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The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Wednesday, March 10th, 1790.


· His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
i James Read,

James Martin,
Amos Gregg,

William Wilson,
Christopher Kucher, Frederick Watts,
Jonas Hartzell, Lord Butler,

Zebulun Potts, Abraham Smith, and
Henry Taylor, William Findley,

Nathaniel Breading, A petition from Mary Reib, of the county of Westmoreland, who was convicted at the last Court of General Quarter Sessions of the said county, of fornication and bastardy, and sentenced by the said Court to pay a fine of ten pounds to the use of the Commonwealth, stating that she is unable to pay the said fine, is now confined in'the jail of the said county, and praying that Council would be pleased to take ber distressed case into consideration, and remit her fine was read; whereupon,

Resolved, That the said fine be remitted. George Finley, Esquire, was appointed and commissionated a Justice of the Peace and of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of Westmoreland, upon a return made according to law from the district of the township of Wheatfield, in the said county.

The committee to whom was referred the petition of John Boyce, with the letter from John Nicholson, Esquire, made a report, which was read and adopted, as follows, vizt:

" That John Bryce became the purchaser of an undivided moiety of a tract of land in Sadsbury township, in the county of Chester, forfeited by Francis and William Armstrong, attainders of high treason; that said Bryce has paid the Commonwealth for the same, and since conveyed his title to John Nicholson, Esquire; that it appears by the last will and testament of the late father of the said Francis and William Armstrong, that their mother, the widow of the testator, bas an annuity of ten pounds as a dower, out of the said estate, and that it appears by a certificate of one of the agents for the sale of forfeited estates in Chester county, that said moiety was not sold subject to any such annuity or incumbrance what


“ The committee are, therefore, of opinion, that it is out of the power of Council to refund the money that has been paid, or give any relief against the annuity, as the estate was sold without any reserve, or mention made of such incumbrance, and that the title of the purchaser ought not to be affected thereby. They therefore, offer the following resolution : fen" Resolved, That a deed be made in the usual form to Joba Nicholson, Esquire, for one moiety of a tract of land in Sadsbury township, Chester county, forfeited by the attainder of Francis and William Armstrong, and sold by the Commissioners for the sale of confiscated estates to John Bryce, who conveyed his right to the said John Nicholson."

The Comptroller and Register General's reports upon the account of George Weimer, for five pounds six shillings and six pence, and of John Hilligas for nineteen pounds three shillings and eight, being balances due by the Commonwealth to them upon their several certificates for supplies furnished for the use of the Continental army in the year 1780, were read and approved.

Upon the report of the Committee to whom was referred the petition of Galbraith Logan, now confined in the jail of this city at bard labour, for harbouring and maintaining persons convicted of capital offences and made their escape, koowing them to have been 80 convicted, it was .

Resolved, That the said Galbraith Logan be pardoned.

The Attorney General and Anthony Cuthbert attended, agreeably to the order of Council of the third instant. Mr. Cuthbert then produced sundry papers in support of bis claim to a city lot near the Centre square, in right of Reese Price, from which it appeared that the heirs of Reese Price were entitled to the lot in question, but Mr. Cuthbert's right under them not being established to the satisfaction of the Board, it was, therefore, agreed to postpone the further consideration of the business, and that Mr. Cuthbert be required to furnish such other evidence of his title under Reese Price being compleat, as the Attorney General shall judge sufficient.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Thursday, March 11th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President..

Samel Miles, Nathaniel Breading,
James Read,

James Martin,
Christopher Kucher, William Wilson,
Amos Gregg, Lord Butler,

} Esquires.
Jonas Hartzell, A brabam Smith,
Zebulun Poits, Frederick Watts, and

Henry Taylor, Richard Willing, The Comptroller General's reports upon the account of John Donaldson, Èsquire, Register General, for cash advanced by him to

pay his Clerk, amounting to one hundred and eleven pounds ten shillings and two pence, was read and approved. **M a hou

A letter from Anthony Butler, agent for Jobo Peon, junior, and John Peon, Esquires, requesting Council to issue an order for paying to the said Messieurs Penns the sixth installment of one hun. dred and thirty thousaud pounds sterling, which was granted by act of Assembly passed the twenty-seventh day of November, 1779, to the late Proprietaries, was read and referred to the Comptroller General to report thereon. i ?! | A transcript from the Journals of the Assembly, containing a report of a Committee upon the memorial of a number of the inhabitants of Westmoreland county, relative to the excise, and a resolution of the House of the ninth instant, "requesting Council to take the most effectual means in their power to compell all delinquent Excise officers to pay into the State Treasury all monies due for excise, whether in the hands of said officers or of individuals," was received and read, and to-inorrow assigned for the consideration thereof.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Friday, March 12th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, Nathaniel Breading, 7
James Read,

