Gambar halaman



In the former editions of this work, the names of the authorities referred to, have not been given; and many inaccuracies have by degrees obtained in the references themselves. In preparing the present edition for the press, a most laborious comparison of all the references with the original authorities has been made; numerous errors in them have consequently been detected; and the names of the cases are now introduced into the notes. A table of them is also prefixed; and it is confidently felt, that this investigation and these additions, although for the most part mechanical only, will considerably increase the practical utility of the work. The decisions since the publication of the last edition have been incorporated in the text; and in all other respects, the editor has endeavoured faithfully to discharge the trust reposed in him. His task has been, from the labour above mentioned, particularly long and irksome; but he will feel himself repaid if the present edition is found as deserving as the preceding ones, of the kind patronage of the profession.

Trin. Term, 1822.

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