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The Council met.
PHILADELPHIA, January 23rd, 1790, Saturday.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Hon'ble Samuel Miles, Zebulun Potts,

Amos Gregg, James Martin,
James Read, Nathaniel Breading,
Christopher Kucher, Henry Taylor, : SEsq'rs.
Jonas Hartzell, Benjamin Elliott, and
William Findly, Richard Willing,

Frederick Watt, Upon the report of the committee to whom was referred the leto ter from Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Harmer, of the ninth of No. vember last, inclosing sundry certificates of money due bis recruiting officers, and also three drafts of the late Treasurer of the State, on the Treasurer's of the counties of Westmoreland, Washington and Fayette, for the sum of two hundred and pinety-two pounds ten shillings, made in consequence of orders of Council, issued to him for the like sum, which has not been paid,

Resolved, That the Secretary write a letter to Colonel Harmer, acknowledging the receipt of the said letter and enclosures.

Resolved, 'That the said three drafts on the County 'Treasurers be returned to Mr. Rittenhouse, the late State Treasurer, that the origi, nal orders of Council issued to him be cancelled, and that orders be dow drawn upon the Treasurer of the State, in favor of Lieutenant Ebenezer Denny, for the sum of pinety-seven pounds two shillings and six pence, payable out of the fund appropriated by act of Assembly dated the tenth day of November, 1787, to be charged to the United States, and for which Lieutenant Colonel Josiah Har. mer is to be accountable, being the amount of money expended by the said Lieutenant Ebenezer Denny, Captains William Ferguson, David M'Curty and Joseph Ashton, and Lieutenant Thomas Doyle, in recruitiog the Pennsylvania quota of troops, agreeably to the said act of Assembly, to be by the said Lieutenant Deppy paid to the said officer, according to their several shares therein. .

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Monday, January 26th, 1790.

His Excellency I'HOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Hon'ble Samuel Miles, Zebulun Potts,

Amos Gregg, James Martin,
James Read, Nathaniel Breading, I
Jonas Hartzell, Henry Taylor,

William Findley, Benjamin Elliott, and

Frederick Watt, Richard Willing, j An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of the Honorable Frederick Watt, Esquire, for the sum of sixty-nine pounds seventeen shillings, being the amount of his account for his attendance in Council until this day, inclusive, and for mileage coming to Philadelphia and returning home.

On motion, Resolved, That Mr. Miles, Mr. Read and Yr. Findley, be a committee to prepare and report to Council a draft of a message to the General Assembly, at their next meeting.

Mr. Ross and Mr. Addison, members of Convention, and Mr. Ryerson, member of Assembly for the county of Wasbington, attended, and produced in writing a statement of the depredations committed by the savages within that county from to time since, and submitting the same to the consideration of Council.

Whereupon, Resolved, That Mr. Findley, Mr. Miles and Mr. Taylor, be appointed a committee to confer with the said gentlemen, upon the subject of a defence for the western counties against the Indians, and that they make report to Council.

The Council met.
PHILADELPHIA, Tuesday, January 26th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, Amos Gregg,
James Read,

Frederick Watt, I
Christopher Kucher, William Findley,
Richard Willing, Nathaniel Breading,

$ Esquires. Henry Taylor, James Martin, and

Zebulun Potts, Benjamin Elliott, The Comptroller General laid before the Board a statement of the public debt of this State, as required by act of Congress of the twenty-third of November, 1789, as follows, vizt :

Statement of sundries from the accounts of Pennsylvania, required by an act of Council of the twenty-third of November, 1789.

Dollars. 90th. Aggregate amount of the principal of the deprecia

tion certificates granted to the officers, and of the Army and Military Hospital, in pursuance of the

several laws of this Commonwealth, . . 1,403,793 57, Ditto of certificates granted per act Jude the first,

1780, for supplies for the army, other than speci

fic supplies, Continental money equal to, • . 34,583 59 Ditto, certificates granted for horses for the army in

the year 1780, . . . . . . 90,336 7 Ditto, certificates of funded debt granted for all such

debts of the State not paid off, but certified with

interest, . . . . . . . 478,351 10 Amount of all such expenditures, claims and engage

ments of Penn'a, since the commencement of the late war, as are chargeable to the United States,

arranged & ascertained, . . 10,219,878 Unsettled or not yet arranged, nor the

specie value of the items paid in Con- ! tinental money,ascertained by the scale ? of depreciation, say

-- 15,219,878 Note.---Certificates of liquidated debt, and Loan office certificates of the United States, redeemed by this State, are not included in the above.