James Martin,
Christopher Kucher, William Wilson,
Jonas Hartzell,

Abraham Smith, Frederick Watts,
Amos Gregg, Zebulun Potts, and

Henry Taylor, Richard Willing, Agreeably to the minutes of yesterday, Council proceeded to the consideration of the resolution of the General Assembly of the ninth instant, relative to the delinquent Excise officers; whereupon, it was

Resolved, That the Comptroller General be and he hereby is required to take the most speedy and effectual measures for obtain. ing settlements of the accounts of all Excisc officers of this State who have neglected to account with him agreeably to law, and in all cases where balances may be found due from such officers to the State, the said Comptroller is instructed to inforce immediate payment of such ballances.

Resolved, That the Comptroller General lay before Council a list of all Collectors of Excise who have neglected to settle with him according to law.

Colonel Isaac Melcher, who was appointed by the Council of Safety in December, 1776, Barrack Master General, with the rank of Colonel, and continued in the office untill the fourteenth of August, 1778, when the same was abolished by the Supreme Execu. tive Council, baving requested this Council to grant him a certificate of his said appointment, and of his having settled his accounts agreeably to law, and it appearing by an extract from the Comptroller General's books, that the said Colonel Melcher settled his accounts with the State in due time, it was thereupon

Resolved, That such certificate be granted to him.

The Council met.
PHILADELPHIA, Saturday, March 13th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, William Findley,
James Read, James Martin,
Christopher Kucher, Nathaniel Breading,
Jonas Ilartzell, Lord Butler,
Abraham Smith, Henry Taylor,

William Wilson, Zebulun Potts, and
Frederick Watts, Richard Willing,

Amos Gregg, An invitation to Council from the faculty of the university to attend the public examination of candidates for degrees in medicine, to be beld in the hall of the University on Monday next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, was received and read, and it was agreed to attend.

Mr. Finley laid before Council a transcript of the conviction of John Hunter of an assault and battery, in the county of Westmoreland, for which offence he was sentenced to pay to the use of the Commonwealth a fine of five pounds, and upon the recommendation of several respectable iohabitants of the said county, it was

Resolved, To remit the said fine, agreeably to the prayer of the said Hunter's petition presented to Council in November last.

The Secretary presented to Council a form of a conveyance from the Commonwealth, for islands in the rivers Obio and Allegary, which was read and referred to the Attorney General to report, whether the same is legal and proper.

Upon application of John Donaldson, Esquire, an order was drawn upon the Treasurer in his favor, for the sum of one hundred & twenty-five pounds, being one quarter's salary as Register General of the accounts of this Commonwealth, ending the twenty-eighth of this month, according to act of Assembly passed the twentyeighth day of March, 1789.

On motion, Resolved, That on Thursday next, Council go into the appointment of an Inspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Monday, March 15th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, William Wilson, .
James Read,

Nathaniel Breading,
Amos Gregg,

Frederick Watts,
Cbristopher Kueber, Henry Taylor, SEsquires.
William Findley, Lord Butler,
James Martin, Zebulan Potts,

Abraham Smith, Richard Willing, An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of the Honorable Williain Findley, Esquire, for the sum of sixty-six pounds, in full of his account for his attendance in Council until this day, inclusive.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Tuesday, March 16th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
James Read,

Frederick Watts,
Christopher Kucher, Henry Taylor,
Abraham Smith, Amos Gregg,
William Findley, Lord Butler, > Esquires.
James Martin, Zebulan Potts, and
William Wilson, Richard Willing,

Nathaniel Breading,
The following orders were drawn upon the Treasurer, vizt:

In favor of the Honorable Amos Gregg, Esquire, for sixty-seven pounds ten shillings, in full of his accoun for his services in Courcil from the sixteenth of December, 1789, till the sixteenth of March, 1790, the last day included.

In favor of the Honorable Nathaniel Breading, Esquire, for fiftytwo pounds sixteen shillings, in full of his account for his attendance in Council from the fifteenth of January till the sixteenth of March, 1790, and mileage going home.

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