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Packets between Harwich and Gothenburg, i. 19
Paintings in Swedish houses, described, ii. 8
Parker, Mr. Hyde, an excellent angler, i. 241
Partridges, very scarce, i. 82; their habits in Sweden, and me .

thods of taking them, 357
Pastoral sounds in the forest, i. 255
Passports, from Swedish authorities in foreign countries, neces-

sary to a traveller in Sweden, i. 20
Peasant, gallantry of a, ii. 87; a peasant and his family, 353
Peasantry, Swedish, their costume, i. 53; their condition, i. 58 ;

their names, 60 ; characters generally honest, 61 ; education,
62 ; supported by their parishes when infirm, 64 ; apparently
religious, but habituated to swearing, ibid.; drunken, 68 ;
dirty, 70; their condition better than that of the English

peasantry, 71
Perch, after swallowing the bait, is sometimes itself swallowed

by a pike, i. 235; usual size in Sweden, 236; Lake Wenern,

Personalia, a singular addition to the religious service of Christ-

mas, ii. 56; copy of one, 57 ; of another, 59
l'igs, their ferocity, i. 334; particularly hostile to dogs, 336
Pike, perch swallowed by, after they have been caught opon the

hook, i. 235; a drag used in taking them, ibid. ; size of, 236,
242 ; their gums periodically diseased, 237 ; the prey of the
eagle, ibid. ; plentiful below the cataracts of the Göta at Troll-

hättan, 352; in Lake Wenern, 333
Pine trees, use of, at Christmas, ii. 52
Piper, Count Charles Fred. Förste Hofjägmästare, his polite-

ness, ii. 223
Pitfalls, used for catching wolves, ii. 83; and foxes, 85 ; dan-

gerous to horses, &c. 85
Platen, Count, manager of the works of the Göta canal, i, 427 ;

Governor of Norway, 429
Plover, golden, many to be found on the moors near the West-

ern coast of Sweden, i. 367
Pointers, method of training them, i. 360; a pointer falls into a

pitfall, ji. 85
Poison, not sold in Sweden without the sanction of a medical

man, i. 318

Polska, the Swedish national dance, ü. 69; resembles the walts,

Population of Sweden in 1825, i. 4
Poor, manner of making Christmas collections for, ii. 64
Post-carriage of letters not expensive, i. 77
Postage in Sweden, i. 77
Posting in Sweden, cheap, i. 22; under the control of Govern-

ment, 23 ; horses furnished by the proprietors of land, 23, 24;
a förebud, or draught of route necessary to secure a regular
supply of horses, 25; post-carriages very bad, 27; convenient

carriages cheaply purchased, 28; travelling not rapid, ibid.
Potatoes carefully cultivated, i. 322
Poultry, little reared in the northern provinces of Sweden, i. 51
Pulpit, singular notification from, i. 130; such notice deemed a
legal service, 131.

Quails, said to be common in Scandinavia, i. 415; method of

shooting them, 416
Qvin, Lake, ii. 156.

Rabbits, none tame in Scandinavia, i. 84
Racklehanen, described, i. 285
Rada, i. 41; church at, ii. 64
Rada Lake, i. 40, 240; accidents upon, ii. 65
Rapids in the Klar, i. 243; boats guided in them, 244 ;

different practice in Lapland, ibid.
Rat, the black, ii. 320; the brown, 321; shocking stories of, 322
Red-deer (Hjort) found in parts of Sweden, not in Wermeland,

i. 83
Reed-beds, in the river near Gothenburg harbour, numbers of

wild-duck, widgeons, teal, &c. i. 409
Religion of Sweden, i. 5; ii. 56
Ringing the bear, (holma,) forming a circle in the spow, round

bis track, to trace him to his den, i. 162
Ripa, species of grouse, abundant in the north of Scandinavia,

i. 83; two kinds of the Ripa, 249 ; plumage and habits of
the fjäll-ripa, 230; those of the dal-ripa, 252 ; snares for
those birds, 256 ; killed at the period of incubation, 257;
chiefly met with in the vicinity of lakes and rivers, ibid. ; sixty
thousand killed in one winter in Lapland, 258

Risäter, town on the Răda Lake, fishing at, ji. 70
Risberg, town on the Răda Lake, opposite to Riäster, dance at,

ij. 65
Riukanfos, smoking waterfall, ii. 295
Roads in Sweden, good, i. 21
Robson, Mr. C. M., Bergsrăd of Stockholm, in possession of

Schönberg's plans of skalls, i. 163
Roebuck, (Răget) found in various parts of Sweden, but not in

Wermeland, i. 83
Rooks, none in Scandinavia, i. 85
Rosen, Gen. Count, Governor of Gothenburg, friendly to Eng-

land, i. 402
Roughing horse-shoes, ii. 21
Ruffs and reeves, said to be common, but never met with by the

Author, i. 415
Russia, a club established in, for bear-shooting, i. 229.

