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ing fourteen days' absence,) and his mileage twice coming to Philadelphia and returning home.

Proposals of a loan to the State in conformity to an act of As. sembly, passed the twentieth instant, from several citizens, for the immediate relief of a number of wounded and disabled soldiers, whose pensions by the laws of this State have ceased, and who cannot receive any support from Congress untill the fifth day of March next, were laid before Council and read as follows, vizt:

Having taken into consideration the proposals for obtaining a loan for the immediate relief of the invalids made to us by the committee of the Supreme Executive Council, we agree to advance such sums of money as are set to our names on the following con. ditions, to wit:

To advance the money on loan to be secured by the certificates, letters of attorney and assignments of the invalids, and to be guarantied by Council, under the late act of Assembly for the relief of the invalids.

The repayment of the money in specie, with interest, to be made to the subscribers, or on so much thereof as shall not be recovered from the United States on the fifth day of March Dext, whether the deficiency may arise from frauds on the part of the invalids or non-payment by the United States.

That arrangements be taken by a committee of Council with the subscribers for the manner of payment of the invalids, and for the re-payment to the subscribers from the United States.

THOMAS FORREST, £450 0 0. November 21st, 1789.

Whereupon, Resolvrd, That the said proposals be accepted, and that Colonel Miles, Colonel Smith and Colonel Wilson be a committee to arrange the business with the subscribers to the said loan.

Upon consideration of the report of the committee to whom was referred the petition of John Lovely, who was convicted at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery, held at Philadelphia in February, 1789, for the city and county of Philadelphia, of harbouring certain persons who had been convicted 'of capital offences, knowing them to have been so convicted, and sentenced for the said offence to four years hard labour, &ca.,

Resolved unanimously, That the said John Lovely be and he is hereby pardoned.

On motion, Resolved, That Tuesday next be assigned for the consideration of the report of the committee to whom was referred the petition from Northampton county, relative to the Nescopeck road laid out by Evau Owen.

A list of pensioners entitled to the benefit of the act of Assembly, passed the twentieth instant, was laid before the Council by the Comptroller General.

The Council met.

PHILAD'a, Monday, November 23rd, 1789.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, James Martin,
James Read, William Wilson,
Christopher Kucher, Nathaniel Breading,
Abraham Smith, Jonas Hartzell, Esquires.
Samuel Edie,

Lord Butler,
Frederick Watt, John Wilkins,

Amos Gregg, A transcript from the Journals of the General Assembly, containing the appointment of Christian Febiger, Esquire, as 'Treasurer of the State, on the thirteenth instant, was read and filed.

On motion, Ordered, That the Trustees of the Loan Office, who occupy the chamber over the Assembly room, in consequence of the determi. nation of Council of the nineteenth day of June last, remove their records, papers, &ca., without delay from the said chamber, to accommodate the Convention wbo are to meet to-morrow.

Ordered, That the Trustees above mentioned have leave to make use of the committee room of Council during the sitting of the Convention, if the 'Trustees think proper to occupy the same,

The Comptroller and Register General's reports upon the following accounts, were read and approved, vizt : Of Ephraim ‘Douglass, Esquire, Prothonotary of the county of Fayette, for fees received for tavern licences from June, 1788, to September, 1789, amounting to thirty-seven pounds nineteen shillings.

Of Theobald Wink, for a ballance due upon his certificate for supplies furnished by him to the Continental Army in the year 1780, amounting in specie to four pounds twelve shillings and three pence.

A petition from Alexander Neilly, stating that he was convicted in the county of Allegany, of an assault upon a certain Elizabeth Brunton, with intent to ravish, and sentenced by the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the said county, to pay a five of five pounds to the use of the Commonwealth, to be imprisoned six months, and at the end of that time to give security for good behaviour for twelve months, praying Council to pardon the said offence, was read, together with a certificate from the President of the said Court, stating the situation and circumstances of the peti. tioner, and recommending him to the mercy of Council; whereupon,

Resolved, That the fine of five pounds be remitted.

A petition from Frederick Wing, of the city of Philadelphia, baker, praying Council to remit a fine of five pounds which was imposed upon him by the last Mayor's Court, for refusing to accept the office of Collector of Militia fines, was read the second time, and thereupon,

Resolved, That the prayer of the said petition be granted.

The Council met.

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PHILADELPHIA, Tuesday, November 24th, 1789.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

James Read, Jonas Hartzell,
Samuel Miles, Nathaniel Breading,
Abraham Smith, Amos Gregg,
Cbristopher Kucher, Zebulun Potts,

William Wilson, James Martin, and
Samuel Edie, Frederick Watt,

John Wilkins,
An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of the Honora.
ble Christopher Kucher, for the sum of twenty-four pounds, in full
for his attendance as Councillor from the twenty-fourth of October
until the twenty-fourth of November, 1789, inclusively.

