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Up to November, 1875.

Adnitt, W. H., 123.

Corrie, Miss, 37. A Friend, 183.

Corbett, Major, 58. Agnew, Mr., 100.

Curling, Mrs., 211. A Lady, 36.

Davies, Mrs. John, 207. Andrews, David, 156.

Davies, Mary, 179.
Anonymous (1), 62.

Davies, Miss, 193.
Ditto (2), 153.

Davies, William, 198. Antiquaries, Society of, London, Davies, Mrs. Elizabeth, 116. 25.

Davies, Rev. John, 38. Antiquaries, Society of, Scotland, | Davies, J. Pryce, 23. 73.

Davies, Mrs., 88. Appleton, J. R., 71.

Davies, Thomas, 104. Armstrong, Miss H., 188.

Dawkins, W. B., 9. Austin, George, 176.

Delmar, Captain, 127. Barnes, Thomas, 212.

Dod, Whitehall, 216. Bamfield, John, 83.

Duke, Rev. W. W., 89. Barrett, T. B., 114.

Eaton, James, 158. Barnwell, Rev. E. L., 149. Eddowes, Mrs., 61. Beadnall, C. E., 85.

Edwards, Rev. Griffith, 8. Beck, Arthur Temple, 175. Edye, Thomas, 209. Bennett, Mrs., 174.

Evans, D. W., 119. Bennett, Nicholas, 54.

Evans, E. Bickerton, 210. Bervron, Inglis, 165

Evans, Mrs. Hannah, 115. Bickerton, Herbert, 191.

Evans, Mrs. Moses, 39. Black, Mrs., 178.

Evans, The Misses, 13. Black, A. W., 112.

Evans, John, F.R.S., 70. Black, C. B., 86.

Evans, John Hilditch, 74. Boler, R., 108.

Evans, J. Reginald, 22. Boutel, Rev. Charles, 81.

Evans, Rev. T. H., 59. Breese, Edward, F.S.A., 197 Fardo, George, 99. British Archæological Association, Field, Rev. Augustus, 21. 45.

Fisher, L., 189. Broadstock, T. J., 218.

Fisher, William, 6. Brown, Graham, 177.

Frith, Rev. E. B. C., 64, Burrill, T. O., 131.

Garbet, E., 142. Clarke, Mrs., 68.

Gillart, Richard, 16. Cockcroft, L. M., 110.

Gough, E. Powell, 55. Cordeaux, Rev. John, 128 Grierson, T. B., 169. Corrie, J. D., 98.

Griffiths, Edward, 78.


of, 65.

Griffiths, Sarah, 181.

Lloyd, Rev. W. V., 27. Griffithes, Miss, 52.

London and Middlesex ArchæoGuilsfield, Vicar & Church wardens logical Society, 44. of, 66.

Luxmoore, Miss, 4. Hamer, Edward, 7.

McIntosh, Rev. J., 106. Hancock, T. W., 10.

Maginnis, Mrs., 190. Hargreaves, William, 24.

Marshall, Rev. H. J., 56. Harrison, G. D., 138.

Matthews, Miss, 14. Harrison, R. J., 35.

Meifod, Vicar and Church wardens Hill, Rev. J. E., 19. Historic Society of Lancashire Morin, Henry, 96. and Cheshire, 219.

Morris, Charles, 217. Horn, Mrs., 154.

Morris and Co., 187. Howard, J. J., LL.D., 133.

Morris, Edwin, 121. Howell, C. E., 205.

Morris, E. Rowley, 2. Hughes, Miss E., 92.

Morris, Joseph Pugh, 103. Hughes, J. Ceiriog, 194.

Morris, William, 12. Humphreys, Arthur C., 53.

Morris, Thomas, 47. Humphreys, Joseph, 67.

Mulholland, R., 204. Jenkins, Richard, 196.

Nevett, Frank, 69. James, Rev. Thomas, 192. Newill, Thomas, 107. James, William, 155.

Nicholas, Dr. T., 125. Jehu, Edmund, 199.

Nicholson, W. C., 202.
Jones, Mrs. John, 195.

Owen, D. C. Lloyd, 101.
Jones, Robert James, 184. Owen, D. P., 215.
Jones, T. P., 185.

Owen, Edward, 135.
Jones, Charles, 43.

Owen, Rev. Elias, 34. Jones, C. W., 129.

Powis, the Earl of, 57. Jones, Edward, 84.

