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125, James Sheridan, from 12th June, 1786, till 1st

of May, 1787, 133, Peter Wemer, " 23rd November, 1787, 152, John Lanes, o 12th June, 1786, 154, Charles Wallington, 1 month & 2 days, 155, Paul Pimple, from 20th November, 1786,

the 8th October, 1787, 158, William Brooks, 1st September, 1786, till 1st

November, 1788, 160, George Grace, 1st November, 1786, till 15th

September, 1788, 168, John Vineal, 16th October, 1787, 169, Frederick Fultz, 6th December, 1787, till 1st of

April, 1788, 200, John Buxton, 9th September, 1787, till 1st of

Septem'r, 1788,
231, John Kusich, 23rd November, 1787,
232, Francis Ticout, 1st of October, 1788,
235, Joshua Peeling, 2 months,
261, Samuel Alsop, 6th October, 1787,
262, Charles Prout, 10 April, 1787,
272, John M'Gaughey, 2nd July, 1787,
277, Thomas Harroll, 8 months,
278, John Cartie, 1st April, 1787,
287, Lawrence Smiib, 1st February, 1787,
288, Nicholas Neal, 6 months,
289, William Hannon, 2 months & 2 days,
304, Thomas Kelley, 5th of August, 1788,

12. The following differences are thus explained :
“ George Keller, (see his account, he was paid ?

up, & is due therefore difference,
13, Godfrey M’Donald, do. do.
182, John Gregg was allowed only four dollars p'r)

month, from the twenty-seventh of August, i
1785, till the twenty-sixth of May, 1787, S

This order lay with Sharp Delany, Esquire.
191, David Jackson was allowed four dollars p'r

month, from June, 1785, till 1st November, L · 1787, difference,

This order lay with Sharp Delany, Esquire. J 203, Charles Clarke was allowed in his order of

Court, 716 more p'r month than was admis. Į
sible by act of Assembly, or of Congress, dif-1.

258, John Williams was allowed only two dollars

per month, from 10th of April, 1787, till 10th |

of April, 1788, difference, The said lay with Sharp Delany, Esquire,

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268, Conrad Grugg, (see his account, there was but ?

£2 13 4 due him) difference,

1 16 8

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£298 14 7 The three following are situated as therein stated :

Folio 167—Isaac Lewis. There is a mistake, either with Mr. Delany or in tbe return sent him from the War Office. In my return to the Secretary, his pension was stated at 25s per month, and, see his account, he never received more.

173— William Cougleton, private, was allowed half pay; that was equal to 25s per month, and that was the sum he received.

144-James English, Sergeant, was also allowed half pay; that was equal to five dollars per month, and was wbat he received.

268-Conrad Burg's name is inserted in the list a second time, but there is no remark opposite to it.

168—John Vineal, if I mistake not; when I gave him the certi.. ficate, told me his name was John Jacob Vineal, and I believe I called him so in my certificate,

From the books you will observe mistakes in the following accounts :

John Ruddeau, - - - - £3 15 0
John Modewell, - - - - 1 17 6
John Malony,

0 8 0
Henry Dougherty, .

- 7 100) Andrew Dale,

• 0 2 6

£13 130 For the amount of these errors made by me, I hold myself accountable to the State, and have on the sixth ultimo given a list thereof to Mr. Delany, and requested him to endeavor to stop it at first payment of their pensions.

There is not any John Cook on the pensions list; there is a Jacob Cook, see folio 286, who hath been paid only to twenty-sixth of September, 1788, the time to which

There is no Thomas Nugent on the pension list. There is a John Nugent, see his account, folio 290; and he hath been paid only for one year, as ordered.

There is no James Townhill. There is a James Townehill, see folio 329; his pension hath been continued per the order inclosed, and paid per. his account since the return was made to the War Office, and therefore not therein.

The following, per their accounts at the folio referred to, will appear not to have drawn farther than the times allowed by the


228, John Fitzimmons, till the 1st of October, 1788.
274, Frederick Paul,

5th of April, do.
291, Jacob Rodgers,

2nd of January, 1789. 259, Jobn Snyder,

10th of October, 1787. 3+1, John Stone,

4 of do. 1788. 297, Jacob Weidman, 21 of January, 1789.

18, John Smith, order not limitted. On examining this day the orders of Court. lately delivered to Sharp Delany, I find that there are in his possession orders continuing the pensions of

Thomas Jennings, for one year from Japuary 2nd, 1789.
Alexander Thomas, one year from do. 5th, do.
Thomas Gaskins, one year from November 12th, 1788.
John Ross, continued from May 17th till May 1st, 1789.

Thomas McCormick had been paid only till April the eighth, 1788, when the return was made to the War office; see his account folio 260; since which his pension bath been continued, per order herewith inclosed, and hath been paid till the first of May, 1789.

