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New York,

190 This is to certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief

Dispensary has complied with all of the ordinances and orders of the local board of health, and that since September 30, 190, no orders of the local board of health have been issued against this institution which still remain unsatisfied, or which are not now complied with fully.

(Title of official)

The “ separation of the sexes in both waiting and treatment rooms, except in cases of family groups, or of infants," as required by rule IX., is not always as faithfully observed as it should be.

On the whole, however, the rules of the Board have received respectful consideration and there has been manifest an increasing co-operation between the Board and managers of dispensaries, including the physicians directly in charge, with a view to remedying the abuses which the Dispensary Law is designed to check. The annual reports printed by many of the dispensaries take occasion to refer to the law and its results, and serve to emphasize the wisdom and timeliness of the enactment of such a statute.

Respectfully submitted,




Committee on Almshouses.



To the State Board of Charities:

Your committee on almshouses respectfully submits the following report upon the almshouses of the State:

The inspection of these institutions has been carefully made at regular intervals during the past year by the two inspectors of almshouses. Beside these inspections they have been visited by the commissioners in their several districts, and by the Superintendent of State and Alien Poor. These examinations have been frequent enough to enable this committee to keep in touch with the officials of the almshouses in the several counties, and to furnish full information as to the management of the buildings, grounds and equipments, the administration and discipline, as well as the physical and moral condition of the inmates.

A decided tendency toward improvement has been manifested, and the reports submitted during the past year are remarkable for the testimony they bear to this general trend. It is a matter of congratulation that our almshouse oficials are imbued with the desire to improve the conditions which surround the dependent poor of the State. That they have such a laudable desire for the welfare of those under their charge and for the improve. ment of the buildings is an indication to your committee that the people appreciate the necessity for an intelligent and humane administration of public charity.

THE DIFFUSION OF KNOWLEDGE. There can be no doubt of the fact that the alishouses of the State have greatly improved within the last few years. That much of this improvement is due to frequent inspection will not

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