Sabbath-breaking, statutes against, i. 65
Sala, silver mine at, i. 123
Salmon, sometimes caught in the Dal, i. 157; a large fishery of

at Deje-forss, 325; method of taking, 326; another fishery
at Forshaga, 328 ; not to be caught with a rod in the Klar,
329 ; may in the Wenern Lake, ibid. ; plentiful below the Ca-
taracts of the Göta at Trollhättan, 352; number taken and
average weight, ibid.; angler allowed to keep his spoil, 355;
fishery in the Göta, at Lilla Edit, 398 ; quantity caught by
two gentlemen, in one season, 414 ; good angling at Drom-

theim, 420
Saterwälls and Svedje-falls, i. 47
Saumarez, Sir James, much respected at Gothenburg, i. 402
Schönberg, Hof-Jägmästare to King Frederick the First, plans of

skalls left by, drawn for the King, i. 169. 165; a bear ringed

by him, not found in the skall, but afterwards taken alive, 170
Schools, parochial, throughout Sweden, i. 62 ; Bell's or Lancas-

ter's in manufacturing towns, ibid.
Scripture, quotations from, inscribed against the walls of houses

in Dalecarlia, ii. 8
Servants, for travelling, easily hired in Sweden, i. 31 ; cautions

concerning them, ibid.; maintenance of, on a farm, 51; wages
of females, 52

Shoes, in cold climates, should be roomy, ii. 4
Shooting-party for hares, ü. 73
Skagstols Tind, highest mountain in Scandinavia, ii. 293
Skall, or Battue, the word defined, i. 42, (note); one ordered by

the Governor of Dalecarlia, 125; plan, ibid.; extent, 127 ;
enclosing part of a forest, 128; compulsory attendance, 130;
women and boys sometimes present, 131; no dogs admitted,
ibid.; irregularly conducted, 134; a bear roused, 136;
escapes, ibid.; night bivouac in the forest, 138; second bi-
vouac, 139 ; reach the skall-platz, 145; men concentrated
in a circle, ibid. ; a bear killed, 148; another bear shot on the
lake, 150; a lynx, &c. shot, 151; conclusion of the skall, 152;
great expense attendant on, 153 ; return to Malung, 156 ;
peasantry return to their distant homes, 158; skalls in former
times, 160; winter-skalls, 162; Schönberg's account of one,
164; another described, 165; others, 166 ; unsuccessful one,
170; Dref-skall, and Knäpt-skall, 177 ; Mr. Falk’s directions
for arranging skalls, 178; commander's duties, &c. ibid. ;
posting and advance of the dref-skall, 182 ; posting and ad-
vance of the knäpt-skall, 186 ; another skall, 190; casualties

in skalls, 206; anecdotes relating to skalls, 207
Skarbogar, represented, ii. 230; described, 237; for horses, ibid.
Skate-exercise of the Norwegian troops, ii. 305
Sledge, description of, ii. 18; view, 19; accident to, 115
Smoking, gentry and peasantry equally fond of, i. 75
Snakes, some venomous in Sweden, i. 255; a dog bitten by one,

ibid. ; persons killed by their bite, 256
Snee-hatten, (snow mountain,) ii. 294
Snipes, abundant in Sweden, i. 361 ; account of the double and

single snipe, 406
Snipe-shooting, good near Gothenburg, i. 405; time for shoot-

ing the double, i. 406
Snow, want of, inconvenient, ii. 51
Snow-blindness, ii. 359
Snow-shoe, American, compared with snow-skate of Sweden,

ii. 235
Snow-skates, view of and description, i. 230
Snow-storm, ii. 17
Soldier, anecdote of, ii. 89
Sportsman's dress, its colour important, ii. 2

2 E


Springporten's (Baron,) speech on the game laws, i. 86
Squirrels (Ekorre) abundant in Sweden,
Staple commodities of Sweden, i. 9
Steam-boats, ii. 193
Stjern, Author's abode at, described, i. 44
Stockholm, Hotel de France at, ii. 195; description of the town,

198 ; public edifices, 199; royal palaces, ibid. ; salubrity,
ibid. ; British Residents' place of worship, Rev. Mr. Stevens,
200 ; market, frozen game, ibid. ; prices of meat and vegeta-
bles, 201; fish, 202; hotels and lodgings, ibid. ; society, 203;
French spoken, ibid.; balls, dancing, dresses, 204 ; carriages,
ibid. ; sledging parties, 205; court-etiquette, ibid. ; King,
Count Wetterstedt, ladies, 206 ; Crown Prince and Princess,

207; appearance of the Court, ibid.
Storm, ii. 44
Sugar, much used in Swedish cookery, i. 76
Sugar-candy, substituted for sugar in Norway, ii. 325
Sunnemo, smelting-house at, ii. 190
Superstitions, of Swedish peasantry, ii. 24; anecdote of, 25
Svedgefalls, forest-lands, cleared for cultivation or pasturage,

i. 47 ; method of preparing, ibid.
Sevensson, Jan, celebrated Dalecarlian hunter, ij. 11; wounded

by a bear, ibid. and 15
Swallow, migration of, i. 249; valuable in Lapland, as the ene-

my of the mosquito, i. 251
Swearing, statutes against, i. 65
Sweden, scenery of, i. 13; temperature of, 254 ; scenery, ii. 293
Swedish language and science, i. 8
Syssalbeck, rapids near this hamlet, i. 242

Tank, Mr. of Frederickshall, remarkable for hospitality, ii. 353
Tappen, peculiar to the bear, i. 96
Telford, Mr. employed as engineer to plan Göta Canal, i. 427
Temperature of Sweden, nearly the same in summer as British,

i. 254
Thrush, common in Sweden, i. 255
Timber, British, duties on, ii. 299 ; injurious to Sweden, ibid.;

comparison of Swedish, Russian, Prussian, and American,
302; high duties injurious to Ireland, 304; climate of Ire-
land unfavourable to, ibid.

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