The continuance of the pension from year to year, by the Supreme Court, was a matter of course, & designed principally to check, in case of the death of the pensioner; these orders continuing them, I find I bave not been so particular about. I do not find them in my possession for the following, altho' some of them I perfectly recollect were produced. Mr. Burd informed me that he was authorized during the sessions of the court, on applications to him, to give certificates continuing their pensions till May the first, 1789; and I have applied to him for such a certificate in favor of these persons. I would just obserre that in referring to the orders in . Mr. Delany's possession, I find he hath likewise paid them without these orders of continuation, and be informed me that the Chief Justice had told him in substance what Mr. Burd had informed me about it from which he was authorized to do it:

Samuel Alsop, Thomas Kelly, James Smith, Alexander Caul, Henry Conkle, Thomas Mayberry, Isaac Lewis, William Bradley, John Taylor, Charles Proud, Jacob Betam, John Kusick, Luke Brodhead, Lawrence Smith, Andrew Dale and Jobn McManus.

I applied to the Clerk of the Orphans' Court, on Saturday, for a copy of the orders authorizing the payment of the full pensions to the Invalids, while they were doing duty. I bave received a copy of their first orders from the records, containing a pumber of them. As these persons afterwards went out, and others were called upon to do duty in the guards, it became neoessary to extend the same justice to them also; and I applied personally to the Orphans' Court sitting, who without hesitation informed me that all such as should from to time be so called in, should during their continuance therein be allowed the full pension, for altbo' they were not so much disabled but that they might do something for their support by their own industry, yet that when their time was employed for the public they were not on a better footing of sup: port than those wholly disabled. Several of them, besides their cloathing, &ca., had families, who must have suffered without some support from them. The Clerk recollects my personal application for this purpose, and hath been good enough to search diligently for the record thereof, but hath not found it yet; but that no diffi. culty might remain, I bave applied also to the Supreme Court in behalf of such of the said pensioners as are not contained in the enclosed order, who pow possess the power to allow it. If that should not be done, nor the order of the Orphans' Court found, nor testimony from the Clerk and Justices of the Orphans' Court who were present when I applied making it sufficiently clear, I shall hold myself accountable to the State for the amount; and altho' it will be hard on the poor fellows, I will recover it out of their future pensions.

I have the honor to be, with great respect, gentlemen, your most obedient servant.


· April 12th, 1790. The Honorable the Committee of Council.

A letter from Peter Zachary Lloyd, Esquire, dated the fourteenth of April, 1790, inclosing his commission as a Captain of the Fifth company of foot in the first battalion of the militia of the city and liberties of Philadelphia, and requesting Council to accept his resignation of the said office, was received and read, and an order taken that the said resignation be accepted.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Friday, April 16th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
James Read,

Samuel Edie,
Amos Gregg,

Frederick Watts, i
Christopher Kucher, Zebulun Potts, and } Esquires.
Jonas Hartzell,

Richard Willing, William Wilson, The Comptroller and Register General's reports upon the fol. ing accounts were read and approved, vizt:

Of Thomas Gay, for his services as an eighteen months' man in the late army of the United States, in the years 1781, 1782 and 1783, amounting to forty-five pounds.

Of Robert Kendall, for two months' pay for his services in Captain Tagart's company of Bedford county inilitia, in June and July 1782, amounting to ten pounds thirteen shillings and six pence, including the State and Continental pay.

Agreeably to act of the General Assembly passed the twenty se· venth of March last, an order was drawn upon the Treasurer in

favor of Reading Howell, for the sum of two hundred pounds, payable "out of the monies appropriated by law for claims and im. provements, when the same shall become sufficiently productive," being part of the sum of three hundred pounds granted by the said act of Assembly, to enable him to proceed in the work he bas un. dertaken of compiling a map of this State.

The Committee on the Gun-Powder Magazine made report of the value of Colonel Patton's lot, as ascertained by William Hall, James Craig, jun'r, Israel Wheelen and Hugh Roberts, vizt:

Five hundred and sixty-five pounds in specie, or the value thereof in paper money; whereupon, it was agreed unanimously, that the Committee be instructed to negotiate the purchase of the lot, on the terms fixed as above.

Op motion, Resolved, 'Tbat Tuesday next be assigned for the consideration of the recommendation of some of the Justices and Attorneys at Law in the county of Bedford, in favor of George Woods, Esquire, for the appointment of President of the several Courts of said county.

On motion of Colonel Miles, seconded by Mr. Gregg,

Resolved unanimously, Tbat all the proceedings in Council since the sixth instant, relative to the Comptroller General, be published by the Secretary, and to prevent mistakes, when the copy shall be made, that it be read in Council previous to its publica. tion.

A draft of instructions to the Commissioners appoined by Council on the sixth instant, to view the Western waters, agreeably to resolution of Assembly of the thirty-first of March last, was laid before Council, and agreed to, as follows, vizt :

In Council, Philadelphia, April 16th, 1790. GENTLEMEN :-Council having, in pursuance of the enclosed resolution of the General Assembly of the thirty-first day of March last, appointed you Commissioners for the purposes expressed in the first part of the said resolution, you will without delay proceed to the head of the Quitta pabilla, and from thence to the Swatara, and down the Swatara to the Susquebanna, then passing over that part of the Susquehanna which has been already examined by the Commissioners appointed on the second of October, 1789, you will proceed to the mouth of the Juniata, where you are to recommence the examination proposed, and proceed up the Susquehanda to Sunburry, and thence up the West Branch to Cinnamahoning, and up

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