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WHEN a smaller estate, by descent or sale, is swallowed up in a greater, the mansion of the former is generally allowed to fall into decay, and at last is pulled down to make way for a modern farm-house. Such is not the case with Aberffrydlan, in the parish of Llanwryn, in Montgomeryshire, and it seems desirable to give an account of it, and of any other old mansions which may remain under like circumstances. Much of the old house, probably the greater part, is standing. The present kitchen, which seems to have been the hall, is a large room, with a very good old oak roof, of moulded beams and rafters, and the windows have their good solid oak mullions remaining. They are of the seventeenth century, probably early in the century. The original house door is as it was, and studded with large nails. There were two doors of entrance to the hallat the east end--both are in situ, but one is nailed up, and has its old hinges. The fireplace, now at the end, was originally in the centre of the north side of the room. It is walled up, but the original chimney remains. Many of the rooms, including those up and down stairs, have their chimney pieces and cornices, as they were in the days of the old possessors,

On the staircase are portions of another mullioned window. On the barn, of brick, with some freestone quoins, not unlike a barn at Glanmachlas, in the parish of Llanegryn, formerly belonging to the same proprietor, is a slab of stone, with the following initials : “ I. B. W., 1762.” (Jane, Viscountess Dowager Bulkeley, of Peniarth, who, after her second marriage with Edward Williams, Esq.,

always signed her name “Jane Bulkeley Williams.") In the entrance passage (on the right) is a doorway, with a “debased” seventeenth century arch. The hall opens out of this passage, on the left side.

Aberffrydlan was for many generations the property of a family of the name of Pughe, a branch of the great house of Mathavarn, in the same parish. By the marriage of Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Humphrey Pughe, Esq., with Richard Owen of Peniarth, Esq., who died in 1714, it passed into that family, and was sold, about the year 1827, by their descendant, the late Wm. Wynne, Esq., to the late Sir John Edwards, Bart. It now belongs to his only child and heiress, the Marchioness of Londonderry. May we express a hope that many other old mansions may be preserved as this has been.



MARGARET, F David Lloyd ap Llewelyn, of Mathavarn, a well known Welsh poet, who received Henry VII at Mathavarn, upon

dau. of his march from Milford to Bosworth. David was lineally descended from, and the representative of, Eignion ap
Gwilym ap Seysyllt, who, by an inquisition held at Bala, before Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Justice of North Wales, the
Llewelyn | next Monday after the festival of St. Michael, 6 Hen. VI, it was found had held, in the time of Llewelyn up
Vychan. Iorwerth, Prince of Wales, in fee, all the land between the waters of Dyvi and Dewlas.

Ieuan ap 7 Elizabeth, dau, to Jenkin ap Iorwerth, of Ynys y Maengwyn,

David who was foreman of a jury at Towyn, 31 Hen. VI, and was
Lloyd. Ringild” of the Commot of Estimaner, 10 Edw. IV.

Meredith, married Catherine,
dau. and heir of levan ap

Margaret, wife of Roger


Ievan ap
Morris ap

Hugh ap Ievan, owner of Aberffrydlan, dead 7 Mary, dau. to Howel

Vaughan Margaret, wife of Ievan David Lloyd, of Keiswyn, before 20 Oct., 1 and 2 Philip and Mary.

of Llwydiarth.

Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1550, 1558, 1562.
John ap Hugh, of Mathavarn,

Meredith, pro-
Jane, dau. to FHumphrey ap Hugh F Anne, dau. of

David Lloyd, pro-
probably eldest son, His bably 2nd son.

or Pugh of Aber Wm. de la bably 5th son, marwife was Catharine, daugh

ffrydlan, living 15 Hay, second ried and left ter of Sir Richard Herbert Richard, of David, mar March, 26 Eliz.


of Powis, knt., and from

Penegoes, pro riage cove 11
them were descended the bably third nants dated 20

Katherine. John Pughe, married Ellinor, dau. of
Pughes of Mathavarn. He
son, married Oct., 1 and 2

Richard Pughe of Mathavarn, relict of died in 1570 He was

Philip and

Oliver. Meredith ap Rhys of Abergwydol; secondly, sheriff for Merionethshire


dau. of Thomas Wynn, relict of Thomas
in 1551.

Pryse of Glanvread; thirdly, Elizabeth Purcell, relict of
Richard Pughe of Dol y Corslwyn.

