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It is important that the following corrections be made in Directory for 1908—Volume 38.

We will appreciate information concerning deaths, remova dissolutions, or changes in firms of attorneys, whether mentioned in on list or not.

Do not fail to use our SUBSCRIBERS STAMPS in forwardin business. They will be furnished without charge.

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Page 1156 Harrisburg Use J. J. Mardis.
1159 Los Angeles Adams, Adams & Binford succeed Adams, Schaertzer & Biofort

with offices in the Central Building.
1161 San Francisco Joseph E. Bien has removed to 310 Sansom St.

R. H. Cross has removed to the Mills Building.

Powell & Dow have removed to the Mills Building.
1170 New Haven White, Daggett & Blake succeed White, Daggett & Tilson.
1171 Wilmington Christopher L. Ward has removed to the Ford Building.
1173 Apalachicola Use R. F. Burdine
1174 Gainesville Hampton & Hampton succeed Wm. Wade Hampton.
1174 Miami

Use H. Pierre Branning.
1175 West Palm Beach H. P. Branning has removed. Use C. C. Chillingworth.

Hubert L. Culberson succeeds Culberson & Fortson.
1182 Chicago

Norman K. Anderson has removed to 84 La Salle St. 1186

Henry W. Prouty has removed to 107 Dearborn St. 1187

Rubens, Fischer & Mosser have removed to 1430 Corn Exchange

Bank Building
1195 Huntington Cline, Branyan & Cline succeed W. A. Branyan.
1198 Valparaiso N L. Agnew succeeds Agnew & Tinkham.
1209 Topeka

Blair, Scandrett & Scandrett succeed Loomis, Blair & Scandrett.
1212 Louisville The firm of Humphrey & Humphrey has been dissolved.

Humphrey, Davie & Humphrey, and Edward P. Humphrey

have offices in the Louisville Trust Building,
1251 Butte

Use Attorney at Niobrara.
1257 Jersey City Albert I. Drayton succeeds Black & Drayton.

Roe & Runyon succeed Charles J. Roe.

Barrett & Barrett succeed Halsey M. Barrett.

The firm of Lintott, Johnson & Capen has been dissolved.

Lintott & Johnson and Bernard S. Capen are practicing

Raymond, Van Blarcom & Mountain succeed Raymond, Van

Blarcom & Anthony.
1262 Binghamton Page & Hays succeed Jenkins, Page & Hays.
1273 New York Anthony Gref has removed to 117 Hudson St.
1284 Saratoga Springs Henning & Eddy succeed John L. Henning.
1286 Utica

Dunmore & Ferris have removed to the Homestead Aid Building.
1290 Fargo

Ball, Watson, Young & Lawrence succeed Ball, Watson, Young

& Hardy.
1298 Dayton

Murphy, Elliff & Emanuel succeed Murphy & Elliff.
1315 Scranton Watson, Diehl & Watson succeed Watson, Diehl & Kemmerer.
1322 Pierre

Goodner & Goodner have removed to Seattle.
1329 Dallas

J. J. Eckford has removed to the Slaughter Building.
1330 Fort Worth Tillman Smith deceased.
1331 Sherman

Head, Dillard, Smith & Head succeed Head, Dillard & Head.
1342 Chehalis

l'. E. Harmon succeeds Millett & Harmon.
1346 Summersville Alderson, Breckinridge & Alderson succeed Alderson & Horan
1319 Milwaukee Harper & McMynn succeed Robert N. McMynn.

Goff, Hayes & Bemis succeed Turner, Hunter & Goff.
1363 London

kekewich, Smith & Kaye succeed Renshaw, Kekewich & Smit!
Bristows, Cooke & Carpmael succeed Wilson, Bristows & Carpmae

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