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An act to punish bribery and extor.


(Passed at the October session of assembly, in the year one thou.

sand seven bundred and eighty-six, and now republished by Erratta in tho a resolution of assembly of the 19th of December 1788, with former publi. marginal notes shewing the errors in the former publica. cation.

tion.) Between the words judge and clerk'in

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That third line are no treasurer, keeper of any public seal, councillor of insered the state, counsel for the commonwealth, judge, clerk of words or as the peace, sheriff

, coroner, escheator, nor any other practising ei' officer of the commonwealth shall, in time to come, ther in the take, in any form, any manner of brokage or reward generalcourt, for doing his office other than is, or shall be, allowed high court of chancery,

by some act of general assembly passed after the insticourt of ap- tution of the commonwealth, that is to say, after the peals, court fifteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thouof admiralty sand seven hundred and eighty-six. And he, that or inferior courts' which doth, shall pay unto the party grieved, the treble value are not in the of that he hath received, shall be amerced and impriroll. The word

soned at the discretion of a jury, and shall be disother in the charged from his office forever. And he who will sue roll after the in the said matter shall have suit as well for the comwords nor a.monwealth as for himself, and the third part of the ny' is omit. sed,



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Court of admiralty discono Pleas in, rules concerning 465,

tinued 709. 745.

ADVANCEMENT ABSENT DEFENDANTS. Brought into hotchpot 139. Proceedings against, in county

AFFRAYS courts 35, 471. In high court How punished 334. of chancery 466.


Lands liable for taxes in, during By and against executors and sheriffalty of John Marks, administrators 152.

how sold 662. ACTS OF ASSEMBLY.

ALEXANDRIA. When to commence 129. Cer- Streets in, and adjoining, regu

tain acts of 1786, suspended laced 205. Part of acı repealed 410. Evidence of royal assent 362. Limits extended 362. to, how supplied 501.

Academy in, incorporated 392 ADJOURNMENT Of assembly 128. Of district When it may issue 744.

ALIAS CAPIAS courts 735. Adjourned ques

ALIENATIONS. tions 736.

Wrongful, and warrantees, te ADMINISTRATION.

pass only what grantor might Jurisdiction, in granting; who

lawfully convey; how far heire preferred; when creditor 146.

barred, or bound to recom. Letters of 148. Lists of 149. When committed to sheriff

pence tenant 166. 153

ALIENS ADMINISTRATORS. Descent through 139. In case of See erecutors and administrators. war, how treated 184. When ADMIRALTY.

retaliation may be resorted to Jurisdiction 736. Judges ap- 185. Aliens, how naturalized

pointed to general cour 261.


for 24. What kind, how obCounty, divided and Notloway tained and distributed 433. formed 72.3.

ARMY. AMERCEMENTS, Further time allowed to settle Rules concerning 356.

claims of officers, soldiers, saiAPPAMATTOX RIVER.

lors and marines, for pay and

depreciation 278. Act for opening and extending

ARTIZANS navigation of 591. For im. proving navigation from Migrating to this common

wealth, privileges of 262. Broadway to Pocahuntas

ARVIN, MARY bridge 792.

Lands whereof John Askins APPEALS How granted from high court of

died seized, vested in his mo

ther Mary Arvin 363. chancery 466. Attornies ap

ASKINS, JOHN pearing in inferior court for

Land whereof John Askins died appellant, not to appear on an appeal 497, 703. To district

seized, vested in his mother courts 753. Bonds; damages

Mary Arvin 363.


Delegates and senators, when

elected; when to meet; right Of how many judges to consist; where to sit; terms; impeach

of suffrage 120. Qualificaments tried in 764. Clerk;

tion in Williamsburg and Norjudges interested; bonds on

folk; who may be elected 121.

Who not compellable to serve, appeals; special term of 765. APPRAISEMENT

penalty for failiug to vote,

how discovered and prosecuof decedents estates; how far evidence; allowance to ap

ted; privileges of electors; praisers 149. When no ap

polls how taken 122. Where

candidates equal; meeting of praiscment 150.

