God, Creator of Families

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Xulon Press, 2004 - 100 halaman
The great God of the Bible created us to enjoy one another in happy, united families.He is the loving heavenly Father who kept His promises made from the beginning. He sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to bless every family on earth. Each family is a building block of a strong, united nation. America will remain a strong nation if we unite ?under God? to uphold His laws and place our faith in His promises to bless our families.Discover how to establish your family life according to His wisdom. Discover how God will teach you to live as a family of obedient, loving children of the heavenly Father under the headship of His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. With strong, loving families, our nation will continue to sing with triumphant joy: ?America, America, God shed His grace on thee.?

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God promises victory to the family
Abraham example to all of us
God set up a king over His people
The King of the Jews everyones Savior
Kneel at the Cross Jesus will meet you there
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