Catherine, dau. F Thomas ap F Jane, dau. of Ellis Vaughan of Oliver Her Humphrey of Brynilech, Co. Merion.,

bert of Pughe of second wife; married in
Machynlleth. Aberffrydlan. 1626; previously wife of

Edward Lloyd of Blaen

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la Humphrey Pughe of Aberffrydlan F Katherine, daughter of Edward Price of the Roft, now Escairweddan, Co. of Merioneth. Thomas Pughe F Elizabeth, dau. of Meredith John, married Isaac, married Bridget, wife of Margaret, wife of of Aberffryd- ap Rhys, of Abergwydol, Jane, daughter of Eliz., dau, of Rowland Meredith Rowland Lloyd of lan, married parish of Darowen, coheir


Thomas Owen of of Croft, living, Llanvechain, about 1633, to her brother, John Price.

Llynlloed, relict of a widow, 21 July, parish of
living in July | She was married, first, to Gabriel, married ap Harry ap 1 Ch. I.

1643. Edward ap Richard Griffith, Susan, dau. and Richard of
her first cousin.

heir of Wm. Pugbe

Machynlleth. Jane, wife of Janet, wife of
ap John Pughe, of

Th. Vaughan of Thomas ap Hugh

Aberystwyth. ap Morris William.

Humphrey Pughe of Aberff- FLowry, dau. and heirFHowel Vaughan of Hengwrt, Gwengraig, Anne, wife of David Roberts,

rydlan, married about 1660, of Derwas Griffithes and Vaner, co. of Merioneth, Sheriff of Rector of Penegoes.
died in Jan. 1668 or 1669. of Glyntwymin, parish that county in 1672. Sir Robert Howel
First husband. There is an of Cemmaes, living, Vaughan, the first baronet of his family,

Mary, wife of Francis Vaughan

of Glanleri.
elegy upon him at Peniarth, i a widow, 30 Nov., was their great-grandson. Howel
by “John Owens".

Vaughan was buried at Dolgelly in 1675. Elizabeth, wife of John Lloyd

of Glandyfy.

Thomas Elizabeth Pughe, heiress of Aberffrydlan, F Richard Owen of Peniarth, Mary, wife of John Nanney of Maes y pandy,
Pughe, born about 1662, marriage covenants Sheriff of Merionethshire Co. of Merioneth, prior to 30 Nov., 1696.
1669, buried at Llanegryn, eldest daughter. 1694, of Carnarvonshire,

dated 30 Nov., 1674, died in Nov. 1738, 1695, of Montgomeryshire Bridget, married, about 1693, to Th. Parry,

Her picture is at Peniarth, in the deepest 1702'; died 1714, buried at A.M., Vicar of Machynlleth, and died prior to died s.p.

November 30, 1696. mourning—"the black Lady of Aber- Llanegryn. His portrait ffrydlan.

at Peniarth.

Anne, living Nov. 30th, 1674, married to




Richard Owen and Elizabeth Pughe had an only child, Lewis Owen of Peniarth, Custos Rotulorum for Merionethshire, who married Margaret, eldest sister of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn of Wynnstay, Bart. She died in 1719, and her husband in December 1729, aged 43. They had issue a son, Richard Owen, who died young, and two daughters. The younger, Elizabeth, died unmarried in 1741. The elder and sole heiress of Peniarth and Aberffrydlan, born about 1711, was married, first, to Richard, fifth Wiscount Bulkeley, by whom she had no issue; and, secondly, to her kinsman, Edward Williams, a younger son of John Williams of Chester and Bodelwyddan, and grandson of the Right Hon. Sir William Williams, Bart., Speaker of the House of Commons in the reign of Charles II. They had issue three daughters. The two younger, Elizabeth and Margaret, died at Morben, near Machynlleth, at a very great age, unmarried. The elder, Jane, sole heiress of Peniarth and Aberffrydlan, was wife of Wm. Wynne, Esq., of Wern, in the county of Carnarvon, sheriff of Montgomeryshire in 1773, of Merionethshire in 1772. She died in 1811. The issue of this marriage were two sons and two daughters. The eldest son was the late Wm. Wynne of Peniarth, Esq., the vendor of Aberffrydlan, as stated above.

The arms of the Pughes of Aberffrydlan were argent, a lion passant sable, between three fleurs-de-lys, gules.

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