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Sect. 1. Argument from the miracles of Jesus—Uniformity of

the course of nature-Power of the Almighty to

interpose.-Communication of this power a striking

mark of a divine commission.-Harmony between

the internal and external evidence of Christianity-

Miracles of the Gospel ilļustrate its peculiar doc,


2. Mr. Hume's argument against miracles-Circumstan-

ces which render the testimony of the Apostles cre-
dible-Confirmation of their testimony— Faith of
the first Christians-Manner in which the miracles

of Jesus are narrated-No opposite testimony.
3. How far the argument from miracles is affected by the

prodigies and miracles mentioned in history- Dura-
tion of miraculous gifts in the Christian church.

John xi. Exhibition of character— The historian- The other

Apostles— The family of Lazarus-Our Lord—Resurrec-
tion of Lazarus-Effects produced by the miracle.

SECT. I. Antiquity and integrity of the books of the Old Tes.

Magnificence and extent of the system of prophecy–Jesus the

object of the old prophecies, and the author of new ones-
Advantages of attending to the prophecies of our Lord and
his Apostles-Clearness and importance of his predictions

Resurrection of Christ an essential fact in the history of his re-

ligion-Evidence upon which it rests-Evidence of it in
these later ages-Universal belief of the fact-Clear testi-
mony of the ApostlesTheir extraordinary powers.

signed by Mr. Gibbon considered.

3. Rank and character of some of the early Converts to


4. Measure of the effect produced by the means em-

ployed in propagating the Gospel— Objections
drawn from it-Answers.

Inspiration not impossible— Three degrees of it--Necessary

to the Apostles for the purposes of their mission-Promised
by our Lord-Claimed by themselves—Admitted by their
disciples-Not contradicted by any thing in their writings.

[blocks in formation]

Sect. 1. The Gospel a republication of Natural Religion

Mistakes occasioned by the use of this term.
2. The Gospel a method of saving sinners--Duties con..

sequent upon the revelation of this method.

Difficulties to be expected-Extent of our knowledge.

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