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11. Essay towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language. London, 1668, folio.

12. An Alphabetical Dictionary: wherein all English Words, according to their various Significations, are either referred to their Places in the Philosophical Tables, or explained by such Words as are in those Tables. This is printed with the Essay.




Page That the seeming novelty and singularity of this opinion can be no sufficient reason to prove it erroneous

135 II. That the places of scripture which seem to intimate the

diurnal motion of the sun or heavens, are fairly capable
of another interpretation

....... 149 III. That the holy ghost in many places of scripture does

plainly conforın his expressions to the error of our con-
ceits, and does not speak of sundry things as they are
in themselves, but as they appear unto us

159 IV. That divers learned men have fallen into great absur

dities, whilst they have looked for the grounds of phi-
losophy from the words of scripture

174 V. That the words of scripture, in their proper and strict

construction, do not anywhere affirm the immobility
of the earth

181 VI. That there is not any argument from the words of scrip

ture, principles of nature, or observations in astronomy,
which can sufficiently evidence the earth to be in the
centre of the universe.

189 VII. It is probable that the sun is in the centre of the world

203 VIII. That there is not any sufficient reason to prove the

earth incapable of those motions which Copernicus
ascribes unto it ...

208 IX. That it is more probable the earth does move than the heavens

231 X. That this hypothesis is exactly agreeable to common appearances


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