The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Including the Private as Well as the Official and Scientific Correspondence Together with the Unmutilated and Correct Version of the Autobiography, Volume 5

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G.P. Putnam's Sons, The Knickerbocker Press, 1904

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Halaman 412 - Company; as also all the lands and territories lying to the westward of the sources of the rivers which fall into the sea from the west and northwest...
Halaman 372 - And though the weight of reasons cannot be taken with the precision of algebraic quantities, yet, when each is thus considered separately and comparatively, and the whole lies before me, I think I can judge better, and am less likely to make a rash step ; and in fact I have found great advantage from this kind of equation, in what may be called moral or prudential algebra.
Halaman 408 - Thomas Walpole, Benjamin Franklin, John Sargent, and Samuel Wharton, Esquires, and their Associates; for a grant of lands on the River Ohio, in North America; for the purpose of Erecting a New Government.
Halaman 437 - Part of Virginia; but as to what lies beyond the Mountains, we conquered the Nations residing there, and that Land, if the Virginians ever get a good Right to it, it must be by us...
Halaman 145 - ... upon the sea, or in any haven, river, creek, or place where the admiral or admirals have power, authority, or jurisdiction...
Halaman 29 - By these early marriages we are blessed with more children; and from the mode among us, founded by nature, every mother suckling and nursing her own child, more of them are raised. Thence the swift progress of population among us, unparalleled in Europe. In fine, I am glad you are married, and congratulate you most cordially upon it. You are now in the way of becoming a...
Halaman 376 - ... horrors inexpressible; we fall from precipices, are assaulted by wild beasts, murderers, and demons, and experience every variety of distress. Observe, however, that the quantities of food and exercise are relative things; those who move much may, and indeed ought to, eat much more; those who use little exercise should eat little. In general, mankind, since the improvement of cookery, eat about twice as much as nature requires.
Halaman 146 - Majesty's realms and dominions the sole supreme government, command and disposition of the militia, and of all forces by sea and land, and of all forts and places of strength, is, and by the laws of England ever was, the undoubted right of his Majesty and his royal predecessors, kings and queens of England ; and that both or either of the Houses of Parliament cannot, nor ought to, pretend to the same...
Halaman 412 - And, first, with regard to the policy, we take leave to remind your Lordships of that principle, which was adopted by this Board, and approved and confirmed by his Majesty, immediately after the treaty of Paris, viz. the confining the western extent of settlements to such a distance from the seacoast, as that those settlements should lie within the reach of the trade and commerce of this kingdom, upon which the strength and riches of it depend, and also of the VOL.
Halaman 288 - Had I never been in the American colonies, but were to form my judgment of civil society by what I have lately seen, I should never advise a nation of savages to admit of civilization ; for I assure you, that, in the possession and enjoyment of the various comforts of life, compared tp these people, every Indian is a gentleman...

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