Insular Southeast Asia: Linguistic and Cultural Studies in Honour of Bernd Nothofer

Sampul Depan
Fritz Schulze, Holger Warnk
Otto Harrassowitz Verlag, 2006 - 190 halaman
This festschrift - dedicated to Bernd Nothofer - contains twelve contributions which comprise studies on linguistics and the cultural history of insular Southeast Asia. The lingustic studies range from an overview article to analyses of very specific linguistic features. James Collins and Alexander Adelaar discuss the positions of several languages and dialects of West and East Kalimantan. Karl-Heinz Pampus introduces an almost unknown linguist of the Mentawai language. Waruno Mahdi's article about the beginnings of the Commissie voor de Volkslectuur examines aspects of literary history as well as linguistic aspects. Some of the cultural studies have a historical approach. Wilfried Wagner analyses the variant perceptions of Malacca's downfall. Fritz Schulze highlights the importance of Malay chronicles for understanding the Islamisation process in that area. Holger Warnk sheds some new light on the Malay-speaking community in Cairo at the end of the 19th century. Ragna Boden describes the intricacies of Indonesian-Soviet relations until the coup of 1965. The last two articles discusscontemporary problems. Ulrich Scholz puts forward some remarks on the problems caused by the oil palm boom in Indonesia and Malaysia. Sven Kosel considers the position of the indigenous people of Indonesia between decentralisation and globalisation.

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KarlHeinz Pampus
James T Collins
Awang Sariyan
Alexander Adelaar
Waruno Mahdi
Wilfried Wagner
Fritz Schulze
Holger Warnk
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