The Medical police and rules and regulations of the Boston Medical Association, v.1, 1852, Volume 1

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Halaman 7 - A remedy may occur to one which did not to another ; and a physician may want resolution, or a confidence in his own opinion, to prescribe a powerful but precarious remedy, on which, however, the life of his patient may depend ; in this case a concurrent opinion may fix his own. But when such mutual confidence is wanting, a consultation had better be declined, especially if there is reason to believe that sentiments delivered with openness are to be communicated abroad or to the family concerned...
Halaman 9 - ... others. For, if such nostrum be of real efficacy, any concealment regarding it is inconsistent with beneficence and professional liberality; and, if mystery alone give it value and importance, such craft implies either disgraceful ignorance, or fraudulent avarice. It is also reprehensible for physicians to give certificates attesting the efficacy of patent or secret medicines, or in any way to promote the use of them.
Halaman 6 - ... and by soothing mental anguish. To decline attendance, under such circumstances, would be sacrificing to fanciful delicacy, and mistaken liberality, that moral duty, which is independent of, and far superior to, all pecuniary consideration. 6. Consultations should be promoted in difficult or protracted cases, as they give rise to confidence, energy, and more enlarged views in practice.
Halaman 9 - The esprit du corps is a principle of action, founded in human nature, and, when duly regulated, is both rational and laudable. Every man, who enters into a fraternity, engages, by a tacit compact, not only to submit to the laws, but to promote the honour and interest of the association, so far as they are consistent with morality and the general good of mankind.
Halaman 10 - Some general rules should be adopted by the faculty, in every town or district, relative to pecuniary acknowledgments from their patients ; and it should be deemed a point of honor to adhere to these rules with as much uniformity as varying circumstances will admit.
Halaman 25 - Obstetric operations, when necessary, shall be charged in addition to the usual fee for attendance. In obstetrical practice, all subsequent visits shall be charged as in ordinary cases of attendance. In cases of labor when the child is born, but not the placenta, before the arrival of the accoucheur, the whole fee is to be charged. When both the child and placenta are born before the arrival of the accoucheur, half or the whole fee may be charged, according to circumstances. This rule is intended...
Halaman 6 - In consultations, theoretical discussions should be avoided, as occasioning perplexity and loss of time. For there may be much diversity of opinion concerning speculative points, with perfect agreement in those modes of practice which are founded, not on hypothesis, but on experience and observation.
Halaman 9 - Diversity of opinion and opposition of interest, may, in the medical as in other professions, sometimes occasion controversy and even contention. Whenever such cases unfortunately occur, and cannot be immediately terminated, they should be referred to the arbitration of a sufficient number of physicians, or a courtmedical.
Halaman 11 - A wealthy physician should not give advice gratis to the affluent ; because his doing so is an injury to his professional brethren, The office of a physician can never be supported as an exclusively beneficent one ; and it is defrauding, in some degree, the common funds for its support, when fees are dispensed with, which might justly be claimed.
Halaman 9 - ... of such differences nor the adjudication of the arbitrators should be made public, as publicity in a case of this nature may be personally injurious to the individuals concerned, and can hardly fail to bring discredit on the faculty.

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