The funds appropriated either in whole or in part to pay the principal or interest of the above, are as follows, vizt :

The one-third part of the principal of the depreciation certificates paid of in bills of credit of the emission of April, 1781, on application of the holder.

The whole of tbe forfeited estates unsold before December, 1780, appropriated as a fund to redeemn both principal and interest.

The tract of laud in Pennsylvania bounded on the north by the dodation lands, on the west by the western boundary of the State, and on the south and east by the rivers Ohio and Allegany, except. ing the two reserved tracts thereout at Mackintosh, and opposite Pittsburgh on the aforesaid river Ohio, appropriated as a fund to redeem both principal and interest..

The excise on spirituous liquors was appropriated to pay the annual interest to those who had not alienated their certificates wben this fund was assigned, and until they had themselves drawn the first year's interest thereon.

A sum was granted out of the imposts duties not exceeding twentyfive thousand and ninety-seven pounds nineteen shillings and three pence, to pay up a year's arrear of such interest, in aid of the Excise.

. And lastly, these certificates, principal and interest, funded or unfunded were made receivable in the Land office in payment for lands and lots the property of the State.

The certificates granted per act of June, 1780, were discharged by payments at the Treasury shortly after they were granted, of which public notice was given that all might come in or they were made receivable in the taxes then collecting, and such as neglected the one or other of these means of redemption may and do now receive payment of the principal at the State Treasury.

The certificates granted for horses were receivable, also in the taxes collecting at the time they were granted.

And to such as were not redeemed in that way the principal and interest is paid from the Treasury upon their application.

The aggregate fund of taxes and the arrears of taxes, and imposts is (inter alia) appropriated to the payment of the interest of the certificates of funded debt.

They are receivable at the Land office in common with depreciation certificates for city lots, and for other lands sold by the Commonwealth.

The claims of the Commonwealth against the United States hare generally been already discharged out of the taxes and other reve. nues of the Commonwealth, such as bave not, are comprisad under one or other of the preceding beads, or are included in an estimated sum of about forty-six thousand, cight hundred and fifty pounds, for which there have yet been no certificates issued, but which the parties on settlement will be intitled to receive.

JOHN NICHOLSON. Comptroller General's Office

January 23rd, 1790. Š Ordered, That a certified copy of the said statement be transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

General Watt, member of Council and William Brown, Esquire, of Mifflin county, were accepted as sureties for James Potter, who was on the twenty-first instant, appointed a Deputy Surveyor of district No. 6, in the new purchase.

Adam Hamaker, Esquire, was appointed and commissioned a Justice of the Peace and of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of Dauphine, upon a return made according to law from the district of Derry and Londonderry, in the said county.

The Council met.
Philadelphia, Wednesday, January 27th, 1790. -

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, Zebulun Potts,
· James Read, Frederick Watt,
Amos Gregg,
William Finley,

Christopher Kucher, Nathaniel Breading,
Richard Willing, James Martin, &

Henry Taylor, Benjamin Elliott,
A letter was written by the President to the Secretary of the
Treasury of the United States, inclosing a copy of the Comptroller
General's statement of the public debt of Pennsylvania, reported

Lord Butler.


The Council met.
PHILADELPHIA, Thursday, January 28th, 1790.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Hon'ble Samuel Miles, Henry Taylor,

James Read, Frederick Watt,
Amos Gregg, William Findley,
Christopher Kucher, Nathaniel Breading, Esquires.
Jonas Hartzell, James Martin,
Zebulun Potts, Benjamin Elliott, &

Richard Willing, Lord Butler, Agreeably to the Comptroller and Register General's reports the following orders were drawn upon the Treasurer, vizt :

In favor of Peter Babb, for the sum of fifty-six pounds six shil. lings and nine, State money of the emission of the seventh of April, 1781, payable out of the fund appropriated by resolution of Assembly of the eighth of April, 1782, being in full for principal and interest due upon hủs certificate for a horse furnished by him for public use in the year 1780.

In favor of William Dean, Esquire, for one hundred and eight pounds nine sbillings and eight pence, payable out of the fund arising from militia fines in the county of Montgomery or Philadelphia, being a ballance due upon his account as sub-Lieutenant of the county of Philadelphia.

Upon the second reading of the petitions and respectable recom. , mendations in favor of William Davis and Thomas McCalvey, the

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