Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society

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Royal Microscopical Society, 1878
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Halaman 30 - Hales in the chair. The Minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed...
Halaman 90 - LIGHT: a Series of Simple, entertaining, and Inexpensive Experiments in the Phenomena of Light, for the Use of. Students of every age.
Halaman 125 - ... unfetters the mind from prejudices of every kind, and leaves it open and free to every impression of a higher nature which it is susceptible of receiving, guarding only against enthusiasm and self-deception by a habit of strict investigation, but encouraging, rather than suppressing, everything that can offer a prospect or a hope beyond the present obscure and unsatisfactory state.
Halaman 160 - Stewart had, however, carefully read the paper, and would give them a resume of its contents, and the paper itself would appear in full in the Journal. Mr. Stewart said that the paper in question was in continuation of one formerly read before the Society upon blood-corpuscles, and which was already in print. They would probably remember that the author (Dr. HD Schmidt, of New Orleans) then described his observations upon the blood of man, and he now proceeded to follow this up by some further remarks,...
Halaman 159 - The following list of presents was read, and the thanks of the meeting were voted to the respective donors ; viz., FOR THE LIBRARY.
Halaman 55 - ... established by which the ratio between emergent beam and focal length, could be conveniently denoted. It would not be possible for me to condense, without a sacrifice of intelligibility, the steps by which he subsequently showed, in a very beautiful manner, that the ratio in question can be expressed by the product of the refractive index of the medium in front of the objective, and the sine of half the angle of aperture, that is by...
Halaman 123 - In mathematics, chemistry, and every branch of natural philosophy, how many are the inquiries necessary for their improvement and completion, which, taken separately, do not appear to lead to any specifically advantageous purpose ! Ho'w many useful inventions, and how much valuable and improving knowledge, would have been lost, if a rational curiosity, and a mere love of information, had not generally been allowed to be a sufficient motive for the search after truth !" — Malthus's Principles of...
Halaman 182 - ... is as a rule prevented. I may add that Mr. Gosse has already dealt with the action of the manubria in other rotifers (I. c.). Now I do not know how it may strike others, but to me this mechanism is simply exquisite. We have three distinct lines of power, all at work and in rotation. In the first place there is a power at hinge K, then follows the power at hinge H, and then lastly comes that of the manubria ; the moment the main upper handles of the ramus get together, then, and not before, up...
Halaman 123 - the statements of theorists as to what may be accomplished are so nearly equalled by what has been effected, that little room for improvement can be considered to remain until chemists furnish opticians with new varieties of glass whose refractive and dispersive powers shall be better suited to their requirements.
Halaman 127 - The impressions of sense, unconnected by some rational and speculative principle, can only end in a practical acquaintance with individual objects ; the operations of the rational faculties, on the other hand, if allowed to go on without a constant reference to external things, can lead only to empty abstraction and barren ingenuity.

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