I Must Be About My Father's Business: Volume L - God's Purpose for Man

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Trafford Publishing, 3 Mei 2005 - 212 halaman

The Father's business is unlike any other business. His business is the one enterprise that surpasses and supercedes all others. There is no comparison to another, because His kingdom in on a different plane, a different planet, a different world, and a different universe. The kingdom of God, of which every believer in a part, holds a place in time and history and importance that every other kingdom, past, present, and future pales in comparison.

As a son of God, we have inherited His Business. In heir inherits his father's wealth and assets, but he also inherits the father's business - to carry it on. It is God's will for us to inherit more than His benefits, but also to inherit His business. It is a selfish and irresponsible son who wants to inherit the estate and wealth of the father without assuming the responsibilities of the business.

The only purpose for us as sons of God is to fulfill and complete His mission -- His business. He took our place in His death at Calvary. Jesus' words at the early age of 12 should challenge us as sons of God: "I must be about my father's business.

And it is God's will for us to spend the few days of the Church Age completing His mission, His business, and His work that He exampled and defined for us in His brief ministry on earth. Fulfilling the Father's business will involve stepping into the two purposes for which God created man:

Relationship - God and Man sharing a mutual commitment of love, communication, and trust. God and man relationship roles include: Father/Child; Groom/Bride; Friend/Friend. Relationship in the major theme of Volume I.

Dominion - God sharing His authority and power with man to fulfill His mission and purpose, and to do His will and work on earth. God's decision to do nothing on earth through man created a valid relationship of mutual need in which God would need man and man would need God.

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James Twentier worked in the Prison Ministry, Nursing Home and Youth Ministry during his high school and college years. He and his wife, Mrsha, worked 35 years at Life Tabernacle, Houston, TX in a number of Outreach Ministries: Sunday School Bus Ministry (10 years), Home Bible Study Ministry (25 years), Singles Minisrty, Visitor Follow-up Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, Care Ministry with Care Group meetings in their home, Compassion Ministry to the sick and terminally ill, and Deaf Ministry. They have been preaching and teaching in many churches for the past six years with special ministry emphasis on the two foundational themes for growth:

  • Spiritual Growth (becoming a Book of Acts Christian)
  • Soul Winning and Evangelism (reaching the lost).

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