APPRENTICES returning officers; none to vote Orplians bound; covenants in

twice; when polls kept open; indentures; wards bound;com

contested elections 123. If plaints, how redressed 197,

ou scrutiny, votes equal, how

elected; oath of electors; reAPPROPRIATION

fusing to swear 124. Form Of revenue 55, 323, &c. 417,781 of return of a delegate; for a

ARMISTEAD, WM. city or borough; for a senator James, a slave bis property, e

125. Returns, when; elecmancipated 381.

tion to supply vacancy; cerARMS.

tificate thereof 126. Returns See Militia, and pa. 12, 16, to assembly; penalty for faiExempted from execution or Jure; bribing; privilege of

distress; los!. when not paid members 127. Members ab

sent, without leave; adjourn

ditors' office to be conducted ment 123. When acts to com- by auditor of public accounts, thence 129. Appropriation bond and duty, 192. Duty for 645. Contested elections, of treasurer,-balances to be for members of assembly, how

delivered to solicitor---duty of conducted 710. City of Rich- solicitor on reduction ofmemmond allowed a member 722.

ber of auditors-clerks to auASSIGNMENT

ditor 293. When chief clerk Of bonds &c, allowed 359. to perform his duty 294. ASSIZE.

AUGUSTA Act establishing courts of assize Pendleton county formed out of

suspended 45. Further sus- Augusta, Hardy and Rockpended 267. Repealed 497. ingham 637. ATTORNES.

BAGWELL, CHARLES. Negligence of; motions against County of Accomack authorised

36, 472 473. New taxes im- to levy money for 636. posed on 285. Ilow licens

BAIL. ed; oath of; how suspended Special and common, how tafor mal-practice 339." May ken, exceptions to, and propractice in superior and inte

ceedings against 35, 36, 469. rior courts, but not to prose

742. What prisoners admitted cute appeals where they had to bail, what not 195. Bail in appeared for appellant 497. personal actions, 740. In Prosecuting suit in an inferior debi, detinue, &c. 741. Excourt, not to appear on ap

ceptions to 741. peal 708. For common

BAIRD'S TOWN wealth, in district court 758. In Nelson county, Kentucky, esATTORNMENT

tablished 719. Of tenants unnecessary; and to

BALLAST. strangers void 158.

Ballast masters, how appointed; AUDITORS.

their duty 180. Notice of inDuties of the 3 auditors defined tention to unlade; certificate,

106. Executive to controul 181. the office, appoint a committee BANK NOTES, to examine it; direct changes Penalty for circulating private

May reduce auditors 106. and discontinue solicitor; may

BAR. apportion their duties; when Trials at, in district courts 761. duties of one auditor may be

BASTARDS. performed by another 108.- Power of church-wardens as to, Duties of solicitor and audi- transferred to overseers of the tor explained 291. Duty of poor 28. loherit from mocommittee of executive;-au

ibers; low legitimated 139.



steam boats, for a limited time Further time allowed to improve 616. lots in the town of 214.

BRIBERY BEALLSBOROUGH At elections 127. Bribery and Town of, in Nelson county, Ken- extortion, how punishable tucky, established 631.

335. Act amended 796. BENNETT, WM.

BRIDGES. Lands of Nanserond tribe of How bridges and causeys erec

Indians sold to Wm. Bennett, ted 177, 178. John Mayo, 386.

junr, authorised to build a toll BEVERLEY, HARRY bridge across. James river George Taylor and James Ma. 220.

dison discharged from trust, BRITISH DEBTS. in relation to lands of Harry Acts preventing recovery of, reBeverley 219.

pealed; suspension of this BIGAMY

act 528. Monies paid into Defined, and how punished loan office on account of, how 691.

far to be reimbursed 529. BILLS OF EXCHANGE BRITISH SUBJECTS. Inland, how protested 358. Act prohibiting intercourse witla BINGHAM,ROSCOW COLE repealed 265. Escheat of estate of, for defect

BROKERAGE of blood, released 693. What allowed 338. BOND

BRUNSWICK. When copy evidence 739. Part of Brunswick county added

BOONESBOROUGH, to Greensville 596. Act establishing towu of, in Ken- CABELLSBURG tucky, explained 603. Town of, in Amherst county, esBOTETOURT.

tablished 229. Part of Rockbridge county, ad- CALLED COURT.

ded to Botetourt 74. Botetourt See Criminals, and pa. 340. seminary incorporated 201.

CAMPBELL. Style of corporation; corpo. Act appointing trustees to tegu rate powers 202.

late making slopes for pasBOURBON


of fish in county of BedCounty, formed from Fayette ford, extended to Campbell

89. Court day altered 474. 604.
Divided and Mason formed CAMPBELL TOWN

lu Jefferson county, Kentucky, BOATS

established 225. Adrist, how proceeded with 169. CAPIAS AD RESPONDENDUM.

Exclusive privilege granted Against whom it may issue in John Fitch, of navigating district courts 739:

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