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the construction of roads, and also for the equipment and furnishing of the hospital.

This act also provided for the selection of the site by a commission composed of the Governor, the Hon. Timothy E. Ellsworth, President pro tem, of the Senate, and the Hon. S. Fred Nixon, Speaker of the Assembly. This commission selected a site at Raybrook in the fall of 1901. The State Board of Charities has had no responsibility in connection with the locatioa of the hospital.

The State Architect has made the plans and contracts have been entered into under which work has commenced. It is expected that the main building will be finished, ready for the installation of furniture and equipment, in the fall of 1962.

The site selected is in the heart of the Adirondacks, but can be reached easily by the Mohawk and Malone railway, from which a switch will be laid to the grounds.

Under the law establishing the hospital no person who has not been a citizen of this State for at least one year preceding the date of application may be received as a patient.

“Every person desiring free treatment in said hospital shall apply to the local authorities of his or her town, city or county having charge of the relief of the poor, who shall thereupon issue a written request to the superintendent of said hospital for the admission and treatment of such person. Such request shall state in writing whether the person is able to pay for his or her care and treatment while at the hospital, which request and statement shall be kept on file by the superintendent of the hospital. Admissions to said hospital shall be made in the order in which the names of applicants shall appear upon the application book to be kept as above provided by the superintendent of said hospital, in so far as such applications are subsequently certified by the examining physician to be suffering from incipient pulmonary tuberculosis. Every person who is declared as herein provided to be unable to pay for his or her care or treatment shall be transported to and from the hospital at the expense of said local authorities."

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As to the support of free patients the act provides:

Section 15. Support of free patients. At least once in each month the superintendent of the hospital shall furnish to the Comptroller a list countersigned by the treasurer of the hospital of all the free patients in the hospital, together with sufficient facts to enable the Comptroller to collect from the proper local official having charge of the relief of the poor such sums as may be owing to the State for the examination, care and treatment of the patients who have been received by the hospital, and who are shown by the statement of such local official to be unable to pay for their care and treatment. The Comptroller shall thereupon collect from the said local official the sums due for the care and treatment of each such patient at a rate not exceeding five dollars per week for each patient.

In connection with this hospital it will be seen that the State has adopted the policy of caring for patients at the expense of the local authorities by whom they are sent to the institution, thus making a new departure, the outcome of which will be watched with interest.

Respectfully submitted,

Chairman. December 1901.

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Second Annual Report




New York State Hospital for the Treatment of

Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis, to

the State Board of Charities.

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