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Other statistical records gathered by the Department and general results of inspection are presented elsewhere in this volume, notably under the heads of Reports of the Committees on Dispensaries and on Orphan Asylums, as well as in the special report of inquiry regarding compliance with the provisions of the Public Health Law. Respectfully submitted.


Chairman Committee on Inspection.



Committee on Orphan Asylums and Children's



To the State Board of Charities:

The Committee on Orphan Asylums and Children's Homes has, through the Department of Inspection, maintained its usual general oversight of the work of such of these institutions as come within the Board's jurisdiction, and submits the accompa nying report of the Superintendent of Inspection, Mr. Walter S. Ufford, covering in considerable detail various important phases of the work of such institutions, with the recommendation that the report be printed in the Board's annual report to the Legislature.

That there has been during recent years much improvement in the administration of this class of institutions seems to the committee obvious. It seems equally clear that this is due in no small part to the systematic visitation and inspection by the representatives of the Board, as well as largely to the very general coöperation of the managers of the institutions where the Board has attempted to secure improved conditions upon its being made apparent that these were desirable. For this coöperation the managers of the institutions are entitled to much credit. Without their active assistance but little could have been accomplished. It is, however, not too much to say that, while generally speaking, these charities are in excellent condition throughout the entire State, there still remains much room for progress, and that efforts towards this end should be judiciously continued.

Among other things of greater importance it is desirable that the duration of institutional life be materially lessened where praoticable. Dependent children should in many cases be earlier

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