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I would add that as this treatise has been going through the long process of manufacture this past six months the publishers have permitted me, and the printers have cooperated with me, in adding new citations as new cases of great importance have come out. The treatise thus contains the law into 1911, and it is hoped that the time and money which have been spent in keeping the work up to date while it was in the process of manufacture will be appreciated. I have printed in an Appendix the Interstate Commerce Legislation as amended by this Congress. And I have discussed throughout this treatise the judicial decisions which have been made under the Interstate Commerce Acts. I might add that whatever slight unconventionality anyone may note in the format of this book is due to my own insistence upon clearness in the presentation. While no types are used in any part of the composition which are not distinctly moderate in size, it may be noted that the Reference Tables, through which one must search, are set one point larger than is the standard, although this adds a few pages to each volume; for I know that in the last few years particularly, I would have been very grateful to bookmakers if this had been their custom.

B. W. CAMBRIDGE, February, 1911.

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