Annual Report, Masalah 12

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Vols. for 1949- issued in 2 vols: New York's health; and statistical part.

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Halaman 111 - Complaint and knows the contents thereof and that the same is true to his own knowledge except as to the matters therein stated to be alleged on information and belief and as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Halaman 147 - CL Stone, for defendant. Vann, J. Motion granted, and the injunction heretofore issued ordered continued during the pendency of the action, with ten dollars costs, to abide event. Held, 1. That the board of health had jurisdiction to make the general order or regulation in question, under chapter 270 of the Laws of 1885.
Halaman 109 - Said board shall take cognizance of the interests of health and life among the people of the State...
Halaman 70 - Health, under the act to provide for the construction of sewers in any incorporated village of the State.
Halaman 118 - Buffalo, shall have the power, and it shall be its duty, "to receive and examine into the nature of complaints made by any of the inhabitants concerning nuisances or causes of danger or injury to life and health within the limits of its jurisdiction; to enter upon or within any place or premises where nuisances or conditions dangerous to life and health are known or believed to exist, and by appointed members or persons to inspect and examine the same, and all owners, agents and occupants shall permit...
Halaman 51 - J the diameter of the pipe; nor which has a piece broken from the bell end if the fracture extends into the body of the pipe, or if such fracture cannot be placed at the top of the sewer. Any pipe or special which betrays in any manner a want of thorough vitrification or fusion, or the use of improper or insufficient materials or methods in its manufacture, shall be rejected.

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