Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 188

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Halaman 275 - ... from any place in the United States to an adjacent foreign country, or from any place in the United States...
Halaman 276 - But where the language of an enactment is clear and construction according to its terms does not lead to absurd or impracticable consequences, the words employed are to be taken as the final expression of the meaning intended.
Halaman 272 - When a rule of conduct is laid down in words that evoke in the common mind only the picture of vehicles moving on land, the statute should not be extended to aircraft simply because it may seem to us that a similar policy applies, or upon the speculation that if the legislature had thought of it, very likely broader words would have been used.
Halaman 276 - The Constitution has not changed. The power is the same. But it operates to-day upon modes of interstate commerce unknown to the fathers, and it will operate with equal force upon any new modes of such commerce which the future may develop.
Halaman 577 - ... to embrace in such route substantially less than the entire length of its railroad and of any intermediate railroad operated in conjunction and under a common management or control therewith, which lies between the termini of such proposed through route...
Halaman 276 - Constitutional provisions do not change, but their operation extends to new matters as the modes of business and the habits of life of the people vary with each succeeding generation.
Halaman 436 - ... after full hearing, whether completed before or after the rate, fare, charge, classification, regulation, or practice goes into effect, the Commission may make such order with reference thereto as would be proper in a proceeding initiated after it had become effective.
Halaman 93 - Contributions for charitable, social or community welfare purposes which do not have a direct or intimate relation to the protection of the property, development of the business or welfare of employees. (See account 4656, Other General Expenses.) (f) Penalties and fines for violations of law not provided for in account 4264, Other Transportation Expenses.
Halaman 269 - common carrier" as used in this Act shall include all pipe-line companies; telegraph, telephone, and cable companies operating by wire or wireless; express companies; sleepingcar companies; and all persons, natural or artificial, engaged in such transportation or transmission as aforesaid as common carriers for hire. Wherever the word "carrier" is used in this Act it shall be held to mean "common carrier.
Halaman 436 - Whenever there shall be filed with the commission any schedule stating a new individual or joint rate, fare, or charge, or any new individual or joint classification, or any new individual or joint regulation or practice affecting any rate, fare or charge...

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