies arising from the sale of the said lots and barracks, are to be paid into the Treasury for the support of Government, after deducting a reasonable compensation for your trouble in this business, which by the said act Council are authorized to allow.

If any difficulties occur in the execution of the duties required of you by these instructions, you will give information to Council, that such difficulties may, if possible, be removed. I am, gentlemen, with great respect, Your most obedient and very humble servant,

G. ROSS, Vice Presid't. To James Cunningham and John Miller, Esquires, Commissioners for the sale of the Barracks in the borough of Lancaster, and the lots whereon the same are erected.

Mr. Potts was appointed a member of the Board of Property for the present month.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Tuesday, May 4th, 1790.

The Honorable GEORGE ROSS, Esquire, Vice President.
Samuel Miles,

Zebulun Potts,
Christopher Kucher, John Wilkins, LE

ns, Esquires. Samuel Edie,

Amos Gregg, William Wilson, A letter from Nathaniel Falconer, Esquire, of this day, requesting Council to accept bis resignation of the office of Warden of the Port of Philadelphia, was received and read, and it was agreed unanimously to accept the said resignation.

A petition from John Kean, Esquire, a Justice of the Peace in county of Dauphine, praying Council to accept his resignation of the said office, was also received and read, and it was agreed unanimously to accept the said resignation.

Upon further consideration of the petition of Michael Smith for remission of the fine of ten pounds, to which he was sentenced by the last Mayor's Court, for keeping a tipling house contrary to law, it was Resolved, That the said fine be remitted.

On motion of Mr. Wilson, seconded by Mr. Kucher, Resolved, That Mr. Edie, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Wilkins, be a committee to enquire into the propriety of the Comptroller General issuing a certificate in favor of a certain Joseph Thompson, which was delivered to Samuel Nicholson.

Colonel Miles informed Council, that in pursuance of the law passed the twenty-seventh of April, 1790, for adjusting certain claims for supplies furnished to persons who were employed in the year 1775 to enforce the laws of the late Province of Pennsylvania against the Connecticut settlers at and near Wioming, the Camptroller General had issued several certificates to the persons having claims, stating on the face of the certificate that they were settled pursuant to an act of Assembly of the first of April, 1784, when in reality it was in pursuance of the law above mentioned, and he endorsed on the certificate interest to commence January the first, 1785; whereupon, it was referred to the above mentioned committee to make enquiry into the facts stated above, and report to Council.

The following orders were drawn upon the Treasurer: In favor of the Honorabic Thomas McKean, Esquire, for the sum of seventy pounds, to defray the expences of the Honorable the Judges of the Supreme Court on the Western circuit, for which sum they are to be accountable on their return.

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