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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961

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Halaman 13 - Washington a department of education for the purpose of collecting such statistics and facts as shall show the condition and progress of education in the several States and Territories and of diffusing such information respecting the organization and management of schools and school systems, and methods of teaching, as shall aid the people of the United States in the establishment and maintenance of efficient school systems, and otherwise promote the cause of education throughout the country.
Halaman 1 - Only the bachelor's and/or first professional degree — Includes those institutions offering courses of studies leading to the customary bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, and all those degrees which entitle the possessor to enter the profession indicated ; eg...
Halaman 87 - ... the Office of Education, the Public Health Service, the Social Security Administration, and the others, operated completely independently.
Halaman 38 - Teaching opportunities: 1959 edition. 39 p. 590. Statistics of public library systems in cities with populations of 100,000 or more: Fiscal year 1958.
Halaman 76 - Offerings and Enrollments in Science and Mathematics in Public High Schools, 1956
Halaman 30 - ... region has its influence on the development of every other region. For good or ill, migrants enter into the social, economic, and political life of the communities in which they spend their mature years. They carry with them their knowledge or ignorance, their occupational adjustability or lack of it, their ability or inability to participate wisely in the determination of social policy.
Halaman 83 - The American Association for the Advancement of Science, under a grant from the National Science Foundation, maintains a traveling library of mathematics books for high school use.

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