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I 878.

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In completing the first volume of the Society's Journal, the Publication Committee venture to regard with some satisfaction the new arrangement under which it has been issued, not so much, however, in respect to what has been actually accomplished, as on account of the organization they have been able to establish for the future, and which has been partially brought into operation in the later numbers of the Journal.

The Journal will be published bi-montbly, in February, April, June, August, October, and December; and whilst it will vary in size according to convenience, an endeavour will be made to ensure that it shall not contain less than sixty-four pages and two plates, with woodcuts as required.

It will comprise :

(1) THE TRANSACTIONS of the Society, being the papers read (or taken as read) at the Ordinary Meetings, and the President's Address at the Annual Meeting.

(2) THE PROCEEDINGS of the Society, being a report of the business transacted at the Ordinary and Annual Meetings, including any discussions on the subjects brought before the Meetings.

(3) NOTES AND MEMORANDA, being extracts from the articles in English and Foreign Journals, Transactions, &c., which relate to the Microscope or the subjects of Microscopical Research, together with notes of any other current matters of interest to Microscopists.

(4) BIBLIOGRAPHY, being a list of the new Books and of the contents of English and Foreign serials, &c. (so far as they relate to the Microscope or the subjects of Microscopical Research), most of which are to be seen in the Society's Library.

Special importance is attached to the “ Notes and Memoranda,” which are intended to present a summary of what is doing throughout the world in all branches of Microscopical Research. Whilst extracts, from English publications will not be excluded, preference will be given to those of foreign countries, as being less easily accessible. Amongst these will be included the Transactions and Proceedings of the Academies of the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Russia, together with the Microscopical, Botanical, and Zoological journals of those countries.

The pages devoted to "Bibliography” will also, it is hoped, prove useful, as giving in a condensed form information that cannot be so readily obtained otherwise.

Lastly, it will not be out of place to remind the Fellows that the editing of the Journal has rested with those who, being much occupied in other pursuits, have not been able to give it undivided attention.

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