Parker, Rev. F. W., 79. Jones, Edward Maurice, 80. Parker, W. T., 80. Jones, John, 20.

Parry, Henry, 15. Jones, Rev. Joseph, 42.

Parry, Love Jones, 214. Jones, Maurice, 102.

Parry, R., 200. Jones, Morris C., 1.

Paterson, William, 111. Jones, Morris P., 130.

Phillips, J. Roland, 148. Jones, Robert, 140.

Powell, Samuel, 118. Jones, R. E., 144.

Powell, W. B., 91. Jones, T. G., 26.

Price, Benjamin, 31. Jones, T. S., 109.

Price, Miss, 186. Jones, Mrs. William, 93.

Priest, Mr., 182. Joseph, Joseph, 136.

Pryce, Charles, 124. Kendrick, James, M.D., 117. Pryce, Elijah, 143. Kerrison, Mrs., 201.

Pryce, Mrs., 94. Latting, J. J., 49.

Ramage, C. T., 75. Leighton, Stanley, 134.

Ramage, J. C., 163. Lewis, Rev. D. P. 5.

Read, Captain Crewe, 17. Lloyd, J. Y. W., 213.

Rees, William, 50. Lloyd, Sampson S., 76.

Richards, Mrs. Jane, 152. Lloyd, Howel W., 28.

Rider, W. E., 157.

Roberts, Askew, 97.

Vaughan, Thomas, 180. Roberts, Mrs., 95.

Vaughan, Mrs. T., 122. Rogers, Mr., 87.

Vernon, Miss, 162. Roper, F., 113.

Walker, David, 30. Rush, Mrs., 208.

Ward, William, 145. Salter, Edward, 51.

Whitlow, Rev. R. W., 137. Sayce, Miss, 41.

Wilding, William, 171. Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs., 105. Williams, Rev. Canon R., 147. Sheraton, Henry, 173.

Williams, Rev. John, 32. Sheraton, Robert, 132,

Williams, George, 164. Siddorns, Mr., 206.

Williams and Gittins, 168. Smith, Charles Perrin, 48. Williams, J. Graham, 3. Sturkey, Thomas, 120.

Williams, Richard, 18. Surrey Archæological Society, 46. Williams, Richard (Welshpool), Thickens, William, 167.

203. Thomas, Charles, 170.

Williams, Richard (Welshpool), Thomas, Rev. D. R., 146.

141. Thomas, John, 180.

Woollett, Miss, 90. Thomas, Miss Jane, 139.

Wynn, Lady Annora, 126. Trevor, E. S. R., 60.

Wynn, C. W. W., 63. Turnbull, Dr., 40.

Wynne, W. W. E., 29. Turner, Rev. J. J., 11.

Yearsley, Mrs., 151. Underwood, Martin, 77.

Yearsley, Miss Mary, 150. Vale, Mr. and Mrs., 82.

Yorkshire Archæological and ToVaudrey, B. Ll., 172.

pographical Society, 72. Vaughan, Mrs. (Dolanog), 166.





THE Committee have much pleasure in being able, at the end of the first year of the existence of the Museum and Library, to report most favourably of its prospects.

The additions to the contents of the Museum and Library, enumerated in the foregoing pages, are both numerous and varied. During the last year no less than 284 separate donations have been made by old and 57 new donors. Some of them are of considerable value, and comprise several objects; whilst others are of less value, but, nevertheless, much appreciated, as often supplying gaps or “missing links in previous acquisitions. The Committee take the opportunity of remarking that no suitable object should be withheld merely on account of its' seeming unimportance, for when a number of apparently insignificant objects, forming part of a series, are brought together in one collection, they acquire collectively an importance which each separately did not possess, and quite out of proportion to the intrinsic value of each.

The Committee, whilst appealing for the gift of minor objects, confidently hope that the Museum will become the recognised repository of the antiquities of Powysland, and that as its collections become more extensive and perfect, it will attract many of the relics of antiquities of the district, which are still in the hands of private gentlemen and collectors. The addition of objects of Natural History and Geological specimens are also earnestly sought for.

Amongst the donations, about 110 volumes of books (besides pamphlets), some of a valuable and rare character-have been added to the Library. The Committee trust that now a separate and capacious room has been provided as a Library, it will constantly receive accessions of books from private and public sources, and become avaluable Library on general literature as well as on the subjects which are sought to be made its speciality, viz., “Books bearing on the History of Wales, Books by Welsh authors, and Works of a general antiquarian, topographical, and scientific nature.”

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