The Committee to whom was referred the petition of several inhabitants of Northampton county, relative to the Nescopeck road, made a report, in the following words, to wit:

“That the prayer of the petition be granted, and that William Carnes, John Craig and Lawrence Erb, be and they are hereby appointed and authorized to review so much of the said road as lies between Black creek and the river Lebigh.”

Upon recurring to the books of Council of June the twenty-third, 1787, it appears that the road from the river Lebigh to the Falls of Nescopeck, hath been confirmed and entered in the books of Council, according to law; therefore,

Resolved, That Council cannot agree to the said report of the Committee.

The Council met.
PHILADELPHIA, Wednesday, November 25th, 1789.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
The Honorable GEORGE Ross. Esquire, Vice President.

James Read, Amos Gregg,
Samuel Miles, Zebulun Potts,
Frederick Watt, James Martin,
Samuel Edie,

Nathaniel Breading,
John Wilkins, Jonas Hartzell, and i

William Wilson, Richard Willing, J William Finley, Esquire, Councillor elect for the county of Westmoreland, appeared, and being qualified, as the Constitution of this State and the act of Congress of the first day of June last direct, was admitted to bis seat at this Board.

An order was drawn upon the Treasurer in favor of the Honorable Samuel Edie, Esquire, for sixty-six pounds fifteen shillings, in full for his Council one day in June, and from the seventh of September until the twenty-fifth of November, 1789, and also for mileage coming to Philadelphia and returning home.

Upon the second reading of a petition from Maurice Fitzgerald, who was convicted of larceny in the county of Chester, praying a pardon, and also a recommendation from some of the Justices and many respectable inhabitants of the said county in his favor,

Resolved, That the said Maurice Fitzgerald be and he is hereby pardoned.

The Comptroller General's report upon the following accounts were read and approved, vizt:

Of Samuel Davidson, Esquire, as Treasurer of Bedford county, from the thirteenth of January untill the first of November, 1789, by which a ballance of two hundred and forty-eight pounds six shillings and two pence appears to the due to the State from the said Treasurer, and the sums of fifteen shillings and ten pence Continental money, and eight shillings and seven pence State money, are due from the State to the said Treasurer.

Of Daniel Kennedy, late Adjutant of the sixth Pennsylvania regiment, for his half-pay from the first of September, 1785, till the eleventh of March, 1786, the time of his death, by which a ballance of seven pounds one shilling and three pence appears to be due to the estate of the said Kennedy, and for which sum an order was drawn upon the Treasurer.

Of Captain John Hubley, for Militia services in the first company of foot of the eighth battalion of Lancaster county militia, in the years 1780 and 1781, by which a ballance of twenty-six pounds

thirteen shillings and five pence appears to be due to the said John Habley, and for wbich sum an order was drawn upon the Treasurer, payable out of the monies arising from militia fines in the county of Lancaster.

Of Hilary Baker, Esquire, for monies received for tavern licences by him issued, between the sixteenth of February and the twenty-seventh of October, 1789, amounting to two hundred and seven. teen pounds two sbillings.

A certificate under the seal of the State, of David Sproat's attainder of high treason, by proclamation of Council of the twenty. first of May, 1778, was presented to the Board, agreed to, and signed by the President.

The Comptroller and Register General's reports upon the accounts of Jacob Noell, for his pay as a seven months' man in the late Continental army, amounting to twelve pounds ten shillings was read and approved.

Sharp Delany, Esquire, Collector of State duties, attended, and gave Council some information respecting the state of his collections.

The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Friday, Novem'r 27th, 1789.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.
Honorable GEORGE Ross, Esquire, Vice President.

Samuel Miles, Zebulun Potts,
James Read, Nathaniel Breading,
Amos Gregg,

William Finley,
Christopher Kucher, James Martin,
Jonas Hartzell, Frederick Watt,

Abraham Smith, Samuel Edie, and
William Wilson, Richard Willing,

John Wilkins, John Stewart, Esquire, was appointed and commissionated a Justice of the Peace and of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of Mifflin, upon a return made according to law, from the district of Lack township, in the county aforesaid.

A petition from a number of settlers on a tract of land situate in the forks of Delaware, in the county of Northampton, commonly known by the name of the Dry Land, which bas been deemed to be appropriated and reserved by the late Proprietors of Pennsylvania, stating that they and other settlers have been called upon by the agent of the said Proprietaries to pay for their farms and receive deeds for the same, but that a considerable number have re

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